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  1. sparker781

    Hacked Bases Loaded 2

    I have seen a thread about someone hacking Bases Loaded, however has anyone ever hacked or attempted to hack Bases Loaded 2? Far superior to Bases Loaded 1 in my opinion. Thanks
  2. sparker781

    TecmoBowl.org Presents: Tecmo Super Bowl 2015

    any recommendations? I did lose my first game yesterday
  3. sparker781

    TecmoBowl.org Presents: Tecmo Super Bowl 2015

    I got and love the new TSB 2015. I don't get the clock management from the puter though. For an example...There's 3 plus minutes left in a game and the puter is down by 10...He uses all of his timeouts before the end of the game. I understand the clock always goes unless you run out of bounds...But the puter is really bad at clock management. Not to mention is there another version coming out that has the defense turned up a notch? It's still kind of easy to beat the puter in Season mode, Thanks
  4. sparker781

    Wild plays

    this is all with the TSBIII game for SNES or Genesis?
  5. sparker781

    Chat Room

    What happened to the Chat Room you all had? i dont really like the chat list like facebook. Thanks
  6. sparker781

    Colts Comeback Over The Chiefs...Tecmo Style

    what rom/system is this game?
  7. sparker781

    Rodgers to Cobb for the division, Tecmo Style

    What ROM I meant?
  8. sparker781

    Rodgers to Cobb for the division, Tecmo Style

    What game is this from?
  9. sparker781

    Out of the loop.

    Hey all havent been here in awhile and wanted to know whats good with TSB for NES? Frankly since the season is all but done at this point has anyone made anything newer with any defense and play hacks? It might be asking alot but figured what the hell Thanks
  10. sparker781

    New Games

    Thats cool but I am a fan of football from the 80's and 90's....But I digress I would love to get my hands on a Sega Genesis game from that era
  11. sparker781

    New Games

    I was thinking of more for the Genesis version of the game. I havent played the SNES version
  12. sparker781

    New Games

    Does anyone know if there are any newer games out there for SNES or GENS? I realize that there wont be a 32 team ROM cause of the restrictions but anything is better than nothing...... Thanks
  13. sparker781

    2012 ROM w/new plays

    Maybe I missed something but do any of the newer TSB roms have any new plays as well as new defensive plays as well? Thanks
  14. sparker781

    ROM Question

    While I certainly appreciate the tremendous effort everyone does to complete these roms, I have but one suggestion...I like the variety of different plays and was wondering if there was someone out there updating there current ROM to include newer plays? Is it possible to create a ROM that allows for 2 point conversions? Thanks