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  1. Poor guy probably has a condition after all those blocks.
  2. The guy totally puts out a BSD vibe in those zubaz.
  3. segathonsov

    S46 Draft Big Board - Value Tandems!

    The Draft was always my favorite part of HSTL.
  4. segathonsov

    New TSB prototype surfaces

    Great find, I'm gonna go ahead and start the rumor that Dickerson is on this cart to drive up the price :)
  5. We are getting old, I googled "teen wolf gif" and the first 100 images are all of the new Teen Wolf MTV show. Anyways this will be me ordering my first drink at Tin Shed
  6. Mystic Lake Casino, Valley Fair Amusment Park and Canterbury Horse track are pretty close as well to the Tin Shed if you are looking for stuff to do Friday or Sunday
  7. Pizza's fine from what I remember, They do a few weird menu items like hotdish. I work about a block from there so I need to make a mental note to keep my clothes on for the whole tourney. Working on getting some Segathon bros to come, but they will probably just watch. They still tell stories of watching the Madison guys changing out their lineup so fast at a Tomzack Bowl that they are scared to pick up a controller now. Sammie let me know if you want me to bring a few segas for some Jam/NHL side games. Also have this firepro wresting for PS2 that resembles the old wreslefest arcade game. Has all the old WWF guys on it. Think you can do 8 guys playing at once.
  8. I searched the whole internet and there is no gif accurately portray my happiness....
  9. segathonsov

    Poetry Hour

    The Drones Curse I will catch you I am unrelenting I am faster Zig....Zag! Zig....Zag ! Like King Sisyphus rolling a bolder up a steep hill for eternity I will always fall for the Zig Zag
  10. A live look at me trying to hold off all advancing Summer Plans with kids and family to keep August 4th open for Tecmo Tomfoolery.....
  11. Hope the Madison Crew gets you a cake!
  12. In honor of the Hardcore being on 6/9. I have Ranked all #69's in TSB Keith "Not Phil" Sims LG Dolphins and his 69 HP Popcorn Making Power Darrell "Alexander" Hamilton LT Broncos 56 HP (Highest on Broncs Line) Les "is More" Miller NT Chargers and his 56 HP 38 MS "WorldWide" Will Wolford LT Bills 50 HP protecting QB BSD's Blind Side Todd "the Bod" Kalis RG Vikes and his 50 HP Houston "Popcorns at 69HP" Hoover LG Falcons and his 44 HP Tim "Can't Lurch if he tried" Krumrie NT 31 MS
  13. Love this thread...
  14. @El Guapo I like your style dude. New rule, after every win you must add werewolf make up to your face and hands. At the end it will be Michael J Fox vs Jason Batemen https://www.amazon.com/Deluxe-Werewolf-Makeup-Kit-Standard/dp/B002PBPNEA
  15. May need to recreate this before every game