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  1. This is one of those 'I'll eat a fistful of pubes' bets if the Jets can beat the Patriots this weekend. Unrelated but related, I am starting to feel a twinge of empathy for you sad motherfaulkers who have to watch your terrible teams languish throughout another year of mediocrity. It's gotta be depressing. The Patriots organization really did break the NFL.
  2. On this day, Sunday, September the 8th of the year 2019, our one true champion has risen for his 20th campaign to slay the gridiron horde of would be challengers for his crown. Though the Halls of Adversity, created by the peasant haters, are adorned with the stories of their contention to his crown, our champion has risen to meet all challenges. Let there be regulation PSI levels in all balls; let linger an aging adversary called Eli of Little Threat; let all hot and ridiculously wealthy supermodel wives find themselves filled with support for the legacy of the GOAT, and may their children, born through immaculate conception, know only the glory of a number 12 jersey worn by one Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr.. A story of such Epic, foretold by the Christian bard, Carmen, and from the holiest of decades—the 1980s: “He has won. He has won. He’s alive forever more. He has risen, He is Lord. He has won.” ~ Carmen, The Champion [Full song: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=w1kA3OX9NZk ]
  3. Just stopping in real quick to say that, as long as everyone can stay healthy, the Patriots will once again be just fine this year. I don't have it in me to observe a year's worth of shitty predictions and analyses by the Patriots haters on this forum, so good luck to all of your teams this year! You'll need it.
  4. Mike Gordon, July 30 “Still, the clock is ticking on this Patriots team. I personally think their championship window has closed.” Mike Gordon, October 8 “I can't rule out Brady and Belichick. Not until Brady falls off the proverbial cliff. And who knows? Maybe that will begin to happen this week.” Mike Gordon, October 23 “I think this is the Patriots final season in which they will be able to try and reign supreme atop the AFC. I know I've been saying this since 2015/2016. But that's because Tom Brady continues to defy all expectations here. Sooner or later, I'm bound to be right.” Mike Gordon, December 18 ”Any semblance of the 8 years of dominance and horror that the Patriots had wrought across the entire AFC all these years seem to be slipping away.” Mike Gordon, January 1 ”But when you get right down to it, I just don't think the Patriots have what it takes to beat the Chargers or Chiefs in the playoffs.“ ### ”But outside of maybe the Rams, I don't see the Patriots beating anybody in the Super Bowl. They're just too old.” — Mike Gordon
  5. ^ Literally the only play against the Patriots worth remembering as a Chargers fan from yesterday's game. Kudos to Rivers for the look-off. "Everyone thinks we suck." ~ The G.O.A.T. post-game There are few things I enjoy more than watching all of the prognosticators continue to get taken down by a living legend. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick persist in making fools of many in the sports media, and a few outspoken members of this forum. I'm willing to mail a box of issues to anyone whose team was ousted yesterday. Can this Patriots team beat this Chiefs in K.C.? Don't know about that. But I'm going to have a good time watching the game. And if they do win, you can fully expect I'm going to be on this board, in this thread, trashing all of the fools who have earned it. You know who you are.
  6. Painful choke by the Texans. Good game in Dallas. I was more worried about the Seahawks winning (for the Patriots’ sake), so I’m happy with the outcome, no matter how much I personally dislike the Cowboys. Nice opening Saturday playoff football!
  7. At week 13, I honestly have no idea who the Super Bowl favorites are. Easy $$$ (what I call the "Mike Gordan Bet") is on the highest ranked teams by win total. But I'm just not sure. I remain unconvinced that the teams currently leading the league, Saints, Rams, Chiefs, etc. have what it takes to go deep into the playoffs. I will say that I like the Chiefs at home through the playoffs, but I don't have faith in this team to keep their shit together deep into the playoffs--when it counts. I have no reason to believe that Andy Reid isn't going to, once again, coach himself out of the playoffs. For as good as Andy Reid-coached teams' regular season standings are, the dude has a real problem translating that success into the playoffs. The Rams showed me yesterday that all they require is a team to punch them in the face to revert Goff back down to rookie status. New Orleans is never a sure thing--I don't care how much hype they get. Either Sean Peyton coaches them into a ditch; the defense decides not to show up; or Drew Brees has an average game--that's all it's going to take for N.O. to get booted by even a reasonably talented opponent. I have a nagging suspicion that a middle-of-the-pack team is going to get hot at the right moment and run a Wildcard-to-Conference title wave. And for the most important part of this post: The Patriots. Honestly, I still feel very good about the Patriots chances in the post-season. I don't see any reason why the Patriots can't go the distance. Every week has seen incremental scheme changes. The offensive side of the ball continues to evolve into one of the most complete/balanced in all of football. The defensive side of the ball still lacks up front, but the LBs are making up with some of that pressure. The CBs need to figure out their shit--clearly the weakest aspect of the Patriots current roster. Regarding yesterday's game--I don't even mind the 'Miracle in Miami.' I was pumped to see Frank Gore bust a few long runs on the Pats. I couldn't be anymore excited to see that guy find success at this stage in his career. The most underrated RB of all-time, IMO. I also think Gronk was spot on in his post-game interview, where he proposed that the loss would be a gut check for the Patriots. It's the kind of gut check that can only benefit a team that gives itself a yearly high bar to achieve. Despite this game now being played like college ball, I'm looking forward to what's to come!
  8. Mike McCarthy no longer has a job (good), but Marvin Lewis still has one (bad). Marvin Lewis must have some Jerry Sandusky-level sized dirt on Mike Brown, because there is no universe where his continued employment as the Bungles HC still makes sense.
  9. LOL. Watching last night's game was like watching Madden on easy settings. Ridiculous.
  10. Laughed the first time, and I would laugh again. This joke equals a 5 yaks rating.
  11. I'm even kind of, sort of, a little bit looking forward to tonight's Chiefs v. Rams match up.
  12. This past Sunday's game against the Tennessee Titans is the worst complete football I've seen the Patriots play since their drumming by Kansas City a few years ago. Yes, Gronk and Trent Brown were not available; yes, a bunch of other Patriots left the game shaken up... but no excuses. All three phases of the team were dramatically out-played and out-coached. The bye week couldn't come at a better time for the Patriots, who will make the necessary adjustments to course correct the ship. It's highly unlikely the Patriots can catch up to the Chiefs for the #1 spot in the AFC prior to the playoffs starting. KC would have to go on an unbelievable losing streak for that to happen. Considering who they play to the end of the season, there is a chance KC loses 2, maybe 3 of their remaining 6 games, but that would mean that the Patriots essentially have to win outright, or lose no more than 1 game for the remainder of the season. I believe in the Hoodie as much as I believe in anything in this world, but it's fast becoming a tall order to fill.
  13. John Gruden is employing the same strategy that I used for my current Browns franchise in Madden: trade everyone of value away for a giant crop of 1st-rounders. Then trade away one or multiple newly-acquired 1st-rounders for 1st-rounders+Interest in a future draft. He's gonna try to milk every year of his asinine 10-year contract for all its good. Either ownership lets him fulfill on his long-game strategy, or walks away early on the best coaches pension plan in modern sports, and then goes back to TV to make even more $$$. Guy's a f*cken genius.
  14. Blood is in the water, Patriots haters. May your loveless, partisan lives be enhanced by this offering: https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ftw/2018/11/01/are-we-finally-seeing-the-start-of-tom-bradys-inevitable-decline/38358451
  15. I've been watching the series, but it's not nearly as exciting out of the Boston market. I cannot stress enough how much being in the market itself pushes Boston-area people to enjoy sports more than they would otherwise. Like, you can't walk 50 feet without someone talking about sports in Boston. Now living in NYC, I'm across enemy lines, and it's a very different experience. Brady and Belichick's continued run of excellence can get me hyped every week, but baseball is a tougher sell for me, especially out of market.
  16. Thanks again to @Bad Moon Rison for hosting another awesome NYC Tournament. Apologies for having to ghost not long after my loss, but I was presented with a dinner opportunity that I could catch if I hurried. Brian, Ryan and crew do an amazing job. I am thoroughly impressed every year. Thanks again for hosting, guys! I'm also glad to see @Ranatoro won, because I lost to him in the quarter finals. Funny story about my quarter finals loss... MIN (me) vs. MIA (him). 7-7 at the very end of the 4th. Near my own end zone. I go to throw a Hail Mary to Anthony Carter as time expires. Wade Wilson is by my end zone line. A Dolphins defender bot jumps and blocks my pass at the line. The ball floats in the air backwards and out of the Northern side of the end zone. Incomplete? NOPE. How about end zone safety glitch for FOR THE LOSS. I lost 7-9 because of this blocked pass safety glitch! Hey, if I'm gonna lose, might as well be memorable. And to be fair, Ranatoro fumbled the ball about 3 times that game, so I feel like the TSB Gods were throwing him a bone for getting screwed throughout the entire game.
  17. Nah, no salt. The Eagles beat the Patriots fair and square. And I'm happy for Philadelphia, in that having gone throughout history without a SB win for that town, specifically, is almost unfathomable. If I have any salt in me, it is for the Hoodie, to be honest. Sitting Butler was a huge mistake. Eric Rowe did fine in his place, but an early touchdown is attributed to Rowe not being prepared to start. That touchdown could have been the difference maker. There's no excuse to sit a player who played 97.8% of regular season snaps. None. Patricia gets a bunch of the blame, too. He was out-coached by Philadelphia. He was being too gimmicky for his own good, taking Gilmore off Ashlon to start the game. If it's true that Belichick sat Butler without a significant cause, then he was his own undoing. Frankly, it's not the first time, either. He's still the G.O.A.T. of coaching, but the reality is that his legacy is going to be marred by what many perceive to be his inability to suppress his ego.
  18. This is such trash. 1. 18 Patriots players were on IR for the Super Bowl, with notable depth at defense being chief among them, including Defensive Team Captain, Hightower. Philadelphia had 12 on IR, and most of them were trash, excluding Wentz and (maybe) Sproles. 2. Tom Brady takes better care of himself as a Quarterback than any QB in league history. He'll make 41 seem like 38. That's a 'pubes bet. 3. I LOOOOOOVE that you give the Eagles a line about shoulda-coula-woulda had Wentz been around, but don't do the same for key Patriots players on IR. 4. There is no reason to believe that Nick Foles wasn't the reincarnation of Matt Flynn. Literally, very little difference between the two leading up to the Super Bowl. That you're using hindsight to give Foles credit as a "good QB" is pathetic. Your analysis is trash, as it has been all year long. That you spend the time to write it all doesn't make it is any less trash.
  19. All of this is solid. My only devil's advocate position is that the kid is 24 years-old. He's got a lot to learn, as physically talented as he is. He's also cut from the same uber competitive cloth as the best who play the game. First dude at practice, last dude gone kind of kid. I really like Cooks, and I hope the Patriots find a way to keep him around. That being said, again, your analysis is right on. I'm hoping getting his clock rung while he was running around in a circle like he was trying to avoid Tecmo Super Bowl diving tackles is enough to make him reconsider a few elements in how he plays the game.
  20. I won't go so far as to say "Screw Belichick," but I agree with the overall sentiment. Let's be clear here, though, if there was no good reason to bench Butler, and considering he played 97% of snaps during the regular season, then the Hoodie royally f*cked up. Did he not think that benching a starting lineup member would cause a distraction to the rest of the defense/team? I am so curious as to why Butler was benched. He's had the flu in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, so maybe he wasn't practicing hard? Maybe Belichick threw Eric Rowe in there because Rowe will most likely be playing in Butler's starting role next year once he leaves New England in FA? I don't know, but I think no matter what, sitting him the whole game was a mistake. And the absolute only way it wasn't going to be perceived as a mistake is if the Patriots won, and Eric Rowe played a standout game.
  21. He missed several short to mid range balls that could have changed the game, a seeming result from him getting pushed around some in the pocket. He played a hell of a game, don’t get me wrong. But A+ to me is making those most important throws, which he did not. Not all his fault, but he’s got to take the blame.
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