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  1. after ea grapple all have to do is press 6 on your keyboard & it will bring it right back up again to presnap (as long as saved ns6 file in your states that 8bit has above along w/ the rom) this is from the original tap tester rom post on the other old forum- here's a link if want better explanation (the last page of it is where I added the tap meter & explain how raised the HP of OL / lowered it for the DL http://tecmoworld.com/viewtopic.php?f=1118&t=19289 if going to download any of the other level roms get from the last page of the post, the ones at start of it don't have tap meter added
  2. here's a sample of how do this rom/challenge You have to be LB3 (he's named tester) and player 2 (coach mode) picks run 2 - the RB1's name is tester also. when ball is snapped you go straight to the backfield w/ the LB3 and get a 1 on 1 grapple w/ the RB. This is a hacked rom so the LB3 and RB both have 6 HP. That's what makes the RB have 16 for tapping. Watch the video I just made here - it will play using the level 16 rom 8bit posted above. last night I got 12 in a row before a 15 came out (at the snap you have to go up on D Pad then straight in to avoid bumping the OL/DL grapple- you will get it down pretty quick so don't worry if hit them a lot for first 5 minutes) level 16 - arncoem.nsv
  3. Hall of Fame voting will be at the end of the 1999 season - *players must be retired for 3 seasons to be eligible & must have played a min of 5 seasons. (there will never be more than 5 nominees ea season) The class of 1999 nominees are as follows: RB Bo Jackson WR Mike Quick TE Keith Jackson LB Wilber Marshall LB Tim Harris Career bios / highlights along w/ voting will follow the completion of the 1999 regular season.
  4. Congratulations: Vinny T @discdolo Emmitt Smith @discdolo & Vann McCelroy @purplehaze on class of 1998 WTF Hall of Fame !
  5. Finals Houston Oilers 7 New England Patriots 21 GG & congrats @Kovalkin great run by @purplehaze some impressive wins on way to finals!
  6. We are living in crazy times - I will admit extending the deadline would’ve solved this easily enough but considering everything : 1) Tadaos newborn in the house 2) discdolo newborn in the house 3) discdolo living in NYC during a full blown world wide pandemic & NYC the epicenter of USA w a newborn baby... 4) Kamp could’ve played but told tadaos play other game first & didnt hit deadline If anything this should be used for future situations. If 2 owners have newborns and the world is turning into Walking Dead outside the deadline will be extended
  7. 3rd Round BFP/Clevland Browns move on to face Kovalkin/NE Patriot in Semi Finals due to JR not able to get game in NE Patriots 28/ CLe Browns 24 Kovalkin / NE Patriots host Purplehaze / HOU Oilers in finals
  8. Checkout the NSV from week 14 Dal @ SF.
  9. Stan Humphries: close but doesn't make the cut "NO" Vinny T: yes, his career rating being #1 and those dominant seasons were insane - too bad he didn's play a few more seasons though, even so he gets my vote "YES" Emmitt Smith: hard to vote no but but for a RB there's so many ahead of him that don't make the cut also, even though his 11 YPC are ridiculous maybe he played another 4 seasons it would've dropped - "NO" Duane Bickett: just comes in short, even thought 9th All Time in sacks he never got to the big dance, get in the MVP race voting, or have more than 16 sacks in a season. very close but outside of his 4 straight seasons he was average for a 56RP LB as well as he wasn't top LB in the league w/ Eifer's LBs & Lawrence Taylor raising hell. "NO" Vann McElroy: He is in the short list of 4 DBs w/ 100 or more ints, and has a ring to back it up - "YES"
  10. The HOF commitee has been disbanded & now every owner gets a vote! Voting will be open for 1 week & will close at that point regardless of how many votes are in. (Next Sunday, June 22nd at Midnight (est) Ea person who votes to do so please reply to this post w/ your vote of yes or no for ea player that is up for nomination. Please feel free to put some remarks about the players too, just Yes/No is all that require but brief reason why is greatly appreciated! Guidelines for Eligibility: A player will require 66% of the vote to become a hall member. The player has to have played at least 5 seasons. The player has to have retired at least 3 seasons ago. A player can only be eligible a maximum of three different times. If they don't accumulate enough votes three times, they can no longer be eligible in the future. There will be a maximum of 5 eligible players allowed for nomination per year. There will be no minimum. Owners are eligible to join the HOF, but must have played at least 10 seasons or impacted the league dramatically (ie, Brooks-wtfphile) 1998 Hall of Fame Candidates: QB Stan Humphries http://www.wtf2.puretecmo.com/main/player_hist.php?pID=2132 Stan was drafted w/ pick 2.3 by the KC Chiefs in the 1987 draft. He was a 50PS 50PC rookie & right away saw success throwing 30 TDs his rookie year (11 interceptions) & hit his gain up to 56PC. He was traded to the Raiders following his best season, 1991 where he won the Super Bowl for the Chiefs & had an amazing 135.4 rating that was from his 30 TDs & just 4 ints. As a Raider he hit another gain after his 2nd season there going up to 63PC & had another stellar season throwing 22Tds w/ only 2 ints for 2,502 yards & a rating of 129. He aged after the 1994 season & had a disappointing season completing just 39% of his passes w/ a rating of 101. This was his final season & walked away from the game as a 3x Pro Bowler, 1x All Pro & 1991 Super Bowl Champion QB after 8 seasons. If he was able to stick around for 10+ seasons he would've climbed the All Time leader board after ea season. He is 7th place for QB Rating & his TDs has him 19th place along w/ yards passing at 15th place. QB Vinny Testaverde http://www.wtf2.puretecmo.com/main/player_hist.php?pID=1992 Vinny T played his first 2 season w/ the Miami Dolphins after being drafted 3rd overall in the 1986 draft After his first 2 sub par seasons the 63PS 44PC QB was traded to the NY Giants & went on a tear w/ QB ratings between 125 & 152 each of his 7 seasons in NY. He had 183 career TD passes w/ a ridiculously low interception total of 39. He won the 1995 MVP Award after completing 70% of his passes for 2,099 yards w/ 28TDs & 3ints. His rating that season was 144.3. Add in his 4 Pro Bowls & 3 All Pro seasons Currently on the All Time Leaders for QBs he is around 20th for the major categories but when look at his 137 career rating that is where he is the most dominant. His rating is better than every QB to ever play in the WTF w/ more than 125 pass attempts. His career was cut short after 9 seasons / as well as his first 2 were sub 100 rating in Miami so realistically he had 7 seasons in NY that were pure dominance. RB Emmitt Smith http://www.wtf2.puretecmo.com/main/player_hist.php?pID=2396 Emmitt was drafted w/ pick 1.1 by the NY Giants after a draft day trade w/ the PHI for the pick. Emmitt hit his 56MS line for rookie season & was at 63MS after his 3rd season - he stayed at 63MS until his retirement after only 6 seasons. He was the rookie of the year for 1990 as well as a 6x Pro Bowler & 5x All Pro. Emmitt had an insane 11.4 yards per carry average - and 11,329 yards for career that was cut short after just 6 seasons. He excelled catching the ball as well w/ 259 receptions for 3,961 yards & 37 TDs receiving. He only played 6 seasons so is not in the top 10 for yards, TDs, etc. but his 11.4 yards per carry is the best ever for players w/ more than 120 carries. LB Duane Bickett http://www.wtf2.puretecmo.com/main/player_hist.php?pID=1822 Drafted w/ pick 3rd in the of the 1984 draft he played his entire 11 year career w/ the Washington Redskins Started out as a 50RP rookie & gained after his 1st & 7th seasons to be 38RS 56RP 63MS 56HP 31INT. Career 95 sacks (9th All Time) & 365 tackles (15th All time) w/ 5 interceptions. He was a 6x Pro Bowler & 2x All Pro. His 1990 - 1993 seasons he had a combined 48 sacks (9, 16, 16, 10) to show the league he was an upper echelon LB. DB Vann McElroy http://www.wtf2.puretecmo.com/main/player_hist.php?pID=1414 Vann played 14 seasons & all w/ the Houston Oilers! He started his career at 31RS 38RP & 63INT after being the 4th pick in the draft. He hit gains his 1st, 2nd, & 4th seasons bring him up to 56RP 75INT very quick & was one of the rare players to age then gain again after to bring him back up. Highlights include 10x Pro Bowler - 6x All Pro - 1989 Super Bowl Championship Career stats: 107 interceptions w/ 1int TD & 5 sacks. He is 4th place on the all time INT leader list as well as only the 4th player to break the 100 INT mark.
  11. 3rd round Houston Oilers: Purplehaze 24 Houstin Texans: Eifer 14
  12. 2nd round oilers 17 steelers 7 Purplehaze moves on vs the 2 seed Eifer /Texans in the battle for Houston!
  13. Congrats to QB Matt Hasselbeck & DB Charles Woodson on your Rookie of the Year awards! @cubsfan5150 @Speed Racer
  14. Semi Finals/3rd Round NE Patriots vs CLE Browns NE Patriots (28-24) HOU Texans vs HOU OILERS: HOU Oilers (24-14 over Texans) finals: New England Patriots vs Houston Oilers (New England is home / the #1 seed)
  15. 2nd Round (2 seed Eifer gets BYE +28 point win round 1) 1 NE Patriots (Kovalkin) NE Patriots (24-14) 7 TB Bucs (Speed) 4 CLE Browns (Paulie) CLE Browns (Forfeit) 5 KC Chiefs (chiefsJR) 2 HOU Texans - BYE 3 PIT Steelers (Swamp) 6 HOU (Purplehaze) OILERS (17-7) 3rd Round: New England Patriots vs CLE Browns New England (28-24) Houston Texans vs Houston Oilers: Houston Oilers (24-14) FINALS HOUSTON OILERS vs New England Patriots
  16. With 5 votes left to go SF QB Brad Johnson has the MVP award locked up for the 2nd season in a row! He joins Dan Marino as the only Offensive players to repeat as MVP & is now the 10th MVP award winner for the SF 49ers w/ Dan Marino's 5 (1988, 1990 - 1993), DB Mike Haynes (1980), & DB Lonnie Young (1994 & 1997) (LT won 3 D MVP awards in a row 1986 - 1988)
  17. Houston Oilers 34 Carolina Panthers 28 Purplehaze moves on
  18. SF gets the final LB/DB2 The always threatening 25RS 31RP IND Colts duo of Fredd Young LB2 IND 25 31 31 31 25 87 Chris Goode DB2 IND 25 31 38 38 31
  19. NE has LB/DB4 already - NO LB Rickey Jackson & DB Brett Maxie Imfo & baxter have backups/the rest so next pick is Pitt "the rest"
  20. I’m limited to what can put for info on each player above in poll voting section so want to give some more depth to each candidate - these offense rookies are all worthy this season while D is below average for the award. first off Matt Hasselbeck / he started out on fire & lead the entire league after 4 games in TD, yards & rating. He looked to have Roy locked up - but he threw a lot of ints after that he still lead the league in TDs & yards & made 44/63 WR Johnnie Morton an all pro. his ints hurt him along w 42% completions next Brian Griese he got his team in playoffs w 44pc. Having a 63ms Rb defin helped him a lot but he played like a 56pc vet. just shy of 1,800 yards w 22tds & 9ints - with a completion percentage of 57% next is the surprise of the drsft / entire league QB Jon Quinn was 51% for completions w/ over 1,800 yards he had 21 TDs & 9 ints & ran the ball very well getting 172 yards rushing but his biggest accomplishment was his game vs the Raiders w a stud DB Ty Law in good- 75int. Quinn is 38ps 44pc & he went nutts breaking the single game record Throwing for 461 yards! He also had 7 TD passes ! This all from average WRs. Not like he had a 63/69 WR in excellent to work w. add in he was drafted in the 5th round at pick 5.14 & he hit his gain. This is a feel good story for the underdog to say the least! rB Ahman Green for the Colts is in the playoffs & was battling for carried w fellow stud RB Terrell Davis. Add in that Green has 19BC and he went crazy for 1,200 yards rushing with an insane 12.4 yards per carry + got in the endzone 17x rushing & another 4x receiving. RB from Houston Texans Fred Taylor also was part of a 2 RB w Ricky Watters sharing carries for coach Eifer. Taylor had 1,383 yards rushing and just below Green for yards per carry at 11.5 w 14tds. He excelled catching the ball w 285 yards & 3 tDs. He and Ahman Green had very similar seasons. Both had amazing rookie seasons ! last candidate is wR Randy Moss. On another season he would be top rookie. 36 receptions for 850 yards & 8 TDs. He is a game changer for many seasons and a solid rookie campaign. DEFENSE - all candidates solid rookie seasons & the 3 LBs had 6, 7, & 8 sacks w fletcher getting an int. these 3 will be taking over for the next 7 seasons as studs as they hit their gains. DB Charles Woodson got his worst rookie line to be 50/50 but played above the numbers w 48 tackles and 5ints. once he hits a gain Or 2 he will be on the way to living up to his real life counterpart
  21. Vote for Rookies of the year
  22. RB Eric Metcalf & WR Reggie Langhorn
  23. GB OL/DL - Bob “The Beast” Nelson!
  24. With 10 votes left to go GB Packers DB Ray Buchanan & his single season record smashing 22ints have the D MVP award locked up! congrats @stalltalk / GB Packers on Ray’s 2nd MVP award of career to go along w/ his 1993 Rookie of the Year Award, 6x Pro Bowl, & 5x All Pro recognition.
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