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  1. Get the newest version of TSB Tool. It's somewhere on this site.
  2. Another strong write-up. In season 2 with the Chiefs, the switch of Derrick Thomas from LB to DE is a big deal. I was able to play Nickel a lot in the 1992 season and use Thomas, but the LB group in 1993 is really rough. I found myself playing with Charles Mincy more often than not. In 1992, I had the top ranked defense against the pass and the rush. In the 1993 season, I was #1 against the pass but #3 against the run. Most RBs toward the end of the season and in the playoffs were able to have their way against me. The offense is much better in 1993. Montana makes these receivers look a lot better than they are. He threw for 4,089 yards, 65 TDs and 5 INTs (I recall 3 INTs in the first 3 games). I'm not convinced Marcus Allen is better in the running game than the Okoye/Word tandem in 1992, but he is so much better in the passing game. Just like 1992, Todd McNair is a sleeper on offense in the passing game. He needs to be in the lineup when in Good or better. I managed to finish 16-0 and win the Super Bowl, but got off easy in my playoff matchups again. I had Buffalo in the divisional playoff, Denver in the conference championship, and Detroit in the Super Bowl. I forgot how much fun the 3-season mode is. Glad I gave it another shot.
  3. I started up a 3-year mode with Kansas City. The writeups here are pretty accurate based on what I have seen. Running with the Chiefs is pretty difficult. You really need to pay attention to condition. You have to go with the hot hand. Okoye and Word can go from Bad to Excellent in a moment's notice. You need to take advantage of their condition. Still, with the injuries, I couldn't muster 500 yards with either of them and finished dead last in the league in rushing. I think you have to pass with this team to generate any offense. Todd McNair is sneaky good in the passing game. If his condition improves to Good, he needs to be in the lineup. He is especially necessary late in the season when the WRs are well covered and the RBs are able to get open. Word and Okoye are both useless in the passing game. Keith Cash is also a sleeper on the bench since Hayes has pretty bad hands. On defense, I had my best success running the Nickel, calling running plays, and controlling Derrick Thomas. I wound up finishing first in both passing and rushing defense. You don't roll up a lot of sacks with this method, but you can slow down the best offenses this way. Thomas did get hurt twice during the season, since he was in the middle of the action on nearly every play. I was able to finish the regular season 15-1 with my only loss to the Steelers. I rolled through a very fortunate playoff draw of Miami, Houston, and Washington to win the Super Bowl.
  4. TSB Tool should allow you to view contents from the most recent ROM and then apply to an older working ROM.
  5. There is jailbroken firmware that allows you to load games from the SD card slot. I assume that is what the original poster is referring to. I had the same problem, so I began copying the updated rosters to older rom files to play the game. I think it’s probably related to the core used to run NES games, but I’m far from an expert.
  6. Thanks for your help. I had found a lot of topics on the board, but not this thread. This worked! My specific edit was located at x42A8.
  7. I built an all-time team rom a while back and decided to update it based on the 2013 32-team rom file. As part of this project, I want to include multiple teams from the same franchise. In this case, I am replacing the Chargers with the 83 Raiders. I was able to link the appropriate large helmet, and thought that I had the mini helmet done as well. When I look at the team data screen, everything looks ok. Then, when I pull up the team control screen, the helmet is completely blacked out. Has anyone run into this problem before? Any advice is appreciated. I am probably going to repeat this process to replace the Texans, Lions, and Cardinals. I feel like the Cardinals part replacement will be difficult.
  8. Since the NFL license isn't happening right now, will they be allowing file sharing via the Internet for the Wii version?
  9. Someone mentioned earlier about how difficult it is to get the rosters straight these days. I totally agree. I've been working on mine for a while now and I still don't feel as if I'm done. I'll attach them to this post for anyone who wants to take a gander. The 2-point conversion would be nice, but I'd imagine that there would have to be some CPU logic added to the game, so that might not be possible. Actually, I'd like to see a very basic fantasy draft available for preseason games. I doubt that would be viable for a season (again, CPU draft selection logic would be necessary), but would be nice for man vs man competition. I'm not a programmer and space is at a premium right now, so it probably can't happen. I'm very interested in seeing what will happen with this weather option... Have a good one. tecmo2007_32.zip
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