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  1. Trying to figure how I can use the @arncoem playbook and get to Sammish WA on a "Business trip" in July.
  2. Nice get! Seems like a very likable guy. Does he still sell his "over the middle" hot sauce?
  3. I want to be called AC the whole tournament, and to honor the second greatest AC, AC Slater I will sit like this for all of my games.
  4. You have a blackbelt in photoshop. Love the pic of Spirit Bo Jackson. He will haunt my dreams
  5. Road Tripping to Des Moines Tomorrow, I got the march madness
  6. You guys still do these? Love it! My signatures were always better than my team in HSTL
  7. That AC jersey will be mine and I am going to JJ other's drink orders.
  8. Rick's safe as long as not viking sex boat parties happen.
  9. 6?! Did the football team take all the 4H scholarships? Ricky will avenge his father this Thursday.
  10. my apologies I rooted for Nebraska for the last 5 minutes of the game and must of jinxed em. Does Nebraksa know they can sub players?
  11. We need to do a video like this, but with Fummies and JJ's of the Tecmo gods
  12. I can't wait for the Oscar worthy entrance of the Grand Conjurer
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