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  1. I have no problem admitting that Tom Brady can psyche himself out playing the Giants. I’m hoping the Patriots as a team can make the necessary adjustments, and lean on the parts of the team that can be successful.
  2. Yeah, it's a terrible name. I have no idea where it came from, but I similarly think its ridiculous, and I hope it does not stick.
  3. I know that the NFL season is long, and there is a ways to go with a number of good teams on the horizon, but you creators out there best prepare your ROMs next year for the Patriots defense to potentially be the best defense represented in TSB... ever. https://nesn.com/2019/10/stats-beginning-to-support-theory-that-patriots-defense-is-all-time-great/
  4. I don't buy this "Coach Big Ben" on the sideline gimmick. Appears to me to be a way to keep him in any relevant conversations about quarterback hierarchy. He's under contract through 2021, having recently signed a two-year extension in April 2019. If Rudolph shows enough promise over the course of this year, then I think we might actually see a changing of the guard at QB for the Steelers, despite Big Ben having just signed an extension. Watching the O-Line embrace Rudolph with a kind of comradery that I NEVER see given to Big Ben was enough for me to envision a real changing of the guard. The current build of the Steelers hs lost the window to compete for championship aspirations, IMO. They'd do better to bunker down for the rebuild with Rudolph and a growing Defense at the helm if Rudolph proves truly capable. All teams should be preparing for the day when Tom Brady retires, so they're good enough to compete at that moment, and not much sooner or later.
  5. It’s a long season. The Patriots have a lot to figure out on offense. There are a few key players missing. If those players return, including 2 of 3 key players—Wynn and Devlin, then the rookie hopeful WR has to keep sitting. I think the next few weeks are key for the Patriots offense, and what will determine who stays on IR for the remainder of the year. I’m looking forward to it!
  6. Patriots Offense is playing a bad game. Tom Brady, the WRs, the O-Line on the edge and against the bull rush—it’s hasn’t looked great. If they can hold onto this game, then I’ll be happy they experienced some true adversity at an away game against a decent defense. Winning these kind of games are the best examples of learning experiences. And, frankly, this Patriots team needed to experience some real adversity. Shoutout to Frank Gore passing 15,000 yards, and bearing down on the heels of Barry Sanders at #3 all-time. My all-team rushing tandem would include Frank Gore and Tom Rathman. Oof to the J. Jones hit on Josh Allen.
  7. Although the Patriots should win this weekend, shoutout to Frank Gore, who at 36 years-old is the lead back for an undefeated NFL team. #4 on the all-time rushing list, and arguably the most underrated football player of all time. One of the most unselfish players to ever play; never about the drama; always about proving himself to whatever team he’s on, which has always gotten more out of Frank than even they gave him credit for. If he isn’t a Canton first-rounder, then there is no justice in this world. We salute you, Frank.
  8. How does Jay Gruden still have a job? When Keenum vaulted over the line for the 1st down, that dude clearly had no idea what he was doing, thinking that this sneak was like a goaline sneak. Jay Gruden made that call. Jay Gruden sucks (as a head coach). The Washington Redskins organization sucks. #FireJayGruden
  9. The takes on this forum are terrible. God I hope none of you gamble. We're not even at Week 4 yet, and the majority of the playoff teams have made themselves apparent. Some notes... 1. Local NYG market is praising Jones as the next coming of P. Manning. The fans in this market are worst. Actually, they're the third worst behind fans from L.A. and #1 Dallas. 2. Baker Mayfield is overrated. I've been saying this since day 1. 3. Are the Bills for real? No, they're not. 4. Cam Newton isn't long for Carolina. 5. Look at the standings over the whole NFL. It's a shit show. Buffalo and S.F. going undefeated right now tells you all need to know about how ridiculous the rest of this NFL season is going to be. The playoff teams this year are going to look very similar to last year.
  10. This is one of those 'I'll eat a fistful of pubes' bets if the Jets can beat the Patriots this weekend. Unrelated but related, I am starting to feel a twinge of empathy for you sad motherfaulkers who have to watch your terrible teams languish throughout another year of mediocrity. It's gotta be depressing. The Patriots organization really did break the NFL.
  11. On this day, Sunday, September the 8th of the year 2019, our one true champion has risen for his 20th campaign to slay the gridiron horde of would be challengers for his crown. Though the Halls of Adversity, created by the peasant haters, are adorned with the stories of their contention to his crown, our champion has risen to meet all challenges. Let there be regulation PSI levels in all balls; let linger an aging adversary called Eli of Little Threat; let all hot and ridiculously wealthy supermodel wives find themselves filled with support for the legacy of the GOAT, and may their children, born through immaculate conception, know only the glory of a number 12 jersey worn by one Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr.. A story of such Epic, foretold by the Christian bard, Carmen, and from the holiest of decades—the 1980s: “He has won. He has won. He’s alive forever more. He has risen, He is Lord. He has won.” ~ Carmen, The Champion [Full song: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=w1kA3OX9NZk ]
  12. Just stopping in real quick to say that, as long as everyone can stay healthy, the Patriots will once again be just fine this year. I don't have it in me to observe a year's worth of shitty predictions and analyses by the Patriots haters on this forum, so good luck to all of your teams this year! You'll need it.
  13. Mike Gordon, July 30 “Still, the clock is ticking on this Patriots team. I personally think their championship window has closed.” Mike Gordon, October 8 “I can't rule out Brady and Belichick. Not until Brady falls off the proverbial cliff. And who knows? Maybe that will begin to happen this week.” Mike Gordon, October 23 “I think this is the Patriots final season in which they will be able to try and reign supreme atop the AFC. I know I've been saying this since 2015/2016. But that's because Tom Brady continues to defy all expectations here. Sooner or later, I'm bound to be right.” Mike Gordon, December 18 ”Any semblance of the 8 years of dominance and horror that the Patriots had wrought across the entire AFC all these years seem to be slipping away.” Mike Gordon, January 1 ”But when you get right down to it, I just don't think the Patriots have what it takes to beat the Chargers or Chiefs in the playoffs.“ ### ”But outside of maybe the Rams, I don't see the Patriots beating anybody in the Super Bowl. They're just too old.” — Mike Gordon
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