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  1. The rom reflects the original 1991 version with no hacks. Did I miss something? I'm using John NES emulator for android.
  2. Awesome rom.... I wish my Texas Longhorns would have made it into your game.... Hint, hint?
  3. Awesome roms. I was wondering if there would be a midseason update due to all the recend changes in the NFL (Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson etc.)
  4. My family and I are gathered together praying for you and your family.
  5. As of Nov 25th, the cancer is completely gone. Surgery and radiation is still required but at least the cancer is gone. Thanks "cowboyschamps" for the prayers.
  6. Thanks to QBVIKINGS and his awesome SNES TSB 2014 Final Edition rom, I proudly release an edit that shows off the breast cancer pink in the uniforms. I made a few adjustments to the uniforms and added pink to the wrist bands and socks/shoes. Sorry that I was unable to get this edit out for the month of October. I did not want to do to much to this rom because it was perfectly done. I dedicate this to my lovely wife and to all those who have suffered through breast cancer. This has been that hardest time for my wife and family to go through. So many people have suffered through breast cancer and I now I can relate. Please keep my family and all those who have fought/fighting breast cancer. She has her last of 20 chemo treatments on Friday. Surgery, radiation, and a second surgery yet to come. I hope no one ever has to go through this, but if you do, I hope this rom puts a smile on your face. I thank everyone who has made this game a great success and keep up the good work. Tecmo Super Bowl SNES QBVIKINGS (FINAL EDITION)2013-2014_BREAST CANCER EDITION.smc
  7. Like usual your rom is superior. For accuracy, can you change Jacoby Jones to be the Ravens kickoff returner. The 109 yd return was breathe taking
  8. Just posted the correct rom. Sorry
  9. Done. See the first post. Sorry it took me a while, PC was giving me fits.
  10. Ok, I will have it by tonight. Good idea. I will do that. Thanks again everyone.
  11. Increased the Nigerian Nightmare from 50ms to 56ms. 1991 SNES TSB OKOYE UPDATE.smc
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