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  1. The key Super Bowl match-up is going to be about the 49ers Defense vs. the Chiefs Offense. I really don't care who wins this game. This feeling of having no skin in the game is what Patriots haters must feel like every other year for the past decade+. It's so foreign to me...
  2. Well that didn’t last long!
  3. This is some masterful shit by the Titans right now. First half has been incredible.
  4. What’s there to say? The Patriots didn’t deserve to win that game. Shaq Mason’s O-Lineman downfield penalty and Julian Edelman’s dropped pass (shades of Wes Welker’s) encapsulated the Patriots whole season. I don’t think Brady retires. I don’t think Robert Craft allows Brady to play for another team. I’m not sure what that means other than Brady comes back for at least one more season.
  5. I’d say that I can’t believe what I saw today, but let’s be real—the 2019 Patriots have been a WIP all year. I am willing to say that, while great, the defense isn’t the defense everyone assumed it was after the first half of the season. The offense has had no identity all year. The skill player positions need some serious retooling. I’m very glad to have Tom Brady continue to play as the Patriots QB, but I feel his frustration. Regardless of what happens next week in the Wildcard round, the general management of the Patriots organization needs to take a long, hard look at itself for what it put on the field this year, from a player and staffing standpoint. The Pats isn’t an organization to coast on its laurels, but one can’t help but feel a lack of urgency in the Pats personnel corrections after each week seeing the struggles in specific phases of their game. I’m happy to put this season’s lack of follow through on Bill Belichick. He runs the football operations. It wasn’t Belichick who was dropping those passes in games, but it was him who put those rookie WRs out there on the field, and the rag tag bunch of skill players he assembled in the offseason. Overall, it was a poor general management effort. During the latter half of the season, I also question how the player management affected Belichick’s attention to coaching, including his default defensive coordinator role after losing Greg Schiano before the season started. I hope the Patriots win next week. I’d like Tom Brady to have a decisive home victory before he faces a team that is probably going to put the Patriots out of the playoffs. One can always hope that the Pats find a way to turn it around and defeat the challengers in front of them, but no objective fan of the Pats—after seeing the last 8 weeks—can honestly say they feel confident in this Patriots team. God bless, Tom Brady. I hope this horribly inconsistent play lights a fire under Bill Belichick (the GMs) ass to shore up some skill player acquisitions for next season. Go Pats next week against the Titans.
  6. Congratulations to Darren Sproles for retiring after an incredibly successful 15 years in this league. He had a nearly unmatched work ethic from someone who was always looking to prove to himself that he should be in this league. I’m still waiting for Frank Gore to announce that his heralded career has come to and end as well. I have a hard time thinking that he’s going to opt in to another year; as it’s unlikely he’ll move past 3rd place on the all-time rusher top-3 for total yards.
  7. Good game by the Patriots. Burkhead made up for that early fumble by staying on his feet for that touchdown late in the game. New England is gonna have a good Christmas this year. Division Champs means a few extra babies get conceived tonight. There’s not much in this offense, but it’s learning how it’ll grind out games this year. Brady’s recognition of this, and his capability to respond quickly and toss away balls on busted plays has been tremendous this year, despite his other troubles. i’m excited to watch this team. The defense always sets a high bar, and it’s exciting to see what the offense is going to try each week. So, too, am I looking forward to next week’s game against Miami. I just need the Browns to give the Ravens a punch in the face this week. That would be a worthy runner-up Christmas present.
  8. Aaron Rogers is weeping from a lack of recognition.
  9. I’ve never seen the NFL or the sports media so desperate to announce a changing of the guard at the top player positions than this season. This ‘100 Years of NFL’ marketing campaign is almost entirely built around announcing a changing of the guard from the sports heroes of yesterday to the sports heroes of tomorrow. Over the past several years, they’ve tried to see this through with overhyping Colin Kaepernick, Jameis Winston, and even Russel Wilson to a degree. They’re going all in on Lamar Jackson now, with the sports media professing that this is the greatest single season a Quarterback has ever had. It’s getting to be just a little much at this point, and goes to show you how shallow sports and sports hype really is when it comes to growing their audience.
  10. The compilations of Phillip Rivers trash talking is the stuff of legends. That guy should get in the Hall of Fame strictly for his trash talking.
  11. For three years haters have been forecasting the demise of Tom Brady, as opposed to celebrating his excellence at this late stage of his career. It's really been pathetic to watch. During this time, he won a couple more Super Bowls, and the trolls had to go back to their caves. Sad little people whose existences are so shitty that they try to pull others down to their level. Now the trolls are coming out again at the first sight of team weakness, laying the blame on his aging to give their three years of desperate prognostication some value. Truly pathetic, let alone bluntly narcissistic. Have some self respect.
  12. 100%. As a fan, I would gladly accept a few losing seasons if Tom Brady wanted to play until a ridiculous age.
  13. Jerry Jones needs to fire Jason Garrett and himself. The Cowboys will never again win big until Jerry Jones steps down.
  14. It's not about the WRs being good or bad at their position; it's about time in the system, reps, and familiarity with Tom Brady, of which 4/5s of the WRs have very little time with him, and with 3/5s have very little experience in the league, in general. Is Tom Brady declining? Of course, he's 42. But his WR situation is pure garbage. At the end of his tenure in the league, he should be playing with 3-5 year vets who have experience in the system, not just Julian Edelman and 'everybody else'.
  15. Agreed. Brady is not to blame for the vast majority of this offensive dysfunction. I still don't understand why they let Josh Gordon go considering what they were looking at from their WR group, despite bringing on Sanu--who's most effective in the slot---where they already have Julian E.. The general management of the WR group almost seems like an affront to Tom Brady. A purposeful affront. Brady's thrown to 20 different players this year. Two of his top five WR options are rookies. One is an undrafted rookie; one is a 1st rounder who Brady has played two games with. A third primary WR option is Phillip fucking Dorsett, who has neither lights-out speed or agility. A fourth option in Sanu was traded to NE last month, and has played, like, three games with Tom Brady. Two seasons of games with Julian E. count for more games than he's played with the rest of the WR core combined. Add all of the o-line shifts and injuries affecting the run game, and it's not looking great for this offense figuring out who they are in time for a strong playoff run. With the defense showing some cracks over the past few weeks while having to significantly make up for the offense not playing well, and I don't think anyone is afraid to play New England at this point.
  16. Ok! I'm willing to start flying the warning flag regarding the Patriots offense. Last night's game was brutal to watch as a Pats fan. I can't recall the last time I've watched Brady be so frustrated by a group of WRs. Will they finally have enough time to work together as a group and settle on an actual offensive scheme? I have no idea, but I'm not confident. The longer they take to figure out WTF they're doing, the longer other offenses can spend strengthening their Patriots-busting playbook for when they play New England. Add to New England losing their seeding last night, and I'm not psyched about how the next month looks.
  17. This is an incredibly entertaining, if imperfectly played football game. Great rain game. Didn’t learn a whole bunch about these teams given the conditions of this game.
  18. It doesn’t make sense to me how teams have been using outside linebackers against Lamar Jackson. On the recent scoring drive that took the Ravens to 14-7, twice, outside linebackers were focused on the run while the play was clearly developing on the opposite side of the field. Ravens TE comes off the line and goes in motion across the Center, and the outside linebacker that was in coverage on that TE transitions to the line for irrelevant edge run protection. Like, play the weak side designed QB scramble! There’s a greater chance and fear of that happening than some RB cutback to the weak side, and especially when we’re talking about a downfield runner like Ingram in the backfield—dude ain’t making cutbacks in the reverse direction. Believe me, I understand that I’m being a total armchair cliche right now, but so many of these irrelevant player assignments seem like they could be corrected by coaching.
  19. All Jimmy G. has to do is not lose the game... Garbage 49ers defense on a mid-field crossing route in the red zone.
  20. LOL Marcus Peters’ pass defense on that first touchdown.
  21. This week’s Ravens v. 49ers game is a possible Super Bowl match-up. I’m very excited for it, because it’s an incredibly important game for the Patriots. I’m also looking forward to either of these teams taking a shot to their confidence with a loss from this game. It’s nearly a complete win/win situation!
  22. Reporter asks, “5 touchdowns for you, passing. 95 rushing yards. Did it feel like you could do whatever you wanted to do?” Lamar Jackson immediately deflects, “No. It’s grown men out here, and they’re trying to feed their families.” Jackson is 22 years old. As a Patriots fan, I’ve always had respect for the Ravens franchise. But this single post-game quote from Lamar Jackson on Monday night seals my appreciation for the guy. I’m happy that the city of Baltimore (and the country) has a young, dynamic sports role model at the quarterback position, whose first instinct when baited by the media with self-reverence is to shut it down, honoring his peers and their humanity. I’m a fan of Lamar Jackson.
  23. LOL to you just telling me who the Patriots have lost to in the past; I promise you that I am familiar. When I brought up those scenarios, I am only taking into account the teams from this year. History means nothing to me for these scenarios, specifically. The Patriots team that lost to the Ravens in the Championship game is completely different than the 2019 Patriots. The Ravens with L. Jackson at the helm are a completely different team than the Joe Flacco era Ravens. L. Jackson is going to want home field advantage, because going into Foxborough for the playoffs is going to be very hard for him to pull out with a victory. It doesn't matter to me that his regular season play has been lights out. The playoffs in Foxborough are a completely different affair, and especially for an inexperienced QB. Similarly, for this 2019 Patriots team, not having home field advantage is going to be brutal for the communication between skill players on offense considering how little playoff experience parts of the offense have, especially with the WRs in play right now. The inexperience/lack of developed talent of the WR set on this current Patriots group is the glaring issue with this team. When you're praying that Phillip fucking Dorsett is healthy, you know you're in struggle city.
  24. It's going to be key for the Ravens to have home field advantage in the playoffs. Adversely, the Patriots' only hope is to have home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Also, there is near zero chance that L. Jackson doesn't regress next season. I'm not saying it will be as bad as C. Kap did post-Super Bowl season, but teams are going to use spy more effectively as they learn his game. He's tremendous, and I don't want to take anything away from him. But we've seen this before. The hybrid QB cannot keep up with the position like a true pocket passer QB. It's just not possible. There's limited time in practice, there are limited reps for all players, and if the Ravens are committing time to mixed packages for QB runs, option plays and the like, then he's not getting better at pure pocket positioning. I think these hybrid QBs, and Jackson might be the best of them all that we've seen so far, are not built for building dynasties around. I think they're better served for streaks, perhaps a Super Bowl victory. Long term? The math isn't there to support long term success. There is only so much time in the day.
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