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  1. Tikker

    TecmoBowl.Org TSB 2018 Release Date

    not sure where else to ask this but: does anyone play on android at all? the 3 or 4 emulators I've tried have really bad graphic glitches with all the 2018 roms I've tried (this one, tecmonsters, etc) look flawless on pc of course
  2. Tikker

    (NES) Tecmonster's Tecmo Super Bowl 2018

    Finally got around to grabbing a new tecmo rom. this is pretty great so far
  3. Had to laugh when I saw this: http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nfl-shutdown-corner/antonio-brown-s-hair--egyptian-pyramid--tetris-or-lego-structure-023240463.html
  4. ok, so any idea what does? and is it the same attribute that would affect punt/FG block?
  5. oh man. I'd like to see this when you get it done. I didn't play 50 seasons, but I probably played 15 at least. I played the crap out of it on my PSP
  6. Tikker

    Tecmonster's TSB 2015 ready for download

    Jersey conflict. Steelers vs Texans. Both wearing white Jersey. Black vs navy. Really hard to distinguish between the two
  7. Tikker

    Tecmo Cards

    that's really awesome to be honest the cards themselves I mean
  8. because he's not good enough There's never been a point where he was the best QB in the league or even his own conference maybe not even ever his own division no way he should get in
  9. Tikker

    Tecmonster's TSB 2015 Playbook

    Been playing a few games on this rom now, really enjoying the new plays a lot Even the simple fix to the fG block is great
  10. Tikker

    Tecmonster's TSB 2015 ready for download

    4 notches is ridiculous that puts him at minimum 56 hp, and basically impossible to tackle with the majority of the DBs with how you have stuff rated
  11. Tikker

    Android TSBToolSupreme editor

    I'm obviously missing something dumb I do have es explorer but opening tsbtool with that isn't working either. Opening the nest rom with es explorer also results in nothing. I feel like I'm missing something obvious
  12. Tikker

    Tecmonster's TSB 2015 ready for download

    I'm finding there's too big an imbalance between offensive guys hp and defensive. I got bucked off by cam newton a ton last game and that just shouldn't happen. I understand that ratings can be a sliding scale and to downrank teams or players their stats get adjusted but man alive Getting wtfpwned by newton multiple times with an elite safety just shouldn't happen Hp was actually identical but I could never out tap him
  13. I totally get what you're laying down, and I agree definitely an adjustment period I gave up a lot of safeties the first night trying to be too cute with routes
  14. yeah, with no pittsburgh (boooo) i had to use seattle I'm a big fan of just using bennet and crashing down the rest of the oline and freeing up everyone else ps are you noticing how often play 2 turns into curls instead of streaks?
  15. Tikker

    Android TSBToolSupreme editor

    Crashed when trying to open bucks street rom