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  1. any chance you use to go by "ghostdog" years ago here ? 

    1. Ghost


      nope, sorry

  2. I can get them put on a cart, hit me up. Just have to email the .nes file
  3. MRT what's going on Vinny! !! 


    Need a MRT sighting right about now!

  4. coolpaparock!! Get at us bro! WTF still going 2021

    1. Eamon


      He last posted here in 2009. Wow!

  5. lords what is up!! get at us bro! WTF still going!

    1. Eamon


      It's been forever since we talked. I wonder what he's up to these days.

  6. Found some info about: http://snescentral.com/review.php?id=0707&num=0&fancy=yes&article=proto
  7. I’ll buy it from you if looking for get rid of it (as well as replace w the same cartridge that has the stock SNES label on it if want).
  8. I’ll be at Bradley International Airport (Windsor Locks CT) Friday 3-330 picking up a couple ppl flying In for tourney - if can get flight lands around same time!
  9. Here’s the hotel everyone stays at across street from the tourney
  10. Friday night at the Tundra bowl National CHampionship there's going to be 2 vs 2 team Tecmo tourney ! 1 person is going to win the raffle for an entire trip to Wisconsin for the tourney!! We have the room at Blackstone for the entire day + night! Will be no rushing to leave for another party/etc. we have stuff going on from 9am all night if you want to stay that late playing Tecmo (as well as other games w/ the NES Everdrive hooked up w/ every game for NES made on there in addition to every year rosters for Tecmo from 2010 - current 2019/20! IF there's another game you're interested in playing let me know we can set it up if other ppl want to run vs you for Saturday as well as FRiday ngiht at hotel!
  11. in addition there will be a Calcutta to wager on for everyone there! Someone will walk away w/ a few hundred $ by choosing the winner of the tourney before it starts! We will start off w the top finishers from last year's tourney & start bidding at $10 Anyone can bid & highest bidder gets that person - if they win the tourney they get the pot! Once all of the top finishers have been taken we will go through & offer a "field bet" for everyone left - if anyone from the field wins the tourney whoever has them wins the pot $!
  12. Unfort haven’t received much love from ESPN. Being approx 5 min away from Blackstone, where tourney is & ESPN hosts / crew go there all of the time too. Thought we had had a good chance at them coming when Rob reale was working as camera man there / he tried and spread the word to everyone but their feelings were that it’s really dope we are going to do tecmo tourneys but being a Saturday during NCAA football & towards end of NFL Season they must be slammed w work & not able to spend a full Saturday away from the station / campus. Couple of the guys - Steve Young + few others that are in TSB were in the 20-30k range to have them there for the day so unfort not in the budget. Would REALLY like to get Grogan or Marv Cook there one of these years. I’ve reached out to pretty much every former NFL that is in TSB & from CT but unfort no responses - thought Doug Widell might have jumped on it but he must already Be booked for video game appearances that date.
  13. https://retroworldexpo.com/ Next Saturday! I will be setting up next Friday and have some guest passes for free entrance to the event for my online guys that show up! they have tons of stuff going on both days Saturday & Sunday! Tecmo Super Bowl will Be Saturday 11am - 6pm
  14. will add tap meter in next revision ? (please)
  15. https://www.facebook.com/events/370188740258415/?ti=ia first year for this event as it’s a 2 day convention w/ over 20 games tournament style or race! Hartford Convention Center 100 Columbus BLVD Hartford, CT 203.424.8063 Saturday Sept 28 12:00p – 3:00p Pool Play 3:00 – 6:00p Single Eliminations Matches 6:00 – 7:00p Championship Finals Registration Fee is $25. Split 50% for 1st, 30% 2nd, 20% 3rd The NorthEast Tecmo SuperBowl Championships is hosted by Northeast Tecmo SuperBowl Association. The game is played on original NES systems. Sign ups for the tournament will take place at the Tournament Registration Booth on the show floor the day of the event. For Complete Rule Set Click Here
  16. 2nd year in row winner of Tundra Bowl free entry - after winning TTL championship last year (Gave the entry to Hoffnasty) Couple of the North East guys will be there January 2020 along w/ the raffle winner from CT tecmo 11: free trip to Tundra Bowl -fight, hotel, and entry + 2 meals included (*Continental breakfast at hotel is considered a meal so no bitching about liquid waffles into the plastic cup - make sure you spray the waffle maker w the aerosol butter spray or they burn!! )
  17. Wow amazing ! I see Man crushes all over the place In those photos! I’m still trying to get there though- left 2 weeks ago but nobody will pick up a hitchhiker dressed as a 70s pimp holding cardboard sign “going to Leonard ND- if don’t know where that is go suck off a donkey”
  18. Tecmo Super Bowl tournament plus Mega Man 2 race! CT Tecmo XI Is locked in for December 7th, 2019 there will be a live draft to start the day where everyone will be drafted to make up the Pools of 4 for group play. There will for the first time after group pool play be 2 separate brackets, Silver & Bronze for the 0-3 & 1-2 players that will compete for $ & a trophy for ea. (Plus after winning 2 games in silver & Bronze the competitors will earn their spot in the main event bracket along w the 3-0 & 2-1 players! ) more info to come....... The 3-0 & 2-1 players while waiting for 2 rounds of the silver & Bronze games will play in the: CT vs NY vs PA/NJ vs team “West of The rest” team challenge where each member of 4 man team plays one 1/4 of a game CT Tecmo 11 will again be on the 1st first Saturday of December at Blackstone Irish Pub in Southington CT. our Facebook page for updates: CT Tecmo website for all of the North East Tecmo Tourneys: NORTHEASTTECMO.com Please feel free to email me to be on the update list or if any questions: [email protected] WHEN: Saturday, December 7th, 11:00AM Setup & practice 10-11am 11am the live draft of players for pool play & $50 challenges announced for the day ! Last year at CT 10 “The Andre Rison” challenge was everyone played NO Saints vs ATL Falcons game 1 of Pool play: NO Saints D that held Rison to fewest yards earned the $50 & the ATL team w most Receiving yards by Rison earned the $50 challenge prize too! WHERE: Blackstone Irish Pub & Sports Bar, 1678 Meriden Waterbury Turnpike Southington, CT 06467 - http://www.blackstoneirishpub.com/ BUY-IN: $25 Registration: email [email protected] or Reply to this thread with your name & an email. Rules: http://tecmomadison.com/rules Format: Prizes: Cash & trophies for Top 4. Along w/ Rookie of the Year trophy & MVP both based on how did at North East Tourneys in 2019. equipment : Please let us know if can bring TVs, NES consoles, controllers, cartridges - bring as many as possibly can in case of equipment failure (no TV larger than 32” please) Transportation or Directions: Blackstone is located at the junction of I-84 & 691. Click for directions. If driving: 10 Minutes from 91 if traveling from Mass, VT, Maine, Canada, North Pole It's approximately a 75-minute drive from NYC, 80 min drive from Boston Flying: Bradley International Airport is a 20-minute drive from Blackstone. Railway: New Haven train station is a 25-minute drive. The easiest way to get there is to take the Metro North train from New York City. We can and will pick & drop people back afterward at the NH Train station free of charge. Raffle: Lots and lots of prizes including a Tecmo Super Bowl Autographed Tecmo Super Bowl cartridge by Lawrence Taylor! In addition there will be a raffle for an all inclusive (flight. Hotel, Tournament entry) Trip to Green Bay WI for the next Tecmo Super Bowl national championship tournament - the 2020 Tundra Bowl! For $5 raffle ticket someone will win a free trip to GB Wisconsin & entry to the tournament! CT Tecmo 10 top 4 1 Rob O'donell ( PA ) 2 Erik Merliss (CT) 3 Dave Herson ( NYC ) 4 Lenny Cardoza ( Cape Cod, Ma) Past CT Tecmo (formerly known as The Cuban Tecmo Bowl 1-7) winners are: 1: Pete Dorsey, CT (2nd Erik M) 2: Erik Merliss, CT (2nd Pete D) 3: Erik M, CT (2nd Kevin Smith aka Tadaos) 4: Mort, IL (2nd DT Sea, WA) 5: Mort, IL (2nd DJ Deflippo, CT) 6: Mort, IL (2nd Louis, Buffalo NY) 7: Kevin S, CT (2nd Danny Knight, NY) 8: Gerald Smith, Louisiana (2nd Louis B ) 9: Matt Degeorge, PA (2nd Mort) 10. Rob O’donell, PA (2nd Erik M) In addition to the Tecmo Super Bowl tourney will be the 3rd year for the Mega man 2 race! Top 4 Mega Man 2 finishers last year were: 1st: Todd Saucier (CT) 2nd: Phil Rottkamp (NY) 3rd: Kevin Cabarello (Columbus, OH ) 4th: Kevin (Tadaos) Smith Don’t miss out on Friday night - multiple TVs w/ tecmo hooked up at the hotel across street from Blackstone & pickup games going on all night! please feel free to hit me up w/ any questions or comments ! ARNCO EM on discord Erik Merliss on Facebook thanks- Erik aka ARNCO~EM
  19. Those are old frames from awnings w out the material on them. Will incorporate somehow to be tecmo related - worst case Raffle prizes!
  20. Preparations for “freezing louis- winter 2021” are underway. Location - Check my yard at shop couch - to sit on (sleeps 2 comfortably): see photo. Think it’s windshield washer fluid in front of it - maybe smurf spank bank (no FUCKING clue where that couch came from wasn’t here this morning when I left!)
  21. Im currently working out an elaborate story(lie) to tell my wife where I need to travel that weekend so can attend ! Its going to be tricky but I’m thinking if I can somehow make her believe I need to go somewhere and use really big words she will be stumped after anything w 3 syllables & the rest will all be a hypnotic transe. I used work conference in fargo ND last time but she saw the bright gold Burning Mort pants when I got home so i can’t do Fargo work trip again. I’m thinking something along the lines of Dr Frolf got one of his expensive Drones caught in a tree & I have to drive one of work cranes to SOUTH Dakota to help retrieve it ! No way ATNB (all tits no brains) will ever put together North & South Dakota as having anything to do w ea other. It’s in the works! If im not able to attend would be amazing to have a controller or “something” signed by everyone in attendance!!
  22. I would say it was your Urine that splashed the brim of my hat at 2am when the roof of Mort’s minivan almost caved in on Joey & i- when I looked out the window to see if a tree fell in it - nope just at 6 foot 8 of Josh H pissing off it. I did lie then that the stream just missed me - but now long enough has passed I can admit the stream of Holtzbauer jungle juice did indeed hit the straw hat I had on. - yet again another reason why Burning Mort was the best weekend of my life!!
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