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  1. His last few years were rough, but prior to that, he was actually pretty clutch.
  2. Patriots release Stephen Gostkowski. Like a passing thought, the all-time leading scorer for the New England Patriots gets in the yellow submarine with his exiting peers.
  3. Pretty incredible Tom Brady / Tampa Bay Buccaneers stats line: "Brady has five times as many playoff wins, six times as many Super Bowl wins and seven times as many 30-touchdown seasons as all the quarterbacks in Buccaneers history, according to ESPN Stats & Information. He could lose his next 283 starts and still have a better career record than the Bucs franchise." ~ ESPN
  4. It’s going to be surreal when Belichick has his first postgame conference where he takes direct questions from reporters in front of a national audience. I’m betting he allows Tom Brady questions once, peppers his reporter rejection with a few TB12 compliments, and then just as quickly says something along the lines of ‘we’re focused on who’s on this team right now.’ He will then proceed to provide deflections to all Tom Brady questions for the remainder of the season. If in the event that the Patriots are able to make the playoffs next year, Belichick will allow for one round of Brady questions to satiate the increased national audience, and then proceed to deflect any further Tom Brady questions until the day Brady retires or wins the Super Bowl.
  5. The thing that is really going to bust my fucken nuts, is watching Tom MFing Brady play in a home stadium that has the Pirates of the Caribbean Disney-looking NONSENSE theme park ship in the backdrop of his GOAT legacy. A FUCKEN TRAVESTY.
  6. I'm starting to see the signs of the Patriots going into rebuild mode. To me, they appear to be keeping the veteran leaders to teach the next generation. The defense is old as fuck, and are only losing their youth in this off-season. S. Gilmore will be an UFA at the end of the 2021 season, and unless they sign him to a veteran deal like D.Mac, then he's gone. Writing is on the wall. Now they also have no Starting Center that is medically-cleared to play football. GREAT. People want a Brady versus Belichick war, but the reality is that Brady will have a chance--a likely losing chance (just by odds)---to win another Super Bowl with another team, while Belichick will try to rebuild another franchise-setting dynasty a few years from now. Will Belichick find another Tom Brady? Unlikely. Can Belichick do it without Brady? I think that's what he wants to prove. The sad outcome of this is that neither will achieve the same notable success ever again. They will always be remembered for their time together, so IMO, it's short-sighted by both of them to have not made this work. PATRIOTS REBUILD IS A COMIN', FOLKS.
  7. So, to be clear, “America’s Team” was still sparkling when Jerry World thought it was a good idea to do this pose for a camera? Just want to make sure your meme joke about adult video stores lands right.
  8. Aha! Sorry, missed that one. I'm in-between Coronaemails. My bad. I rescind my offense.
  9. Also, I find it completely disrespectful that you took your opportunity to be the first one to post about this.
  10. Knobbe is correct. If Brady goes, then Kraft gave the approval for it to happen. Belichick will be just fine.
  11. Agreed. I'd rather a guaranteed losing team for the next five (ten?) years over watching him wear another jersey.
  12. Wow! 😮 re: Your game—pics or it didn’t happen.
  13. Love it. I'm on Y13. Entered the league with the Cleveland Browns. Stayed in Cleveland for 6 seasons. Start of Seasons (Cleveland Browns) Season 2: 9-7 --- Finished second in the AFC North. Season 3: 10-6 --- Wildcard loss. Season 4: 12-4 --- Won the Retro Bowl. Season 5: 12-4 --- Divisional Championship game loss. Season 6: 14-2 --- Won the Retro Bowl. Season 7: 14-2 --- Wildcard loss. (This was an especially painful loss.) After solidifying my head coaching and GM status as a contemporary local legend in the Cleveland market--I don't wanna say that it was on the same level as Lebron, but I won't deny it either--I decided to follow in the footsteps of the Hoodie, and take an opportunity as a head coach in New England to attempt unseating the icon whose team I am now in charge of. Start of Seasons (New England Patriots) Season 8: 11-5 --- Won the Retro Bowl. (The Patriots shocked the sporting world with this championship win. Everyone in the retro media had counted them out.) Season 9: 14-2 --- Won the Retro Bowl. Season 10: 10-6 --- AFC Championship loss. (This was a heart-breaker. The sports media was convinced a dynasty would be solidified in Coach Yak's first three seasons in NWE. Completely fresh team coming off the draft. Franchise QB Ty Jacobs is drafted in the second round.) Season 11: 12-3-1 --- Won the Retro Bowl. Season 12: 14-2 --- Finished 1st in the AFC East. (This was a brutal disappointment. Not for nothing but my wife was in my ear. It was a poor choice to play the game during whatever it was she was saying to me. Lesson learned.) CURRENT SEASON | Season 13: 3-0 --- Buffalo is tied with me for first in my division. RETRO BOWL TODAY NEWS As you can see in RB01.jpg, I saved myself a little cap room for the inevitable departures of some players in their final contract year. Morale is high. I have a capable coaching staff underneath me, although that Morse guy has the face of somebody who takes a little too long in the shower, if you catch my drift. As the Patriots should, they're playing in perfect Stadium conditions, with cutting edge training facilities, and a rehab facility that makes the Dana Farber Cancer Institute look like a local VA. Draft pick allotment is typical, but as GM Yak is known to do, late season/post season trading is always an option. Like his predecessor, GM Yak is all business when it comes to contracts. RETRO BOWL TODAY NEWS In RB02.jpg, we see the general team makeup. Shout out to T-Cole, who is a WR veteran leader of this team at 33 years-old. He's been on one year contracts since Coach Yak took over the franchise, and amazingly has not worn out his welcome, asking for reasonable 1-year, $8M deals. T.Cole very much plays the Edelman role on this current Patriots team. This year's defense largely consists of a very talented bunch of early-round rookies after a very successful off-season for GM Yak. RETRO BOWL TODAY NEWS In RB03.jpg & RB03a.jpg, we see the FIRST EVER contract extension for a QB in the history of GM Yak's career. TY Jacobs was picked up as a latter-round draft pick for cheap in the draft a couple of seasons earlier. At a reasonable extension of $42M over 3 years, Ty Jacobs has the max accuracy potential and max arm strength potential that Coach Yak has been looking for since his very first season to make a long-term investment in a franchise QB. RETRO BOWL TODAY NEWS In RB04.jpg, we glimpse Coach Yak ascend the ladder of Retro Bowl coaching immortality. Will he tie Belichick this season at 6 Retro Bowl championships, staking claim as TIED for the greatest football coach of all time? The pressure is on!
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