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    1991 MVPs (vote)

    Vote for your MVPs!
  2. Vote for rookies of year
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    1991 All Pro Team

    QB1 - Dan Marino (SF) QB2 - Stan Humphries (KC) RB1 - Bo Jackson (KC) RB2 - Herschel Walker (OAK) RB3 - Emmitt Smith (NYG) RB4 - Otis Anderson (PHI) WR1 - Sam Graddy (SF) WR2 - Gary Clark (TB) WR3 - Cris Carter (HOU) WR4 - James Pruitt (NO) TE1 - Hoby Brenner (NE) TE2 - Keith Jackson (CIN) OL1 - Keith Sims (KC) most total yards OL2 - Jeff Bostic (KC) most rushing yards OL3 - Derrick Graham (NO) most passing yards OL4 - Mike Utley (TB) fewest sacks OL5 - Dermontti Dawson (MIA) OL5 from best KR DL1 - Keith Millard (PHI) DL2 - Howie Long (NE) DL3 - Chris Doleman (HOU) LB1 - Darion Connor (SEA) LB2 - Tim Harris (MIA) LB3 - Duane Bickett (WAS) LB4 - Roman Phifer (DAL) DB1 - Lonnie Young (SF) DB2 - Albert Lewis (OAK) DB3 - Eric Wright (DAL) DB4 - Vann McElroy (HOU) K - Tim Mazzetti (HOU) P - Rick Partridge (GB)
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    1991 Pro Bowl Teams

    AFC QB1 - Dan Marino (SF) QB2 - Stan Humphries (KC) RB1 - BO Jackson (KC) RB2 - Emmitt Smith (NYG) RB3 - Larry Centers (ATL) RB4 - Gary Brown (SF) WR1 - Sam Graddy (SF) WR2 - Gary Clark (TB) WR3 - James Pruitt (NO) WR4 - John Taylor (MIA) TE1 - Keith Jackson (CIN) TE2 - Keith McKeller (RAMS) OL1 - Keith Sims (KC) most total yards OL2 - Jeff Bostic (KC) most rushing yards OL3 - Derrick Graham (NO) most passing yards OL4 - Mike Utley (TB) fewest sacks OL5 - Dermontti Dawson (MIA) OL5 from best KR DL1 - Trace Armstrong (RAMS) DL2 - Eric Swann (PIT) DL3 - Leslie Oneal (NYG) LB1 - Darion Connor (SEA) LB2 - Tim Harris (MIA) LB3 - Lawrence Taylor (NYJ) LB4 - Chip Banks (KC) DB1 - Lonnie Young (SF) DB2 - Lemuel Stinson (SEA) DB3 - Erik McMillan (NO) DB4 - Eugene Robinson (RAMS) K - Matt Stover (ATL) P - John Kidd (NYJ) NFC QB1 - Jim Harbaugh (PHI) QB2 - Dave Krieg (WAS) RB1 - Herschel Walker (OAK) RB2 - Otis Anderson (PHI) RB3 - Thurman Thomas (NE) RB4 - Kevin Mack (CHI) WR1 - Cris Carter (HOU) WR2 - Mike Quick (OAK) WR3 - Andre Reed (CLE) WR4 - Mark Carrier (DAL) TE1 - Hoby Brenner (NE) TE2 - Mark Bavaro (MIN) OL1 - Ed Simmons (PHI) most total yards OL2 - Brian Holloway (OAK) most rushing yards OL3 - Howard Ballard (WAS) most passing yards OL4 - Jumbo Elliot (PHX) fewest sacks OL5 - John Jackson (NE) OL5 from best KR DL1 - Keith Millard (PHI) DL2 - Howie Long (NE) DL3 - Chris Doleman (HOU) LB1 - Duane Bickett (WAS) LB2 - Roman Phifer (DAL) LB3 - Percy Snow (CHI) LB4 - Wilber Marshall (BUF) DB1 - Albert Lewis (OAK) DB2 - Eric Wright (DAL) DB3 - Vann McElroy (HOU) DB4 - Wayne Haddix (PHI) K - Tim Mazzetti (HOU) P - Rick Partridge (GB)
  5. Winner of tourney receives a full HP gain (HP + MS) - can not be used on OL if hey received a gain already this offseason & you can split HP to 1 and MS to other. Round 1- 14 teams (7 games w seeds based on your final record) there will be 7 winners after round 1 so the team w the highest point differential in their round 1 game gets bye in 2nd round! If a tie then team that gave up the fewest yards in their game (if still a tie team that had most combined yards in their game) round 1 (report wins here) 1) Dallas vs 14) Cleveland 2) ATL vs 13) T Bay 3) GB vs 12) Chi 4) Rams vs 11) NYJ 5) Oak vs 10) Min 6) PHX vs 9) NO 7) Cin vs 8 ) Pitt lower seed is home* forfiet will be awarded to team that has been most active on discord trying to setup day/time w opponent. First round games should be play ASAP.
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    Perfect timing ! Deleted mine that we had to be writing uonat Same time. Yours is much better - thanks!!
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    Nice write up!
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    Great write up Cubs!! Any takes for AFC playoff scene (w predictions ? )
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    1991 predictions

    1991 is here & with it new divisions & rivalries! Here’s my predictions: AFC east NO: 10-6 KC: 10-6 Rams: 9-7 TB: 4-12 NO w/ NOS is always going to be the favorite as last season he played w a nothing team & had best record in aFC. I think KC w/ new coach Tecmobo & stud RB Bo jackson makes a very tight race between NO/KC for the division & other getting the wildcard If Rams finish 11-5 it wouldn’t be a surprise & this div could send both wildcard teams from. Tampa w the best roster top to bottom will continue to get 1 win better each season as were 3-13 last season. AFC central nYG 12-4 Miami 11-5 NYJ 8-8 Seattle 3-13 NYG/Miami 2 games are going to be the 2 best Tecmo games of the season as both owners can play at upper echelon levels - and both have rosters that are perfectly put together for them. Look for Emmit to dominate this season baring an injury. Miam’s pass attack is ridiculous & his LBs are OMG nasty. I would LOVE to have both games sent to Prime for streaming NYJ- T bone made the playoffs last season by winning div for the first time - his offense is a good team w 63pc Rypien, 50ms terry allen, and 63ms/75rec WR Flipper Andersen & even marv Cook at TE Problem is QB is 6ms so he is vunerable To sacks & on defense All world LB LT aged. He still is going to be a beast but that 56 to 50rp, and 50 to 44int will show at the end of the season as his ints will take a hit. This team lives and dies w LT. If LT gets favorable conditions then watch out but I see 8-8 (give or take 1 game either way) is realistic. Seattle - Eifer is taking his bumps along the way- he is headed in the right direction just going to take a little while to get there. He has a fun roster that is only behind TB for top to bottom talent & he can take over w LB as his rookie last season hit a gain & lead the league in sacks. If Eric Allen can pitch in this season w 4-6 ints that’s all Eifer will need to go from 2 wins to 4 win team. Expect them to give NyG, NYJ. miami tough Games later in season. AFC West SF ?? Pitt 9-7 ATL 8-8 Cin 5-11 being my division I won’t give a prediction for my team on W-Ls. coming off the best record last season but a tough loss to PHI in playoffs hurt my team. Marino hit his first gain in his 8th season so 69pc should make the 2x MVP more efficient - Rookie Gary brown hit great roll to be 50ms, Sam graddy is now 44rec which won’t matter coming From Marino & Lonnie young hit his 2nd straight gain to be at 69int. All that taken into consideration SF should dominate their division but I wouldn’t be surprised if they take a step back vs the new division foes. Pitt - DT won the title last season & hit 2 gains to important positions, WR & DB. This could be another average reg season for him or he could go on a vendetta destroying everyone for doubting him last playoffs. 9-7 I think will be close & if he’s in playoffs he’s the favorite for aFc to go to Bowl again. ATL - the skill is there but the roster is missing that 1 standout bonefide stud. Kosar is 50pc - rb 50ms - wr Moore is 56/50 & if wasn’t for his 56ms would be only offense player w a number higher than 50. Defense same thing. A lot of Average 50 numbers. Their lone 63ms dB is a rookie w 44int. Even so prime finds a way to be 8-8 maybe 9-7. Bengals madtown is getting better each season (A LOT better) & his roster is interesting as he has the studs at RB (Humphrey), DL (Washington 75hp), LB (Romanowski, aged Singletary, & Andre Tippett), & DB (Chuck Cecil 50ms w/ high Hp & Leroy Butler 69/50) but they lack a quality QB as Erik kramer & Andre Ware are both 44pc. Kramer has 75 avoid block which helps him let the ball go but he’s 6ms. Ware is 19ms but 31 avoid pass block & he was in Oakland as a backup last season. On a plus note Madtown had Flutie w same numbers as Ware so he will be comfortable throwing the ball since he did w/ flutie For good yards. Look for Bengals to be 5-11 bc of the competitive division they’re in. Who will take on NFC?
  10. arncoem

    Hall of Fame 1990 Candidates

    Thanks for putting this together BFP! I’ll put Payton & Ferragamo’s writeups on Phile in HOF section.
  11. arncoem

    Hall of Fame 1990 Candidates

    Vote 1) Franco Harris - he had to wait a year due to Muncie being honored as only RB in inaugural class Vote 2) Walter Payton - first RB to get the mythical leprechaun -esque 69Ms & he was able to hold onto it for a 2nd season too which is a lot Harder than getting it first time bc everyone is gunning to get those 1st place yrds & automatically known off the 69ms stardom zone. He was a beast! Vote 3) QB Vince F. i didn’t realize how nasty he was until looked at his stats ! His 126 rating is only up there w Elway & all of the other studs are in the 110-115 range. Vince has throw a lot of of TDs compared To ints!! The next wave of QBs (Marino, Kelly, Montana, Simms, elway) are more on mind as dominant right now bc Vince hasn’t been active for a couple Of seasons but he was legit! Add in a WTF bowl championship ring, 1982 MVP & dude was a beast! “Not quote yet” - Steve Watson I really had no recollection of him, i don’t remember him playing. I guess I didn’t go up ahaha t his teams enough but after looking at his stats I think he will get in just not first time on ballot. I think of Freddie S of Pitt, Largent of minn/Buffalo as the dominant guys from the initial era Think that’s my fault for not recognizing Watson’s greatness. Next year. Or if gets the votes from other voters will hear no qualms.
  12. Discdolo pick 1.1: Eifer (Sea Seahawks) Jesus pick 1.2: Bigfatpaulie (Cle Browns) Arncoem pick 1.3: Madtown (Cin Bengals) Stalltalk pick 1.4: Barletti (Min Vikings) NOS pick 1.5: Speedracer (TB Bucs) turBO pick 1.6: Drake (Phx Cardinals) Discdolo pick 2.1: timbone (NY Jets) Jesus pick 2.2: Cubsfan (Wash Redskins) Arncoem pick 2.3 DT (PIT Steelers) Stalltalk pick 2.4: Purplehaze (Hou Oilers) NOS pick 2.5: Rico (Rams) turBO pick 2.6: Rmm (Raiders) Discdolo pick 3.1: toolie (Dolphins) Jesus pick 3.2: tadaos (Bills) Arncoem pick 3.3 prime (Falcons) Stalltalk pick 3.4: ryan11 (Bears) NOS pick 3.5: tecmobo (Chiefs) turBO pick 3.6: dukesta (Patriots) NEW DIVISIONS: AFC East: NO Saints, Bucs, Rams, Chiefs AFC Central: Giants, Seahawks, Jets, Dolphins AFC West: 49ers, Bengals, Steelers, Falcons NFC East: Cowboys, Browns, Redskins, Bills NFC Central: Packers, Vikings, Oilers, Bears NFC West: Eagles, Cardinals, Raiders, Patriots
  13. arncoem

    1990 Rookie of Year

    Congrats to Discdolo / NYG’s RB Emmitt Smith winning the Rookie of the year award on offense & Eifer /Seattle’s LB Darion Connor with the Rookie of the Year on Defense!
  14. arncoem

    1990 Rookie of Year

    Vote for ROYs
  15. arncoem

    1990 MVPs (VOTE)

    Looks like MArino was able to win over majkowski for offense in a very close race that looked like Majk had locked up out the gate as he was up 5-1 votes but Marino supporters showed up a few days into the voting. On Defense Lawrence Taylor’s all around dominance has yielded him another MVP as the 9 interceptions coming from 50int were enough to beat out Lonnie Young’s 15 interceptions. Young was the league leader last season w 11 ints (56int) but lost to Dallas’s 75int Eric Wright as he had 10 ints w 4 Sacks. This season Lonnie Young went above his leading 11 last season and lead w/ 15 ints while at 63int. Think Lawrence Taylor might have the the D MVP award renamed once he retires as the LT award in honor! Being LT aged after this season this probably will be the end of LT’s D MVPs run BUT if any player can bounce back & win another MVP after aging that would show LT is not just “any player. ! Congrats Timbone & Lawrence Taylor! congrats Dan Marino & Lawrence Taylor ! This is Marino’s 2nd league MVP & LT’s 5th!
  16. arncoem

    1990 MVPs (VOTE)

    Lonnie Young 15 interceptions (not 15 sacks)
  17. arncoem

    1990 Pro Bowl Teams

    AFC QB1 - Don Majkowski (MIA) QB2 - Scott Mitchell (NO) RB1 - Emmitt Smith (NYG) RB2 - BO Jackson (KC) RB3 - Lorenzo Hampton (ATL) RB4 - Ernest Byner (DAL) WR1 - John Taylor (MIA) WR2 - Cris Carter (HOU) WR3 - Andre Reed (CLE) WR4 - Brian Blades (PIT) TE1 - Kellen Winslow (HOU) TE2 - Jackie Harris (MIA) OL1 - Mike Kenn (NYG) most total yards OL2 - Ray Brown (NYG) most rushing yards OL3 - Derrick Graham (NO) most passing yards OL4 - Anthony Munoz (HOU) fewest sacks OL5 - Dermontti Dawson (MIA) OL5 from best KR DL1 - Chris Doleman (HOU) DL2 - Art Still (DAL) DL3 - Rulon Jones (ATL) LB1 - Lawrence Taylor (NYJ) LB2 - Darion Connor (SEA) LB3 - Tim Harris (MIA) LB4 - Chip Banks (KC) DB1 - Vann McElroy (HOU) DB2 - Eric Wright (DAL) DB3 - Erik McMillan (NO) DB4 - Donnell Woolford (NYJ) K - Jason Staurovsky (MIA) P - John Kidd (NYJ) NFC QB1 - Dan Marino (SF) QB2 - Warren Moon (OAK) RB1 - Eric Dickerson (GB) RB2 - Thurman Thomas (NE) RB3 - Neal Anderson (TB) RB4 - Otis Anderson (PHI) WR1 - Mike Quick (OAK) WR2 - Sam Graddy (SF) WR3 - Anthony Miller (RAM) WR4 - Ernest Givins (WAS) TE1 - Keith Jackson (CIN) TE2 - Hoby Brenner (NE) OL1 - Jim Dombrowski (SF) most total yards OL2 - Tony Mandarich (GB) most rushing yards OL3 - Harry Swayne (SF) most passing yards OL4 - Mike Utley (TB) fewest sacks OL5 - Randall McDaniel (BUF) OL5 from best KR DL1 - Dexter Manley (TB) DL2 - Ray Childress (GB) DL3 - Howie Long (NE) LB1 - Reggie Mckenzie (OAK) LB2 - Stan Blinka (NE) LB3 - Duane Bickett (WAS) LB4 - Pat Swilling (PHI) DB1 - Lonnie Young (SF) DB2 - Wayne Haddix (PHI) DB3 - Albert Lewis (OAK) DB4 - Everson Walls (BUF) K - Ali Haji Sheikh (PHX) P - Mike Black (CIN)
  18. arncoem

    1990 ALL PRO TEAM

    QB1 - Don Majkowski (MIA) QB2 - Dan Marino (SF) RB1 - Eric Dickerson (GB) RB2 - Emmitt Smith (NYG) RB3 - Thurman Thomas (NE) RB4 - Neal Anderson (TB) WR1 - Mike Quick (OAK) WR2 - John Taylor (MIA) WR3 - Cris Carter (HOU) WR4 - Sam Graddy (SF) TE1 - Keith Jackson (CIN) TE2 - Hoby Brenner (NE) OL1 - Jim Dombrowski (SF) most total yards OL2 - Ray Brown (NYG) most rushing yards OL3 - Harry Swayne (SF) most passing yards OL4 - Anthony Munoz (HOU) fewest sacks OL5 - Dermontti Dawson (MIA) OL5 from best KR DL1 - Chris Doleman (HOU) DL2 - Dexter Manley (TB) DL3 - Ray Childress (GB) LB1 - Lawrence Taylor (NYJ) LB2 - Darion Connor (SEA) LB3 - Tim Harris (MIA) LB4 - Reggie Mckenzie (OAK) DB1 - Lonnie Young (SF) DB2 - Wayne Haddix (PHI) DB3 - Albert Lewis (OAK) DB4 - Vann McElroy (HOU) K - Jason Staurovsky (MIA) P - John Kidd (NYJ)
  19. 930pm - midnight (est) 7 nights a week can get avail most Weekdays 4pm - 5pm text is is always best way to line up game for me though: 203.537.0254 thansk. ARNCO
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    Caps for prosperity

    I think there's defin a move towards this in the future - a great idea would be once get it all setup for 2 seasons run it right along w/ this WTF we are in & see how it works out instead of turning this into that. There might be some hurdles that come up that want to go back to the drawing board & start again, or it could be the missing ingredient that takes online leagues to the next level. When the very first WTF started the initial plan was to go for anywhere from 1 to 3 seasons & then go right back and start fresh so the issues we ran into along the way could be fixed & start fresh w/ a couple of seasons knowledge what needs to be done so it works smooth & everyone enjoyed it. To everyone involved surprise after only a couple of tweaks after the first season we pretty much got it all nailed down & never had to restart. Nothing like WTF had happened before & most ppl opening talked about how it would fail & how it was just too much works w/ rookies coming in & the rolling at end of seasons, rookie rolling etc.. They were almost right as it was a lot of man hours at first bc rolling was done in a chat room w everyone there every season - had to get random numbers and associate them w/ players and then edit players etc. anyway it ended up working out & the amount of time to do it brookston solved by creating the wtfphile site / and used dynastyphile first. SO enough of a trip down memory lane.. since we planned on doing a season or 2 then starting fresh I think that would be a great idea for the salary league. Try it for a season to run along side w/ this WTF then after that can workout what need to & have a well oiled / thought out machine that's been tested & works. I would be extremely happy to be a part of it! (not admin lol)
  21. arncoem

    Caps for prosperity

    My take on it is that it's a great idea for fresh start league - implementing after 11 seasons in is too drastic of a change. How your team is setup right now to switch throws your roster moves out and your trades made too. For instance if traded for a guy this season that is a 10million player & have to cut him when cap is put in place, sure would be nice to get the 1st round pick traded for him right? Of course you can't though. There's a lot of behind the scenes work involved in database that aren't first thought about too - brooks would have to spend a lot of time on the DB making it perfectly aligned. Some players hsow up w/ no salary- I've seen It a lot, not sure why they aren't there but nobody cares bc the salary isn't used. That would have to be perfected too. What rookies get for their salary is just a number now associated w/ their best stat line. IT would have to be more in depth to determine as it isn't a perfected formula how the salary number is set. We just glance at it and that's it - the exacts behind it have to be a set formula. Determine age along w/ their numbers, not just for example 63MS RB is 10 mill a year. What if that 63MS RB has 94HP as opposed to 63HP- what if they are 33 years old and going to retire as opposed to 25 & doens't have the retiring chance? Gotta make a younger player have a higher salary bc they are worth more. It's not setup to take age into account now. For a new league it's a great idea as WTF brand has never used it - switching now is too drastic but if the kinks are worked out it solves a lot of issues some ppl are bringing up. Bottom line is though if your team isn't as strong as others you can build a winner - this would be more of an issue if we had the same 1 team win the championship 5 straight seasons. We've had a different champion every single season so there are lots of teams w/ a chance to win. ( except seasons 1 and 2. That was Brookston who won then & he left the league) Someone wants to take on starting "WTF Salary" league can use this one w/ the salary data we have as a template & the rookies from each draft info is there- I will be happy to have a team in it & be part of it. Would be great ot see after 10 seasons the pros & cons compared to our first 10 seasons here.
  22. arncoem

    1989 Rookie of year voting

    Congratulations 1989 Rookie of the Year winners! Offense QB Rodney Peete Defense DB Maurice Hurst
  24. arncoem

    1989 MVP Voting

    Congrats Boomer & Eric Wright 1989 MVPs!