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  1. 4 hours ago, neetocheeto said:

    sorry to bother you but how do you edit player ratings ? I would like to know for personal use only. Thank You. 👍


    I use this tool. I have the roster on a notepad file and just edit that and paste it into the tool each update.



    As for how I assign the ratings, I plug the player's PFF rating into a spreadsheet and just work down from there. 

    For offensive lineman, if their PFF rating is 71.1, they would be a 69 HP for example.


    Hope this helps!

  2. *More accurate depth charts
    *Players Added :

    Patriots - T, v. LOWE

    Jets - WR, randall COBB, G, w. SCHWEITZER

    Texans - QB, davis MILLS, RB, andrew BECK, T, charlie HECK

    Titans - T, andre DILLARD

    Eagles - WR, quez WATKINS, *CB, avonte MADDOX

    Cowboys - RB, hunter LUEPKE, S, jayron KEARSE

    Lions - DL, josh PASCHAL, CB, kindle VILDOR, S, c GARDNERJOHNSON

    Packers - RB, patrick TAYLOR, CB, c. VALENTINE

    Vikings - QB, nick MULLENS, TE, johnny MUNDT

    Saints - DL, bryan BRESEE

    Panthers - WR, terrace MARSHALL, G, cade MAYS

    Cardinals - DL, roy LOPEZ



  3. *2023 AFC/NFC Pro Bowl Games Roster Update*
    *Schedule Adjustments Week 17
    *More accurate depth charts
    *Players Added :

    Bills - RB, ty JOHNSON

    Jets - RB, kenny YEBOAH, G, jake HANSON

    Browns - WR, david BELL

    Steelers - DL, keeanu BENTON

    Colts - S, nick CROSS

    Texans - RB, dameon PIERCE

    Jaguars - T, cam ROBINSON

    Broncos - RB, j. MCLAUGHLIN

    Chargers - *CB, e. BASSEY

    Commanders - RB, alex ARMAH, WR, jamison CROWDER, G, s. CHARLES

    Eagles - *S, sydney BROWN

    Bears - WR, trent TAYLOR

    Rams - DL, kobie TURNER, K, brett MAHER

    Seahawks - CB, m. JACKSON



  4. *More accurate depth charts
    *Players Added :

    Dolphins - RB, jeff WILSON

    Jets - G, max MITCHELL

    Bengals - WR, charlie JONES

    Ravens - RB, justice HILL, LB, kyle VAN.NOY

    Steelers - QB, mason RUDOLPH

    Broncos - S, p.j. LOCKE

    Chargers - TE, nick VANNETT, DL, nick WILLIAMS, S, j. HAWKINS

    Commanders - WR, dyami BROWN, G, chris PAUL

    Eagles - WR, britain COVEY

    Packers - CB, eric STOKES

    Vikings - QB, jaren HALL

    Falcons - CB, clark PHILLIPS, S, d. HELLAMS

    Rams - RB, ronnie RIVERS, CB, cobie DURANT

    Seahawks - *CB, artie BURNS



  5. 12.21 Update Available Now

    Rosters (12/21/23)


    *More accurate depth charts
    *Players Added :

    Bills - RB, reggie GILLIAM

    Jets - RB, i. ABANIKANDA

    Colts - WR, d.j. MONTGOMERY

    Jaguars - G, e. CLEVELAND

    Texans - QB, case KEENUM, RB, dare OGUNBOWALE

    Broncos - RB, mike BURTON

    Commanders - *RB, alex ARMAH, G, s. CHARLES

    Giants - WR, g. OLSZEWSKI

    Eagles - DL, jalen CARTER

    Lions - K, michael BADGLEY

    Rams - TE, davis ALLEN, *CB, quentin LAKE

    Cardinals - CB, s. THOMAS



  6. *Schedule Adjustments Week 14
    *More accurate depth charts


    *Players Added :

    Browns - QB, joe FLACCO

    Steelers - LB, e. ROBERTS

    Texans - C, michael DEITER

    Broncos - DL, d.j. JONES

    Chiefs - *S, mike EDWARDS

    Raiders - T, j. ELUEMUNOR

    Commanders - *CB, quan MARTIN

    Giants - *TE, l. CAGER

    Eagles - DL, jordan DAVIS

    Cowboys - *TE, p. HENDERSHOT

    Lions - DL, john COMINSKY, S, i. MELINFONWU

    Vikings - QB, nick MULLENS, RB, ty CHANDLER

    Buccaneers - G, a. STINNIE, S, dee DELANEY

    Falcons - WR, scott MILLER

    Panthers - WR, i SMITH.MARSETTE, DL, d. WILLIAMS, *S, jeremy CHINN

    49ers- WR, chris CONLEY

    Seahawks - S, julian LOVE



  7. *More accurate depth charts
    *Players Added :

    Dolphins - WR, river CRACRAFT

    Jets - QB, zach WILSON, WR, allen LAZARD, G, wes SCHWEITZER, T, carter WARREN

    Bengals - RB, chase BROWN

    Texans - DL, sheldon RANKINS, *CB, desmond KING, 

    Titans - *TE, kevin RADER

    Broncos - RB, j. MCLAUGHLIN, LB, b. BROWNING

    Commanders - RB, chris RODRIGUEZ, *CB, danny JOHNSON

    Eagles - WR, quez WATKINS

    Cowboys - RB, hunter LUEPKE, S, donovan WILSON

    Packers - T, rasheed WALKER, S, jonathan OWENS

    Panthers - WR, mike STRACHAN, *CB, troy HILL

    Rams - TE, hunter LONG, S, john JOHNSON

    Cardinals - CB, keitrel CLARK

    Jaguars - DL, roy R.HARRIS



  8. *More accurate depth charts
    *Players Added :

    Patriots - WR, tyquan THORNTON, DL, davon GODCHAUX, DL, keion WHITE

    Jets - WR, randall COBB

    Bengals - S, jordan BATTLE

    Texans - C, juice SCRUGGS, LB, c. HARRIS

    Jaguars - TE, luke FARRELL

    Titans - T, jaelyn DUNCAN, S, kvon WALLACE

    Broncos - WR, l. HUMPHREY, S, kareem JACKSON

    Chiefs - WR, kadarius TONEY

    Raiders - CB, jack JONES

    Chargers - CB, deane LEONARD, *CB, essang BASSEY

    Giants - LE, ashawn ROBINSON

    Lions - DL, josh PASCHAL, LB, jack CAMPBELL

    Vikings - *TE, johnny MUNDT

    Buccaneers - WR, david MOORE, LB, yaya DIABY

    Saints - WR, a.t. PERRY

    Panthers - WR, terrace MARSHALL

    Cardinals - RB, michael CARTER, WR, greg DORTCH, *TE, elijah HIGGINS



  9. *More accurate depth charts
    *Players Added :

    Jets - QB, aaron RODGERS, WR, j. BROWNLEE

    Ravens - RB, keaton MITCHELL

    Colts - LB, e.j. SPEED

    Jaguars - *CB, tre HERNDON

    Titans - T, chris HUBBARD

    Chiefs - CB, jaylen WATSON

    Raiders - RB, zamir WHITE

    Commanders - WR, byron PRINGLE, G, chris PAUL, S, percy BUTLER

    Giants - QB, tommy DEVITO, G, justin PUGH, DL, azeez OJULARI

    Eagles - *DL, jalen CARTER

    Cowboys - *TE, sean MCKEON, LB, markquese BELL

    Bears - G, nate DAVIS

    Lions - DL, john COMINSKY, LB, derrick BARNES

    Packers - WR, malik HEATH

    Rams - WR, d. ROBINSON, TE, brycen HOPKINS, S, quentin LAKE

    Seahawks - *DL, boye MAFE



  10. On 11/21/2023 at 6:50 AM, neetocheeto said:

    Is there a way to make teams 2-3-6? cause 3-4 gets burned hard with new plays and Ai. I understand its very old game or make LBs 1 and 4 cover Receivers and 2 and 3 cover RB instead of blitz and leave 2 players wide open. Thanks for your time and efforts 🙏


    There is a good bit of documentation here on changing the behavior on defensive plays. I have never done any custom play editing on my rom, but perhaps it is something I can look into in the near future. Thank You !

  11. *More accurate depth charts
    *Players Added :


    Jets - RB, nick BAWDEN

    Browns - QB, d T.ROBINSON, WR, cedric TILLMAN, LB, sione TAKITAKI

    Ravens - S, geno STONE

    Colts - *TE, will MALLORY, CB, jaylon JONES

    Texans - TE, brevin JORDAN, C, michael DEITER

    Jaguars - RB, d. JOHNSON, G, walker LITTLE, DL, adam GOTSIS, *S, andrew WINGARD

    Broncos - RB, mike BURTON, CB, fabian MOREAU

    Raiders - T, t. MUNFORD, *DL, malcolm KOONCE

    Giants - *WR, sterling SHEPARD, DL, ashawn ROBINSON

    Lions - G, graham GLASGOW, DL, josh PASCHAL

    Vikings - WR, jalen NAILOR

    Buccaneers - *TE, payne DURHAM

    49ers - CB, ambry THOMAS



  12. *More accurate depth charts
    *Players Added :

    Dolphins - RB, salvon AHMED

    Patriots - G, sidy SOW, CB, jonathan JONES

    Jets - WR, irvin CHARLES, C, j. TIPPMANN, G, max MITCHELL

    Steelers - T, broderick JONES, *CB, c. SULLIVAN

    Colts - WR, juwann WINFREE

    Texans - LB, denzel PERRYMAN

    Titans - T, n PETIT.FRERE

    Chargers - WR, jalen GUYTON

    Commanders - C, tyler LARSEN, *CB, emmanuel FORBES

    Giants - DL, r NUNEZ.ROCHES

    Eagles - WR, britain COVEY, LB, nicholas MORROW

    Cowboys - TE, l. SCHOONMAKER

    Bears - C, lucas PATRICK

    Vikings - QB, joshua DOBBS

    Buccaneers - WR, rakim JARRETT

    Saints - T, andrus PEAT

    Rams - QB, carson WENTZ (#)

    Seahawks - CB, tre BROWN



  13. *SIM defense rating adjustments [255/255]
    *Player portrait adjustments

    *More accurate depth charts
    *Players Added :


    Bills - *DL, leonard FLOYD, CB, rasul DOUGLAS

    Dolphins - CB, jalen RAMSEY

    Patriots - WR, jalen REAGOR

    Browns - WR, david BELL, T, dawand JONES, DL, jordan ELLIOTT

    Colts - *TE, will MALLORY

    Texans - LB, blake CASHMAN

    Jaguars - G, ezra CLEVELAND, DL, f. FATUKASI

    Titans - *TE, josh WHYLE, S, elijah MOLDEN

    Chiefs - *DL, mike DANNA

    Raiders - RB, jakob JOHNSON

    Commanders - RB, alex ARMAH, DL, j SMITH.WILLIAMS, *DL, casey TOOHILL

    Giants - WR, parris CAMPBELL, G, ben BREDESON, DL, ashawn ROBINSON

    Bears - DL, montez SWEAT

    Lions - WR, d PEOPLES.JONES, LB, jack CAMPBELL, CB, jerry JACOBS, S, tracy WALKER

    Packers - T, yosh NIJMAN, DL, t.j. SLATON, CB, c. VALENTINE

    Vikings - QB, jaren HALL, G, dalton RISNER

    Saints - WR, lynn BOWDEN

    Falcons - WR, khadarel HODGE

    49ers - WR, ronnie BELL, *DL, chase YOUNG (#)

    Seahawks - DL, leonard WILLIAMS, S, julian LOVE

    Cardinals - QB, kyler MURRAY, DL, kevin STRONG, *CB, g. WILLIAMS, CB, a. HAMILTON



  14. *More accurate depth charts
    *Players Added :

    Dolphins - RB, jeff WILSON, LB, david LONG

    Patriots - QB, bailey ZAPPE, WR, demario DOUGLAS

    Ravens - *CB, arthur MAULET

    Steelers - *TE, rodney WILLIAMS, CB, joey PORTER

    Titans - QB, will LEVIS, S, terrell EDMUNDS

    Broncos - *CB, j. MCMILLIAN

    Chiefs - WR, mecole HARDMAN

    Raiders - QB, brian HOYER, RB, zamir WHITE

    Giants - WR, sterling SHEPARD

    Eagles - DL, jordan DAVIS, DL, josh SWEAT, LB, nakobe DEAN, S, kevin BYARD

    Bears - RB, donta FOREMAN

    Lions - WR, antoine GREEN, G, h. VAITAI, DL, john COMINSKY

    Vikings - LB, d.j. WONNUM

    Falcons - WR, van JEFFERSON

    49ers - *TE, ross DWELLEY

    Rams - RB, royce FREEMAN, RB, d. HENDERSON, WR, austin TRAMMELL, G, kevin DOTSON, K, l. HAVRISIK

    Seahawks - WR, jake BOBO

    Cardinals - S, andre CHACHERE



  15. *More accurate depth charts
    *Players Added :

    Bills - DL, jordan PHILLIPS

    Dolphins - WR, robbie CHOSEN

    Patriots - QB, m. CUNNINGHAM, WR, tyquan THORNTON, *TE, pharaoh BROWN

    Jets - *DL, jermaine JOHNSON

    Browns - QB, p.j. WALKER, WR, m. GOODWIN

    Ravens - QB, tyler HUNTLEY

    Colts - CB, juju BRENTS

    Raiders - WR, tre TUCKER, CB, amik ROBERTSON

    Commanders - *CB, danny JOHNSON

    Giants - G, mark GLOWINSKI, LB, jihad WARD

    Eagles - WR, julio JONES

    Cowboys - RB, hunter LUEPKE

    Bears - G, teven JENKINS

    Lions - G, graham GLASGOW

    Buccaneers - *TE, payne DURHAM

    Saints - G, max GARCIA, T, james HURST

    Falcons - WR, scott MILLER

    49ers - RB, jordan MASON



    *More accurate depth charts
    *Players Added :

    Dolphins - CB, eli APPLE

    Patriots - WR, ty MONTGOMERY

    Jets - QB, tim BOYLE, *TE, jeremy RUCKERT

    Bengals - *TE, mitchell WILCOX

    Ravens - RB, justice HILL, CB, brandon STEPHENS

    Steelers - *TE, connor HEYWARD, *S, keanu NEAL

    Texans - C, j. PATTERSON, T, george FANT, *DL, j. GREENARD, LB, henry TOOTOO

    Jaguars - *TE, brenton STRANGE

    Broncos - RB, j. MCLAUGHLIN

    Raiders - DL, john JENKINS

    Commanders - *TE, cole TURNER

    Giants - RB, eric GRAY

    Eagles - *CB, bradley ROBY

    Lions - DL, benito JONES

    Packers - T, rasheed WALKER

    Saints - *TE, jimmy GRAHAM

    Falcons - WR, van JEFFERSON, *TE, mycole PRUITT, LB, nate LANDMAN

    Panthers - *TE, ian THOMAS

    49ers - *DL, clelin FERRELL

    Rams - *TE, brycen HOPKINS

    Cardinals - QB, clayton TUNE, *TE, geoff SWAIM




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