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  1. Since the NFL license isn't happening right now, will they be allowing file sharing via the Internet for the Wii version?
  2. Someone mentioned earlier about how difficult it is to get the rosters straight these days. I totally agree. I've been working on mine for a while now and I still don't feel as if I'm done. I'll attach them to this post for anyone who wants to take a gander. The 2-point conversion would be nice, but I'd imagine that there would have to be some CPU logic added to the game, so that might not be possible. Actually, I'd like to see a very basic fantasy draft available for preseason games. I doubt that would be viable for a season (again, CPU draft selection logic would be necessary), but would be nice for man vs man competition. I'm not a programmer and space is at a premium right now, so it probably can't happen. I'm very interested in seeing what will happen with this weather option... Have a good one. tecmo2007_32.zip
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