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  1. Congratulations Todd Marinovich on the Offensive MVP award! leading 9 votes to 8 over Bo Jackson w 1 vote left QB Todd M wins as he has the tie breaker being his team was 14-2 over CHI 13-3 this season. @Nos
  2. Congrats Ray Buchanan / Stalltalk in Defensive MVP award!
  3. Found some info about: http://snescentral.com/review.php?id=0707&num=0&fancy=yes&article=proto
  4. I’ll buy it from you if looking for get rid of it (as well as replace w the same cartridge that has the stock SNES label on it if want).
  5. Congrats Brian Dawkins / Coach @Dukeduke12 on the 1996 D Rookie of the Year award!
  6. Please vote for your 1996 MVPs!
  7. VOTE for rookies of the Year
  8. here's the preseason rom can use - you can always download it from the wtfphile home page -schedule tab - it's on there as well 1996_week_0.nes
  9. 1st Round - team w/ highest win margin of victory will earn a 2nd round bye POST SCORES & RECAP HERE PLEASE! 1) GB @stalltalk 14) TEN @Jpthebowler- TEN (forfeit) 2) HOU Texans @Eifersucht80 - HOU (+14) 13) Cleveland BFP 3) TB @Speed Racer 12) DEN @gonickmontana 4) HOU Oilers @purplehaze 11) DAL @kamphuna8 - DAL (+4) 5) WAS @cubsfan5150 10) CAR @Barletti 6) Jax @themack- JAX (+24) 9) OAK @Thrash 7) BAL @baxterbear12 8)BUF @tadaos top team/better seed is home every round 2nd Round (seeds) 1) Tenn Titans 2) Hou Texans 3) TB/Denver winner 4)Dallas 5)Wash/Carolina winner 6)Jax Jaguars (+24 current leader for bye) 7)Baltimore/Buffalo winner
  10. All Pro Team QB1 - Brad Johnson (CHI) QB2 - Todd Marinovich (NO) RB1 - Ronald Moore (WAS) RB2 - Bobby Humphrey (NYG) RB3 - Bo Jackson (CHI) RB4 - Garrison Hearst (SEA) WR1 - Willie Anderson (JAX) WR2 - Jimmy Smith (PIT) WR3 - Troy Brown (OAK) WR4 - Marvin Harrison (KC) TE1 - Mark Bavaro (CAR) TE2 - Marcus Pollard (DAL) OL1 - Keith Sims (CHI) most total yards OL2 - Willie Anderson (NYG) most rushing yards OL3 - Mike Utley (TB) most passing yards OL4 - Lincoln Kennedy (ATL) fewest sacks OL5 - Roger Duffy (GB) OL5 from best KR DL1 - Laroi Glover (NE) DL2 - Michael Bankston (BUF) DL3 - Tim Bowens (DAL) LB1 - Roman Phifer (PIT) LB2 - Darion Connor (HOU) LB3 - William Thomas (CHI) LB4 - Willie McGinest (NO) DB1 - Ray Buchanan (GB) DB2 - Lonnie Young (SF) DB3 - Brian Dawkins (NE) DB4 - Henry Jones (ATL) K - Jason Elam (NE) P - Chris Becker (HOU)
  11. AFC QB1 - Brad Johnson (CHI) QB2 - Todd Marinovich (NO) RB1 - BO Jackson (CHI) RB2 - Garrison Hearst (SEA) RB3 - Thurman Thomas (NE) RB4 - Larry Centers (ATL) WR1 - Willie Anderson (JAX) WR2 - Troy Brown (OAK) WR3 - M. Muhammad (TB) WR4 - Ed McCaffrey (CHI) TE1 - Mark Bavaro (CAR) TE2 - Keith Jackson (TB) OL1 - Keith Sims (CHI) most total yards OL2 - Cory Raymer (CHI) most rushing yards OL3 - Mike Utley (TB) most passing yards OL4 - Lincoln Kennedy (ATL) fewest sacks OL5 - Roger Duffy (GB) OL5 from best KR DL1 - Laroi Glover (NE) DL2 - Marco Coleman (ATL) DL3 - John Randle (NO) LB1 - Darion Connor (HOU) LB2 - William Thomas (CHI) LB3 - Willie McGinest (NO) LB4 - Randall Godfrey (OAK) DB1 - Ray Buchanan (GB) DB2 - Brian Dawkins (NE) DB3 - Henry Jones (ATL) DB4 - Tom Carter (CHI) K - Jason Elam (NE) P - Rick Partridge (GB) NFC QB1 - Steve McNair (PIT) QB2 - Trent Green (DAL) RB1 - Ronald Moore (WAS) RB2 - Bobby Humphrey (NYG) RB3 - Barry Foster (SF) RB4 - Marshall Faulk (BAL) WR1 - Jimmy Smith (PIT) WR2 - Marvin Harrison (KC) WR3 - Isaac Bruce (CLE) WR4 - Sam Graddy (SF) TE1 - Marcus Pollard (DAL) TE2 - Mark Chmura (HOU) OL1 - Dermontti Dawson (PIT) most total yards OL2 - Willie Anderson (NYG) most rushing yards OL3 - Ray Roberts (PIT) most passing yards OL4 - Curtis Whitley (PIT) fewest sacks OL5 - Matt O'Dwyer (HOU) OL5 from best KR DL1 - Tim Bowens (DAL) DL2 - Michael Bankston (BUF) DL3 - Chuck Smith (PIT) LB1 - Roman Phifer (PIT) LB2 - Ray Lewis (HOU) LB3 - Derrick Brooks (KC) LB4 - Ken Harvey (NYG) DB1 - Lonnie Young (SF) DB2 - Aaron Glenn (CLE) DB3 - Wayne Haddix (IND) DB4 - Jeff Burris (HOU) K - Pete Stoyanovich (SF) P - Chris Becker (HOU)
  12. I’ll be at Bradley International Airport (Windsor Locks CT) Friday 3-330 picking up a couple ppl flying In for tourney - if can get flight lands around same time!
  13. Here’s the hotel everyone stays at across street from the tourney
  14. Friday night at the Tundra bowl National CHampionship there's going to be 2 vs 2 team Tecmo tourney ! 1 person is going to win the raffle for an entire trip to Wisconsin for the tourney!! We have the room at Blackstone for the entire day + night! Will be no rushing to leave for another party/etc. we have stuff going on from 9am all night if you want to stay that late playing Tecmo (as well as other games w/ the NES Everdrive hooked up w/ every game for NES made on there in addition to every year rosters for Tecmo from 2010 - current 2019/20! IF there's another game you're interested in playing let me know we can set it up if other ppl want to run vs you for Saturday as well as FRiday ngiht at hotel!
  15. Mega Man Shoes

    No way I could not send


    thought of you immediately

    Good luck at Northeast!

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