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  1. coolpaparock!! Get at us bro! WTF still going 2021

    1. Eamon


      He last posted here in 2009. Wow!

  2. lords what is up!! get at us bro! WTF still going!

    1. Eamon


      It's been forever since we talked. I wonder what he's up to these days.

  3. That’s not a link but .nes file for you to download into Nestopia.
  4. I used to have the list of other NES games that could use to put TSB on - I know it needs battery in it & Tecmo NBA is a good one to use bc it’s a fraction of the TSB cart. Someone could post the entire list of the compatible carts would be greatly appreciated !
  5. Mega Man ULTRA attached - game is amazing, as good as the original series! Mega Man Ultra (USA).nes
  6. old post but here's a couple college all time greats CollegeChampsPlayoffEdition.nes NCAA.nes
  7. Please hit me up as soon as get a chance. [email protected]

    or discord.  Thanks bud 

  8. any chance you still have the ken Griffey Legends snes rom can send me? Tried the link to DL from your 2015 post on forum but an error comes up.

    [email protected]



    1. Baron von Lector

      Baron von Lector

      Did you ever get ahold of this ROM?  I don't have it handy, but you can find it on my website: BaronGaming.weebly.com.

    2. arncoem


      I was able to locate it on my old laptop - Thanks for it! Great rom!


  9. easier way around it ? Change Deion to DB4 (from Db1) on defense & on offense for their TE2 change his name to "D. Sanders" w/ scrub attribs since he will be "piggy-backing" off of DB4 & OL5. - when returning punts will be using his DB4 MS & d Sanders name. For KR can put him as the KR & up the OL5 MS to 56MS ?
  10. - someone that has an old Ebay account never uses please put in bids of like $800 on it then ignore it when ends - sure we could keep that going w/ all of us doing it each time he puts it back up
  11. the seller actually is a rude prick - I asked him a couple of years ago when he selling a 2013 or 2014 cart if he did the hacking work on it - he wrote me back very rude along the lines of "This is not a hack, this is a Tecmo Bowl Cartridge I'm selling" - then he blocked me from bidding on any of his items. Total D-Head!
  12. it's on Ebay -same crook that puts it up every year! On ebay title: TECMO SUPER BOWL 2017 2K17 NINTENDO NES GAME CARTRIDGE Here's seller's name: isoldit.ny0191 he even has his phone number on there too! Think EVERYONE that reads this on the forum should give him a call from midnight - 4am (est) - you west coasters?? phone number: Telephone: 631 371 2940
  13. I found a couple of errors on roster - Tampa Bay has WR4 & TE2 both same name but different face: Adam Humphries #11 WR4 25RS, 25MS, 44REC TE2 31RS, 38MS, 44REC NFC Pro Bowl Team Has Rob Gronkowski as TE. (NE being in AFC a strange one)
  14. ok so think have to change Lousville from NYJ's offsense to the Eagles O - dude is a freak of nature & only a sophomore!!
  15. I just paid & registered, wanted to give you heads up that my paypal address ([email protected]) is different than my tecmomadison site email address ([email protected])

  16. drummer this rom is awesome! Every season I download a lot of roms & yours I honestly enjoy the most looking at the ratings as it keeps very "true" to the original rom in my opinion. I'm going to pull out the old EPROM programmer & put this one on a cartridge & let ppl play at our live tournament in Connecticut (Dec 7th- Cuban Bowl VI) http://tecmobowl.org/topic/56635-southington-ct-12713-cuban-tecmo-bowl-vi/ I found 2 errors: Houston Texans Right Guard Brandon Brooks Oakland Raiders Right Guard Mike Brisiel Both have same error: 31RP, where should be 69RP like every other offensive player on your rom as well as the original rom.
  17. awesome rom! Tecnopsycho again outdid himself on the cover artwork! sure a few guys have stat issues like Eli Manning's 25PS but overall its awesome!
  18. I've been checking every couple of days for this rom, can't get here soon enough now that the lockout is over & Patriots have Haynesworth & Chad Johnson on their roster! PLEase shoot me an email when rom is done or need someone to test it out- I'm in 3 WTF leagues - and have played your roms before vs other ppl that are in leagues w/ me, has great feedback so thanks for putting together for me/us! Also there's some local guys here in CT that i jsut met that live in my neighborhood that play the original rom all the time via cartridge NES COnsole. I introduced them to Nestopia & showed them how to dl hacked roms which they think is the coolest thing ever BUT they have no intention of playing online & want to get a bunch of roms put on cartridges so can play on their NES vs each other- I think this would be a perfect candidate to do so so I'll keep you updated if make it into cartridge & if you are going to do a custom rom label? Think tecmopycho made a bunch of them for different years so if you don't put one w/ this Ill grab one of his for this. Thanks, Erik [email protected] is email address
  19. Everydody's All American w/ Tom Goodman and Dennis Quaid was "The Ghalloping Ghost" they played for LSU I'm pretty sure before the "GHOST" went on to play for Broncos in the pros. Also have Fast Times at Ridgemont High - That LB was a bad Mofo after Spicolli trashed his car and blamed it on the opposing team!
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