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  1. One more thing. I think there should only be one og Rom league. I would rather people focus on trying to fix this one than start new leagues that would possibly conflict with the dwindling interest in tecmo super bowl.
  2. It will be how it is unless something is changed with the game hookup format. Only way to get the games in with current 90 day season is to boot slackers at deadline which can be difficult for many reasons. I would suggest trying to have everyone agree to meet up on AIM once a week and boot the no shows. Wednesday night league or whatever night. A faster pace will not be achieved IMO without fewer players or a different / easier way to hookup with opponent.
  3. Yes. Tits or get the fuck out.
  4. Was it a good day? Maybe someone should invent a tecmo alarm clock.
  5. He is getting bold with the multis but at least this one is funny.
  6. You guessed it. That's bgboud2 trying to make it home from the liquor store to create another tecmo multi.
  7. Lets play guess wtf this picture has to do with absolutely anything!
  8. Sounds like a multi account. Just saying. He is probably bgboud2.
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