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  1. I'll take your DB. I need one desperately.
  2. I checked the status pages. It says Williams is retired, but he's got the contract, so I'm good. Phew.. Relief.
  3. You damn right I'm unpresent. I wanted to slap a contract on Williams and Mitchell. I haven't had the chance to do anything in the last two weeks. What's my status with the contracts anyway.
  4. You want my pick? I'll take your stud WR
  5. www.twitch/tv/dancingnunchkus Yes, it's missing the A because it wouldn't fit. I know I'm going to get that question sooner or later. I also stream Duke Nukem 3D and other retro games.
  6. You fuckers know me already. Get me in as soon as possible.
  7. Nope. Didn't know about the .hacks in place. I shall do my best regardless
  8. AIM: DancingNunchakus E-mail: [email protected] Team Preference: Any Current Leagues: None TPC Record: played 200+ games Can host?: No I'm back. I also see Bruddog worked the magic for an anti turbo emulator. Thank God........
  9. When the moon comes up on the West Coast.
  10. CARDINALS 24 BILLS 14 I knocked him out of the playoffs. End of story.
  11. Oh no no no. I'm still here. Don't replace me yet.
  12. Two more added!! WTFC weeks 9 and 10. Go check out week 10. It'll blow your fuckin' mind.
  13. CARDINALS 28 FALCONS 24 Fuck me......Watch this game. That is all. It'll be up in about 30 minutes.
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