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  1. May have to, need to check with Sammie to see if we have enough room for non tecmo stations.
  2. It's been 7 hours and 13 days since you took Burning Mort away...
  3. After a grueling 12 hours of Burning Mort, The Grand Conjurer, growing weak from spreading his magic "seed" everywhere holds the sacred closing ceremony. Frolf, PCB (People's Champ's Brother) and Josh 2.0 take home the Trophy. Not captured on film due to the electromagnetic field created the Grand Conjurer vanished in a puff of smoke to his Dreamland where he will rest and let his powers regenerate for Burning Mort 4.
  4. There are no words for how great Burning Mort is. The surprises and the level of detail is out of this world. Case in point, Conjurer draws phallic vegetables and fruits with our names on them out of a sack to pick teams, every veggie is different. I'll post the closing ceremony and a better recap later but I still have no voice and look haggard. I was buying a lot of groceries yesterday and the check out lady asked if my kids were back from COLLEGE. The Conjurers magic comes at a cost to your life force aging you 15 years in a single night.
  5. The Grand Conjurer powers grow in the Peace Garden State. The tecmo gods at Burning Mort are more powerful yet powerless when the Grand Conjurer hold court. His magic flute is listed as a weapon of mass procreation It is said that under his mask a whole civilization of tiny Fergies and Joshua Duhamels prosper
  6. Judging you only by your memes, I think we could be best friends...
  7. Trying to figure how I can use the @arncoem playbook and get to Sammish WA on a "Business trip" in July.
  8. Nice get! Seems like a very likable guy. Does he still sell his "over the middle" hot sauce?
  9. I want to be called AC the whole tournament, and to honor the second greatest AC, AC Slater I will sit like this for all of my games.
  10. You have a blackbelt in photoshop. Love the pic of Spirit Bo Jackson. He will haunt my dreams
  11. Road Tripping to Des Moines Tomorrow, I got the march madness
  12. You guys still do these? Love it! My signatures were always better than my team in HSTL
  13. That AC jersey will be mine and I am going to JJ other's drink orders.
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