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  1. Love the super juiced version! But still to nitpick... a few of your ratings are waaayyyy off! Jason Witten, old as dirt and returning from over a year out of football. You have him better than OJ Howard and Austin Hooper and Eric Ebron among others. That's absurd. He should be a 50 in rec and hitting power, and that's based on the player he was over 18 months ago. There are a few others that are headscratchers. What is your process for developing the ratings?

    1. maverick209


      there is no specific formula or process for players attributes...some we go by the previous year and give or take few changes on recent performance...the rookies we pretty much make estimate guess on how they performed in college usually only first round draft picks are added...etc...so anyway right now gojiphen malor is adding players to rosters on a daily basis just to try to make it updated as much possible for you the fans and attributes right now are not important to try to be accurate until the 53 man roster is posted by all 32 teams then we try to make it as accurate as possible depending on performance during preseason and also get some help from madden ratings just to start somewhere for each individual player and so on...so there will always be disagreements from a lot of people but he's willing to hear back from you guys and make few adjustments during the season to some extent...so be alert on his weekly updates and enjoy the game and much appreciated for your support and downloads...he does his best for you guys ...have a nice day ?

    2. gojiphen malor

      gojiphen malor

      I will have a look at Witten's ratings. I have him matched with the 'MVP's version' making him one of the best of all time. I will scale it to 2019 a bit. Any others you feel are over-stretched?  All the ratings have been done using PFF grades as a guide, advanced metrics website to get their 40 times, and pro football reference to account for their overall career stats (Fumbles and INTs, Catch %)

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