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  1. Over/Under on TB12 becoming a coach after he hangs it up? I'd say the odds are good.
  2. Hey my dudes. Long story short, my fiance's maid of honor is leaving to go to grad school in the U.K. in 3 weeks and just made an unannounced visit last night and is staying for the weekend. I've been strong armed into a weekend of not my own choosing. Not gonna be able to get to the tournament today, which bums me out big time. Apologies. BUT, I do want to thank Brian for setting this shit up. When I went to this past October tournament at the RavensHouse or whatever that place is called, it was amazing. Brian was a consummate pro about managing the event with the other dudes involved. Good guy all. Have fun dudes. I'll be there in spirit!
  3. Awesome. So maybe it gets reduced to 5 or 4 games. Good luck with that! As it is now, 6 games + 1 bye week = No Zeke until Week 8. At this point, considering this Zeke problem, other suspensions or bumbled releases (Whitehead), and potential sophomore slump for Dak Prescott as the pressure on him gets amplified... I'll be impressed if the Cowboys even make it to the post-season. I also think Jerry Jones pulls a Donald Trump, and if Jason Garrett doesn't make this team win, he'll be blamed for all of this dysfunction and shown the door.
  4. How 'bout them Cowboys?! I'm looking forward to seeing if Jerry Jones brings a legal force against the NFL. Dudes, it doesn't pay to beat your ladies.
  5. The most obvious gripe about Jay Cutler is his lack of leadership skills. He's not inspiring anyone to work harder. I get that a QB is most favorably viewed when he's also the spirited leader type, but that just isn't everybody. I don't think Jay Cutler is actually a bad QB. He's not great, but he isn't bad. When he's with an OC that actually plays to his strength, he's even pretty good. Jay Cutler has had many OCs not try to play to his strengths. If you look back at games when Jay Cutler was with the Broncos, there is every reason to believe that guy could have had a stellar career in the function of QB, but without the ra-ra team building and leadership traits of some of his contemporaries. Jay Cutler on the Dolphins not only makes sense because of the coach pairing from his most successful days in Chicago, but because he's not being asked to be the team leader and galvanize a squad. That's not his job in this position as a fill-in QB, which I think is actually going to help Cutler excel beyond the tepid disappointment that we've come to know from him.
  6. I actually expect Jay Cutler to do reasonably well. I mean, at least on par with Ryan Tannehill. Ryan Tannehill sucks. Funnier yet, I'd put $10 down on if Jay Cutler finds a way to help beat New England, he boots Tannehill from his job indefinitely.
  7. Apparently, it has more to do with the fact that he'll OWE the Dolphins 3 million if he retires. Way to check with your agent about your contractual details prior to announcing your retirement, Brandon Albert.
  8. I really do hate the world that we live in.
  9. Stephen A. Smith now has something to, as he would say, "bloviate" on about for the foreseeable future..... Greeeeeat.
  10. Early on in training camps, NFL teams are losing players left and right to injury and retirement. Ravens, Giants, Dolphins, Chiefs, Patriots, the list goes on and on of teams who have lost important personnel in the past week. Every year, I clench my butt a little tighter at the thought of potential training camp injuries for my beloved Patriots. If your team has suffered injury in the past few years, my heart goes out to you... unless you're a Cowboys fan.
  11. Yo. If you promoted a sport where a good percentage of its player base comes from poor, resource deficient regions, and in playing the sport, there's a high chance of some degree of brain injury or other severe long-term physical problems, wouldn't you too want to broadcast how much these players make to entice the next generation of human sacrifice to play the game? Live fast, die young; probably similar to the kind of logic the Roman promoters used when they threw slaves and vagrants into the combat pits of the colloseums. "Imagine the glory! The crowds will cheer for you! Make it out alive and you will be celebrated and well fed tonight! The women will love you!"
  12. I will admit that I feel a little bad for Prescott. Seems like a decent dude for as much as television speculation will get you. Jason Witten, too. I'm sure there's a bunch of 'good guys' on the Cowboys' team. Jason Garrett is a bumbling clown to me, I have no strong feelings either way, other than that he sucks. Now, Jerry Jones, the franchise most of the time, and a significant portion of the fan base? The worst.
  13. LOLz. This keeps getting bette. The Cowboys are the perfect team to represent America: a real shit show. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/20154184/prince-william-county-police-confirm-lucky-whitehead-was-misidentified
  14. I'm of Irish lineage; tragi-comedies are sort of my thing.
  15. I just wanted to highlight a line by Jason Garrett from the article above, because it's precious. "We've got a track record of being able to take guys that made some mistakes early on in their career and they get better. They grow and they develop and they become great citizens and great players. We have a number of those guys on our team right now." Hahahahhaahahahhahahahahahah! Who knew Jason Garrett was such a comedian!
  16. <3 Cowboys <3 http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/20148713/dallas-cowboys-cut-lucky-whitehead-wr-claims-was-not-was-arrested http://es.pn/2tvYTf0
  17. I was JUST about to post this. Brutal. The Cowboys are f*cked.
  18. The Cowboys are the gift that keeps giving. Cowboys' Damien Wilson charged with aggravated assault with deadly weapon http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/19841877/dallas-cowboys-lb-damien-wilson-charged-aggravated-assault-deadly-weapon
  19. July has hit, and with it will soon come the series of NFL season prognostications by those with the constitution to put themselves out on the limb by predicting the future. Here's TB.org forum-goer Mike Gordan's epic 2016-2017 Tom Brady/Patriots prognostication. #neverforget #dontquityourdayjobmikegordan
  20. Past his prime? For sure. But the Pats got a solid year out of Thomas, which is all they need out of Harris! Supppppeeeerrr Booooowwwwwwllll.
  21. Trrrrrrash? Dude was cut for cost savings by the Jets. He played 87% of all snaps last season! If the Pats can get another year or two out of Harris, who signed a 2-year deal, then that trash is treeeeeasssssssureeee.
  22. David Harris cut by Jets a couple of weeks ago, gets picked up by the Patriots. I love the Patriots.
  23. Put this in the woulda-shoulda-coulda category of thought, but the Cavs should feel like chumps right now. They played like chumps in these finals. LeBron, while still amazing, looked gassed throughout much of the series. I know, I know--he plays a ton of minutes, he's aging, and he's accrued more playing time than anyone in the post season. Totally. But those are all excuses for a team that should have been a better competitor to Golden State. The Cavs blew a huge 4th quarter lead early in the series. The Cavs blew so many opportunities last night to hold down another lead. I honestly believe the Cavs blew this series more than Kevin Durant added to Golden State's leverage.
  24. Saints are not exciting. AP is not going to tip the balance for that team into a contender. In the pass-happy NFL, losing Brandin Cooks and getting AP is not an even exchange. Raiders ARE exciting. I'm looking forward to seeing if they're able to get out of their own way. The next couple of years in the NFL, for me, is all about watching a living legend in Tom Brady have a well-deserved victory lap(s) across the faces of most of his competition, while the rest of the NFL fan base impatiently waits for Tom Brady/The Hoodie to retire so that their team has a chance at being memorable. I'm also looking forward to the sophomore slumps of Dak Prescott and Zek Elliot.
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