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  1. QB Warren Moon: I’m going w Moon as not in as his first couple of season were w/ MRTECMOSUPERBOWL & Moon was back and b - he never did any damage in the playoffs & outside of his 1 dominant season he was behind Marino, Dave Krieg, & Harbaugh. He also came in the league at 75pc - the only QB ever to be 75pc- and retired at 69pc so he didn’t have longevity or a battle after aged. - as close as i could be to a yes vote but going w/ NO LB Andre Tipett - I had to play vs him & the Bengals every season 2x, from baxter then to Madtown it was a bitch knowing Tippett was going to be there w/ either pressure on the QB or able to intercept me w his elevated LB int rating. Total beast, vote yes DB Roland James - didn’t have the dominant season(s) that Hof player should have. Extremely valuable player & team mvp easily - can see his number retired by his team & a fan favorite for 30 years after retirement but missing that key 15+ int season as well as only had 2 seasons in a row w double digit ints. Missing that 6 straight 10 or more ints. Instead he had 6, 11, 11, 6, 12, 5 per season during the prime of his career. A great player & winner on the field - just not HOF. - NO RB Otis anderson- another player I had to face 2x a season for many seasons. I sat back and watched him first chase, the catch-up to, then annihilate Chuck Muncie’s RB short lived RB records. Easiest vote so far - yes RB Darin Nelson - tough to say no but he had only 2 All Pro seasons & even though he caught a shitload of balls out of the backfield he still comes in 8,000 yards rushing less than Otis A & even below Hershel Walker who never made it to 63ms where Nelson did most of his damage. Only 1 season above 2,000 yards rushing - which 2,000 yards needs to be either flirted w or gone over if you want to be HoF worthy (if 56-63ms for majority of career). - NO
  2. The actual name of the place is “Bar”
  3. If want good pizza good luck - there’s none in Boston. Gotta take a 2 hour ride to New Haven CT - where Can go on a pizza trip as Modern (I consider 1), Sally’s, Pepe’s (I don’t like Pepe but it always wins #1 pizza award for uSA), and Zuppardi’s are located. Bar Pizza is pretty good too & a LOT of ppl actually come to New Haven CT - some from VERY FAR away, just to try the pizza at ea of the 5 places mentioned.
  4. If want to do shopping go to Nashua NH- it’s the border town / City of NH to MA and Nh has no sales tax so pretty much everyone goes there from MA shopping at the Pheasant Lane Mall in Nashua.
  5. If have a free night and they’re home go to the Nashua NH - Silver Knights minor league game - it’s a 30 min ride or even better is to hit Pawtucket Red Sox game. paw-Sox games are prob the most draws to than any other minor league team bc it’s located so close to Boston (45 min drive)
  6. Stay away from the tourist areas as traffic is insane. Don’t go to Salem or Plymouth Rock (unless it’s close to Halloween - Salem is cool month of Oct but nothing special rest of year - watch a YouTube video about the witch trials from 1700s get more out of than the Salem tourist traps billed as haunted witches of Salem etx.
  7. If they want great place to eat what’s considered a must is located in the “North End” - Dulce Vita. (Translates to- its a good life) but thats the place in Boston need to go if visiting. Sox game if they’re home - BUT make sure no matter what do not buy any seats lower level on 1st base side as there are obstructions “pillars holding up the tier above” that the seats are very cheap for bc you are literally sitting facing a pole the entire game. *a must is the sausage and peppers guy that’s outside of Fenway - directly across from the Ted Williams statue. Don’t waste time and of the other vendors - that is the best one hands down. The guy owns the sausage peppers cart put his 2 kids through college by selling sausage and peppers at 81 baseball games a year and no other job. Needless to say if had to choose going to Dolce Vita in north end or the sausage guy outside Fenway I woudl always choose sausage cart guy.
  8. 2nd year in row winner of Tundra Bowl free entry - after winning TTL championship last year (Gave the entry to Hoffnasty) Couple of the North East guys will be there January 2020 along w/ the raffle winner from CT tecmo 11: free trip to Tundra Bowl -fight, hotel, and entry + 2 meals included (*Continental breakfast at hotel is considered a meal so no bitching about liquid waffles into the plastic cup - make sure you spray the waffle maker w the aerosol butter spray or they burn!! )
  9. Patriots w/ the +35 win in lead for 2nd round bye.
  10. I'm in Boston 2x a week on average for work - live about 2 hours from there- I can defin give some advice of cool things to do & what to stay away from! If want to have them him me up via email I'll give some advice! [email protected]
  11. Closest mvp race in history of the league! 7 bo Jackson 6 Dan marino 6 Vinny Testeverde 5 Tim Brown Bo wins his first ever MVP! while on the defensive side Lonnie Young took home his 1st MVP in similar fashion to Bo jackson - deserving of 2-3 previous seasons but taking it home this season finally
  12. Congrats Bam Morris & Jeff Burris - your 1994 Rookie of the year award winners!
  13. Wow amazing ! I see Man crushes all over the place In those photos! I’m still trying to get there though- left 2 weeks ago but nobody will pick up a hitchhiker dressed as a 70s pimp holding cardboard sign “going to Leonard ND- if don’t know where that is go suck off a donkey”
  14. CT Tecmo XI Is locked in for December 7th, 2019 There will also for the first time be 2 separate brackets, Silver & Bronze for the 0-3 & 1-2 players after Group play that will compete for $ & a trophy for ea. (Plus after winning 2 games in silver & Bronze the competitors will earn their spot in the main event bracket along w the 3-0 & 2-1 players! ) more info to come....... The 3-0 & 2-1 players while waiting for 2 rounds of the silver & Bronze games will play in the: CT vs NY vs PA/NJ vs team “West of The rest” team challenge where each member of 4 man team plays one 1/4 of a game CT Tecmo 11 will again be on the 1st first Saturday of December at Blackstone Irish Pub in Southington CT. our Facebook page for updates: CT Tecmo website for the NE Tecmo Tourneys: NORTHEASTTECMO.com Please feel free to email me to be on the update list or if any questions: [email protected] WHEN: Saturday, December 7th, 11:00AM start. Setup & practice 10-11am 11am the live draft of players for pool play & $50 challenges announced for the day ! Last year at CT 10 “The Andre Rison” challenge was everyone played NO Saints vs ATL Falcons game 1 of Pool play: NO Saints D that held Rison to fewest yards earned the $50 & the ATL team w most Receiving yards by Rison earned the $50 challenge prize too! WHERE: Blackstone Irish Pub & Sports Bar, 1678 Meriden Waterbury Turnpike Southington, CT 06467 - http://www.blackstoneirishpub.com/ BUY-IN: $25 Registration: email [email protected] or Reply to this thread with your name & an email. Rules: http://tecmomadison.com/rules Format: Prizes: Cash & trophies for Top 4. Last year’s CT 10 grand champion Rob Odonell will receive his championship ring! equipment : Please let us know if can bring TVs, NES consoles, controllers, cartridges - bring as many as possibly can in case of equipment failure Transportation or Directions: Blackstone is located at the junction of I-84 & 691. Click for directions. If driving: 10 Minutes from 91 if traveling from Mass, VT, Maine, Canada, North Pole It's approximately a 75-minute drive from NYC, 80 min drive from Boston Flying: Bradley International Airport is a 20-minute drive from Blackstone. Railway: New Haven train station is a 25-minute drive. The easiest way to get there is to take the Metro North train from New York City. We can and will pick & drop people back afterward at the NH Train station free of charge. Raffle: Lots and lots of prizes including a Tecmo Super Bowl Autographed Cartridge by Lawrence Taylor! in addition there will be a raffle for an all inclusive (flight. Hotel, Tournament entry) Trip to Green Bay WI for the next Tecmo Super Bowl national championship tournament - the 2020 Tundra Bowl! CT Tecmo 10 top 4 1 Rob O'donell ( PHI, PA ) 2 Erik Merliss ( Madison, CT) 3 Dave Herson ( NYC ) 4 Lenny Cardoza ( Cape Cod, Ma) Past CT Tecmo (formerly known as The Cuban Tecmo Bowl 1-7) winners are: 1: Pete Dorsey, CT (2nd Erik M) 2: Erik Merliss, CT (2nd Pete D) 3: Erik M, CT (2nd Kevin Smith aka Tadaos) 4: Mort, IL (2nd DT Sea, WA) 5: Mort, IL (2nd DJ Deflippo, CT) 6: Mort, IL (2nd Louis, Buffalo NY) 7: Kevin S, CT (2nd Danny Knight, NY) 8: Gerald Smith, TX (2nd Louis B ) 9: Matt Degeorge, PA (2nd Mort) 10. Rob O’donell, PA (2nd Erik M) In addition to the Tecmo Super Bowl tourney will be the 3rd year for the Mega man 2 race! Top 4 Mega Man 2 finishers last year were: 1st: Todd Saucier (CT) 2nd: Phil Rottkamp (NY) 3rd: Kevin Cabarello (Columbus, OH ) 4th: Kevin (Tadaos) Smith Don’t miss out on Friday night - multiple TVs w/ tecmo hooked up at the hotel across street from Blackstone & pickup games going on all night! please feel free to hit me up w/ any questions or comments ! ARNCO EM on discord Erik Merliss on Facebook thanks- Erik aka ARNCO EM
  15. The offensive MVP is still up for grabs w/ the tightest race we’ve ever had as multiple players are still in the race making all of the 5 votes remaining enormous in value to each candidate: In what ended up being Dan Marino's final season he went all out to win an unprecedented 5th straight MVP & 6 in 7 seasons! Will there be another WTF QB to put up numbers Marino has? It will take Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees or a surprise career from Phillip Rivers/Big Ben R./ Aaron Rodgers - matched w/ the right owner to entertain the thought- Marino is the WTF's leader in: attempts (2,575), completions (1,383), yards(32,144), & touchdown passes (425). This season DM followed up on his Pro Bowl, All Pro, MVP, & Super Bowl Championship season w/ personal best regular season ever: Attempts (242), completions (165), passing yards (3,205), rushing yards (152), NFL passer rating (138.5) & 2nd most TDS thrown in a season w/ 44 (he had 46 last season but w/ less yards, completions, yards rushing, & rating) Vinny T and his and his precise 78 % completions w/ 33 tds - 2 ints & 153.4 passer rating could get his first MVP - if his yards were closer to 3,000 than 2,500 & TDs closer to Marino’s 44 it would be a runaway for Vinny T ! Even with those factors his season is one of if not the best ever. Vinny's 700 yards & 11 TDs less will be weighed heavily vs Marino's 5 more ints thrown than Testeverde's 2- that's probably what voters will look at & weigh in comparison when choosing their MVP. Hard for Marino not to repeat in his final season w/ stats better than his previous 4 seasons that he won the MVP - and equally as hard not for Vinny T to be awarded his first MVP w/ a 78% completions & 153.4 passer rating. Bo Jackson also in search of his first MVP had only 2,100 yard rushing which there’s been many seasons of RBs w a lot more that has but his all around play & just his presence on the field demands Defenses to focus on him which opens up the air attack - making him valuable even when not touching the ball. Bo's 31 rushing TDS w/ 17 receptions for 274 yards a along w his team having best record in league fuel his MVP caliber season. WR Tim Brown of GB had a monster season leading his team to the playoffs & surprising the WR race that he beat out Flipper Andersen & Sam Graddy- the top 2 WRs past 8 seasons. Brown probably won’t win the MVP but getting votes have solidified his amazing success as going into the season knew Marino, Vinny T, and Bo Jackson would be on the ballot for MVP while Tim Brown would've been predicted to barely crack the top 5 for WRs & be somewhere around 3-5th place for yards, receptions, TDs (3rd for receptions 49, 1st for yards 2,500, &1st for TDs 29) When take into consideration that Brown was working w/ QB Doug Pederson & his below average 44PC it is evident that the veteran WR had not only the biggest surprise 16 games but also the most dominant season out of all of the candidates!
  16. With 7 votes not in yet Lonnie Young has locked up the D MVP, his first of illustrious career. currently Lonnie has 11 & Millard w/ 4 & 7 votes left but Young holds the tie break w/ his team better record & LY has more tackles (or 1 of 7 remaining vote as well as LB Darion C receiving a vote) Lonnie has been the interception leader 5x in his career but snubbed of the D MVP until this season. Young is now 4th in the all time Ints list after 10 seasons while Vann McElroy will Be entering his 14th next season. Albert Lewis played 11 & Eric Wright had 13 seasons. Top 10 all time INTs
  17. Post winner / score of game here please:
  18. Round 1 1) Seattle (Seattle +7) 14) MIA 2) Cleveland (Cleveland +28) 13) CIN 3) TB 12) OAK (Oakland +3) 4) Dallas (Dallas +3) 11) NYJ 5) NE (New England + 35) 10) RAMS 6) CHI (Chicago +1) 9) PHX 7) BUF (Buffalo +3) 8 ) NO 2ND ROUND 1) SEA 7) BUF 2) CLE 6) CHI (CHICAGO 22-7) 3) OAK (OAKLAND 21-14) 4) DAL 5) NE - BYE 3rd Round / semi finals: SEA/BUF WINNER (home vs NE) vs NEW ENGLAND CHI vs OAK: (Oakland 35-21) FINALS: OAKLAND vs ?
  19. Keeping WTF Classic & MRT's Tec-System alive!
  20. Vote for your MVPs!
  21. VOTE for your O & D rookies of the year!
  22. QB1 - Dan Marino (SF) QB2 - Vinny Testaverde (NYG) RB1 - Bo Jackson (KC) RB2 - Garrison Hearst (PIT) RB3 - Derrick Loville (PHI) RB4 - Thurman Thomas (NE) WR1 - Willie Anderson (NYJ) WR2 - Johnny Morton (TB) WR3 - Sam Graddy (SF) WR4 - Tim Brown (GB) TE1 - Ben Coates (SF) TE2 - Keith Jackson (CIN) OL1 - Wayne Gandy (SF) most total yards OL2 - Tom Nalen (PIT) most rushing yards OL3 - Richmond Webb (GB) most passing yards OL4 - Keith Sims (KC) fewest sacks OL5 - Bob Whitfield (CIN) OL5 from best KR DL1 - Howie Long (NE) DL2 - Neil Smith (MIN) DL3 - Keith Millard (PHI) LB1 - Darion Connor (SEA) LB2 - Derrick Thomas (MIN) LB3 - Roman Phifer (MIA) LB4 - Greg Biekert (NE) DB1 - Lonnie Young (SF) DB2 - Wayne Haddix (PHI) DB3 - Ray Buchanan (GB) DB4 - Jeff Burris (HOU) K - Jason Hanson (HOU) P - Stuart Dodds (OAK)
  23. AFC QB1 - Dan Marino (SF) QB2 - Vinny Testaverde (NYG) RB1 - BO Jackson (KC) RB2 - Garrison Hearst (PIT) RB3 - Emmitt Smith (NYG) RB4 - Larry Centers (ATL) WR1 - Willie Anderson (NYJ) WR2 - Johnnie Morton (TB) WR3 - Sam Graddy (SF) WR4 - Ed McCaffrey (KC) TE1 - Ben Coates (SF) TE2 - Keith Jackson (TB) OL1 - Wayne Gandy (SF) most total yards OL2 - Tom Nalen (PIT) most rushing yards OL3 - Troy Auzenne (SF) most passing yards OL4 - Keith Sims (KC) fewest sacks OL5 - Bob Whitfield (CIN) OL5 from best KR DL1 - Clyde Simmons (KC) DL2 - Leslie Oneal (NYG) DL3 - John Randle (RAMS) LB1 - Darion Connor (SEA) LB2 - Roman Phifer (MIA) LB3 - Terry Wooden (SEA) LB4 - Levon Kirkland (CIN) DB1 - Lonnie Young (SF) DB2 - Tom Carter (KC) DB3 - Marcus Robertson (ATL) DB4 - Erik McMillan (NO) K - Matt Stover (ATL) P - Max Runager (NYG) NFC QB1 - Doug Pederson (GB) QB2 - Stan Humphries (OAK) RB1 - Derek Loviile (PHI) RB2 - Natrone Means (HOU) RB3 - Thurman Thomas (NE) RB4 - Adrian Murrell (MIN) WR1 - Tim Brown (GB) WR2 - Mike Quick (PHX) WR3 - Isaac Bruce (CLE) WR4 - Jimmy Smith (OAK) TE1 - Shannon Sharpe (CHI) TE2 - Mark Bavarro (MIN) OL1 - Jumbo Elliott (PHX) most total yards OL2 - William Roaf (PHX) most rushing yards OL3 - Richmond Webb (GB) most passing yards OL4 - Jerry Ostroski (HOU) fewest sacks OL5 - Dave Widell (DAL) OL5 from best KR DL1 - Keith Millard (PHI) DL2 - Neil Smith (MIN) DL3 - Howie Long (NE) LB1 - Derrick Thomas (MIN) LB2 - Cornelius Bennett (WAS) LB3 - Greg Biekert (NE) LB4 - Mo Lewis (GB) DB1 - Wayne Haddix (PHI) DB2 - Ray Buchanan (GB) DB3 - Jeff Burris (HOU) DB4 - Darren Perry (CHI) K - Jason Hanson (HOU) P - Stuart Dodds (OAK)
  24. Vote so can use 4th man down on XP only (not fg)
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