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  1. The owners knew the deadline so i think the trades should not count.
  2. Yes to Joe Cool, Waymer & Simms and next time perhaps to Deberg and Dorset
  3. Yes - Vince Ferragamo & Walter Payton No - Franco Harris & Steve Watson
  4. I would like to see the salary cap implemented at some point, the biggest concern I have is the changes w the database- not that it can’t be done but we will need someone with the know-how to commit some time to it. I think we have enough data to come up w a reasonable salary cap and if we are able to work out the kinks we can always circle an offseason as a target for the change so owners can prepare accordingly. I think if we can pull this off this would take WTF to even greater heights - the offseason would be super exciting. It would really force some strategy.
  5. Weeks 6 Oct. 2 Weeks 7-8 Oct. 6 Week 9 Oct. 10 Week 10 Oct. 14 Week 11 Oct. 18 Week 12 Oct. 22 Week 13 Oct. 26 Week 14 Oct 30 Week 15-16 Nov. 3 Deadline Nov. 13
  6. AFC 12-4 11-5 10-6 11-2 8-7 --------------------------------------- 8-7 8-8 7-8 7-8 NFC 11-2 10-6 9-7 9-6 8-5 ----------------------------- 8-6 7-6 7-8
  7. Weeks 1,2 April 14 Week 3 April 17 Week 4 April 21 Week 5 April 25 Week 6 April 29 Week 7 May 3 Week 8 May 7 Week 9 May 11 Week 10 May 15 Week 11 May 19 Week 12 May 23 Week 13 May 27 Week 14 May 31 Weeks 15,16 June 4 Season Deadline June 14
  8. Grudge Match! Chiefs have owned the AFC West since the inception of the league in 1980. 1984 was the year the Steelers would win the west. Chiefs head coach took this one hard and voiced his displeasure to his team all week leading up to the game. Temps were cold and field conditions icy. Chiefs opened up with the ball and moved the it well and then a jarring hit after Marcus Allen hauled in a short yardage reception left the pigskin loose on the turf - Steelers recover and Montana made quick work of the short field and the Chiefs D. 7-0 Steelers. Next possession Chiefs would quickly tie the game up as Vince Feragammo decided early he was going to his star wr Butler all game. Butler would find the end zone to tie the game at 7.. Steelers weren't having it, Montana charged back and went to his money play, pass 3 and hit McDole for the 14-7 lead. The frozen tundra would strike again, Chiefs fumble on the ensuing kickoff and a quick strike to Freddie Solomon for his 2nd TD would put the Steelers up 21-7 game over? Chiefs fortunately had over 2 min to go before half time, Feragammo and Butler went back to work - faced with a 4th and 3 on their own 30, Chiefs went for it. Gammon hit Butler deep and got KC inside the Steeler 10 and Kevin Mack then trucked some Steeler defenders into the end zone - Chiefs trailed at half 21-14. Steelers opened up the 2nd half w the ball and the Chiefs forced them to a 3 and out. Chiefs went to work, Feragammo went to his money man Butler and tied up the score 21-21. Early 4th qtr Steelers in Chiefs red zone were now forced to kick a field goal as the Chiefs D stiffened. Steelers inside it and Chiefs recover and decide to run around some to run down the clock. Chiefs used the clock and Marcus Allen would finally catch a dump off and score with :59 seconds to go. 28-24. Steelers would have enough time to get down to the Chiefs 20 and have one last chance but only to have it thwarted by Roland James.. Chiefs advance. 28 24
  9. Who wants to make the post season?!! AFC 1) 12-3 2) 13-3 3) 10-6 4) 10-6 5) 7-6 NFC 1) 13-2 2) 11-4 3) 9-7 4) 10-5 5) 10-6 --------------------------- 6) 10-6 7) 7-5
  10. AFC Division Winners Wild Card NFC Division winners Wild Card
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