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  1. Primarch

    new commish: me. new signup thread: here.

    aim- Primarch25 Team-NY Jets. Thanks, Clay
  2. Most people are using Nestopia now instead of Nesticle? Still trying to figure out how to get my games to work when I host. Dont suppose anyone out there wants to host one and let me try and connect? Thanks, Clay
  3. Ok, someone challenged me to a game tonight, and I tried to host, but a couple of questions came up. 1. Does it work if you are going through a router? 2. Which of the server options should I pick? 3. How do I know for certain the server is up and running, awaiting the other player to join? I know some of this may sound noobish, and well, thats what it is. I just got onto the site, and am trying to get things to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Clay