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  1. I'm going to break precedent here and reveal that yes, for the 5th year running, Flo was the #1 overall seed. Good luck Group 26! In unrelated news, we're happy to report that there will be an ESPN presence at this tournament. As of now, they're sending only a writer, but hopefully the mothership will course-correct and send a camera crew. Who wouldn't want to see Mort perform cunnilingus on a cartridge again?
  2. Let's just say I learned nothing from you and Regulator. Had to bump the date back because my proposal for a live birth at the tournament was not exactly well-received. #BeholdTheTecmoJesus
  3. Haven't yet seen or heard the stream, but they were great when they did it a few years back. The perfect combination of knowledge, gray hair, and humor.
  4. Post-TecmoXI thoughts/observations: Congratulations Derek. In all the drunken hoopla last night, I’m not sure I personally congratulated you. I apologize. Great run and some fantastic Tecmo; Not making the Final 8 was a bummer, but it was AWESOME just watching the games for a change and pulling for my horses. Had a blast hopping on the VogtVan Bandwagon for a few games. #TheAlliance; We say it every year, but the competition at this event, and all tournaments, continues to improve. Gone are the days when you can breeze through to the Sweet 16; Finally, thanks to everyone involved in the production of TecmoXI. Josh and I get a ton of support from the girls, Orenga, Bailey, Durch, Knobbe, and Dave Murray. This event would not be possible (or as great) without you guys, so again, thank you.
  5. It's NOT too late. Turns out we might be in need of a No. 1 seed.
  6. The Winner's Bracket Final (Game K) theoretically happens before the Loser's Bracket Semifinal (Game L), so the loser of the former gets a 1-game break before playing again, this time for his tournament life (Game M). That said, the order isn't set in stone, and I'm sure Game L has preceded Game K before.
  7. We place the top 2 seeds in each group on opposite ends of the bracket. The other 6 guys are randomly placed into the other slots. You consequently will not know your first opponent until tournament day.
  8. For those who may have missed it in their email, attached is a Madison Madness FAQ and a blank "bracket." The basics are these: If you want to participate in this March Madness spin-off, it's $10 payable on tournament day, but your "bracket" is due no later than 5:00 p.m. on March 6th. Good luck. Madison_Madness_FAQ1.docx Madison_Madness-Blank_Bracket1.xlsx
  9. Now. >https://twitter.com/TecmoMadison/status/569270715830177792
  10. This is awesome Dave. You can certainly argue that some guys are too high (Peter K) or too low (you, Orenga), but the objectivity is great. And you're right about Orenga's home-field advantage. It used to be irrelevant, as he wasn't that good. Those days, however, are gone.That crowd could prove decisive in a big game or two this year.
  11. He was just warming up. In the two hours or so that I followed the stream, he ripped you, said that Regulator wasn't all that special in a fantasy land that doesn't include tapping (for the 1000th time), mentioned that online>live (for the 1000th time), and mentioned that there weren't that many good players at the tourney. Congrats to Reg on the victory and thanks to Chris for the stream. Enjoyed what I saw. And congrats to Nick on a very nice run.
  12. Appeal to your wife's fiscal sensibilities. Tell her that missing the tournament is financially irresponsible. For christ sake, the IRS thinks you're on the Colonel Muster Enterprises payroll.
  13. My thoughts following a crazy, fun-filled weekend in North Dakota: The North Dakota crew did an excellent job hosting. Here's a snippet of what the competitors encountered: The North Dakota Tecmo Hall of Fame. So much hilarious memorabilia therein. Only 1 person could touch the merchandise--"Do not touch the merchandise. You are not that important. Unless you are Mort. Are you Mort?"; The Tecmo Trading Cards may be the single-greatest Tecmo-related invention since Tecmo itself. There's a whole deck of Regulator, Mort, and all your favorite Tecmo legends; Incorporation of those who couldn't attend. We had Mort's reading of Big Red's legendary post, the Godfather's coy narrative, and the Vogts wishing good luck to everyone in the final session; A great dinner spread with sloppy jo's, pork, beans, desserts, everything a hungry Tecmoer could ask for; Dave Murray remotely purchasing 20 shots for all participants, before the opening session, was an act of true class. Thanks Dave; Some great games all around. The Cup was decided in the final singles session, where Team Madison took 7 of 8 matches, thereby earning 7 full points and pulling away. Orenga finally had enough to drink such that he wasn't shitting himself with fear; Maybe the North Dakota guys will get around to posting the individual game results; Listening to Sconnie rip Ed and crack jokes all day was a blast. From where he conceived the drunken Betty Crocker metaphor, I will never know: "I create offense where none exists. Like Betty Crocker, I mix the ingredients, throw them in the oven, and out pops a cake"; Hanging at the local Davenport bar afterwards was legendary. My face actually hurt on Sunday from perma-grin: "I'm so horny now that we have the Cup"; "The good thing about this bar is there is no closing time. They serve until no one is willing to drink"; "I'll give you three Regulators for that Vogt card." Thanks again to everyone involved in hosting this grand event. The next Ryder Cup will likely move east and, hopefully, we can get even more teams. There's just nothing like the Ryder Cup and its unique team-based dynamic.
  14. Oh my, these Tecmo player cards are absolutely glorious!
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