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  1. I have thought about making a D3 rom but never did it. I usually put out just the NCAA FBS level one and make the FCS one for myself only. I have always wanted to do a high school one with the best programs of all-time. Life just gets in the way. Holy Cross has had an unreal run.
  2. You need to send App St back to Boone and add Navy! You can't have Army and not Navy. Can you add playbook editing in game? It would be amazing being that TB is so limited.
  3. Favorites - Juggernaut, Hulk, Abomination, Rhino, Sandman Never liked - Thor, Spider-Man, Jean Grey, Enchantress
  4. Don't you hate when you don't visit this kickass site regularly and then when you come back you realize all the fun you missed out on?! F me
  5. I am curious to give this a try. Getting a new phone this weekend so it may be my first download.
  6. I would love to have the original Tecmo Bowl arcade cabinet even though the game itself wasn't my favorite. I have a Zaxxon machine already and am trying to get my father-in-laws Ms.PacMan machine but he's not budging.
  7. Sorry to hear about all the struggles you're going through. Keep your head up. I can't believe you tied in Week 1! Come on man. Your brownies screwed up the draft too. They could have had Saquon first AND Mayfield at the 4th pick. Man they always find a way. I think of you every time I see them. I think they will get a win sooner rather than later. I am still a free agent fan as far as the NFL goes after hanging up my spurs after the 2016 season. I'm currently entertaining offers.
  8. I don't see them every adding Tecmo Super Bowl to their online lineup though. The NFL license being the insurmountable hurdle there. You would think after all this time it wouldn't still hold them back. So annoying. I wonder if the 78,000 TSB fans on Facebook would inspire them to add it. It's probably not enough.
  9. Great thread idea! I will post my collection some day soon. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that bought TSB for the PS or Tecmo Bowl Kickoff for the Nintendo DS. I guess every collection has a dog or two.
  10. I was only 6 years old when we my non-sports parents had a Super Bowl X party at our house. Growing up outside DC everyone in my family was a Redskins fan except my two older boy cousins that liked the Cowboys just to be different. They recruited me to the dark side* that day. I felt bad for the losing Cowboys and Staubach. Instantly, the Steelers became Public Enemy #1. Two years later, losing to the Steelers again in Super Bowl XIII was even more painful. To answer your question, Roger Staubach was tops in my book and Lynn Swann was the bottom. The dumb redneck at QB for the Steelers was 2nd from the bottom. *Two years ago, I finally snapped and hung up my spurs as a Cowboys fan after 40 years. I couldn't take another single second of Jerraah Jones or Jason "The Clap" Garrett. I'm a free agent fan now.
  11. The 2018-19 College Football Season kicks off today! I ran five sims of the big games using my TSB NCAA19 rom. Sat Aug 25 (Not any great games but when you're starving for some football it's something.) Duquesne at UMass 530pm Prairie View at Rice 7pm Espn+ Hawaii at Colorado State 730pm CBSSN Wyoming at New Mexico State 10pm Espn2 Thur Aug 30 12 games, Northwestern at Purdue is the biggest game of the week. Sat Sept 1 (Real Official Kick-Off) JMU at NC State 12pm EspnU (Wolfpack on Upset Alert. GO DUKES!) Florida Atlantic at Oklahoma Washington at Auburn Michigan at Notre Dame Sun Sept 2 Miami vs LSU (Dallas) 730pm ABC Mon Sept 3 Virginia Tech at Florida State 8pm Espn
  12. Seven year bump, impressive or just weird? 1st post may explain it. If valid, why would you add Michigan State to 1AA?! They don't deserve to be demoted. Why not download one of my other college roms (links below) that already have the Spartans on it. Good luck.
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