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  1. segathonsov Was the HSTL Dolphin's Owner in the early 2010's but I kept breeding and had to resign ownership due to too many crying kids and dirty looks from the wife when I played scheduled league games instead of changing diapers. Hope to return to glory soon. Do we still do sigs? Basically had to give up my social security number to get accesses to my photobucket account where my old sigs were stored....
  2. I'll be there at the Tin Shed! After watching the Tundra Bracket reveal, Trying to find a way to go. See my chart....still working on it.
  3. The Tecmo gods always pulling the strings of fate preventing me from attending Tundra.
  4. nice work. Is 96 the best of the series on Gens? was there much changes to the series from 95-98?
  5. how'd the bills go so late? Sounds like my kind of tourney.
  6. This would lower my life expectancy dramatically but it is a trade off I am willing to make...
  7. @SammieSmith33 pulls out all the stops! my kind of tourney with all the weird wrinkles in reg season games. Great job as always Great time reconnecting with friends and meeting new tecmo buds. Here's the epic comeback game between @joeygats and @justinpeters51
  8. just watched the twitch video reveal loved the tecmo credits music show
  9. May have to, need to check with Sammie to see if we have enough room for non tecmo stations.
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