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  1. I have two complete sets of those cards, my favorite was Ray Childress if I remember correctly. Now i Need to go find where I put those.
  2. buchos

    Raspberry pii

    It looks like they are just about to release a new version of Retropie. (the beta is out for testing). I was going to wait till then to update and would be willing to try it out with someone when that time comes.
  3. buchos

    Raspberry pii

    It looks like they are updating the online play, From this forum post (https://retropie.org.uk/forum/topic/7913/retroarch-1-4-1-netplay ) they have been working on getting it going. towards the bottom of the post they say that it seems to be working, I May need to update my Pi and give this a shot.
  4. Where I seem to get stuck when i was working on this a while back, was how much do you need to reward, punish players based on stats. I remember working on the formulas for the RB and gave up because i could not come up with a nice balance. I think the age part would be an easy formula to add in , speed decreases as they get older(I know not always true, Darrell Green), but look at Peyton and Brad, both have aged differently, Peyton's arm was dead last year, and Brady is still the Best QB in the Game. Those little things would be what makes including age difficult in my opinion. But if it is just a decrease based on years played then that would not be nearly as difficult if we had them all decrease the same. ??thoughts?
  5. That is a good idea. My original thought behind the rand # was sometimes guys have huge years, but really don't get any better after that, so there is a chance your stats would not go up much, even with a good season. That way there is still a chance guys don't max out in a few years by just focusing on them. Like I said though this is just a start. I would be willing to change or add anything if it would work and people could us it.
  6. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tKezQv86V-GSTZWQG0G-JJeKtTnVhGeZkD31SgeGn4A/edit?usp=drivesdk Here is the Google sheet. It is a just a start, but hopefully you can understand my thought process.
  7. It is in the plans, I just got a started with it. I got stuck with how much the attributes should go up or down based on the season stats. I will try to post the file here soon.
  8. I have been playing around with this for awhile now. I have qbs done. It takes the season stats and they get a point value based on yards, qbr, comp %,ext...then that number gets taken times a random decimal and added to a state. And the does this for each attribute that affects the qb. The number gets added to the given stat and if it is enough to go up to the next tier of state valueot goes up. If not it saves that number and can be added to it after the next year's stats to get to the next tier. Or go down. I will look and post if the file if you are interested.
  9. buchos

    Raspberry pii

    I was wondering if there was a way to pull stats from a save state in retropie. I have tried but it is a jumbled mess of numbers. I could not find a way within retroarch to change internal compression on nestipia. Any ideas on that one?
  10. My wife has that shirt, got it a few years ago from a friend of hers. She has not worn it around her family of Nebraska fans...yet
  11. Rating him would be tough, on TSB. He was a different type of player. Undated free agent that made the team with a pulled groin his rookie year. His skill set would not translate to TSB very well. He was my favorite player growing up as a kid, so my attributes for him would be very biased.
  12. Slim_jimmy what station do you broadcast on? I live near sioux city, would turn it on just to say that is a tecmo guy on the radio.
  13. buchos

    RIP Dusty Rhodes

    Man that stinks, loved him as a heel when i was a kid. Let's hope where ever piper is going the have plenty of bubble gum.
  14. This is looking awesome, thanks for all the work you put into this. The mets pitching staff is awesome.
  15. buchos


    War6 be safe and thanks for your service.
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