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    allamerican1569 reacted to Jimmy1996 in Tecmo Texas 02/01/2020 Dallas - Cancelled   
    Tecmo Texas will be Saturday Feb 1st 2020 at 10 am at Three Links Bar in Deep Elluim Dallas Texas. Admission is $20 and can be paid at the door. This will be a double elmination tournament played down to a single elmination playoff round. Cash prizes for top finishers! For any questions hit up Brett Micheal or SuicideKing! East Texas Legend "Pookie Pookums" will be attending!
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    allamerican1569 reacted to Bad Moon Rison in Bronx, NY - 01/25/20 - Bronx Bowl 2020   
    Official promo for the tourney

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    allamerican1569 reacted to toolie in Detroit, MI - 3/07/20 - Tecmo Kumite VIII   
    Sign-ups for Kumite VIII are now live! Registration Page: https://bit.ly/2s6TAax This year we are offering two divisions of competition. Compete for the title of Kumite Champion in the Globo Gym (Black Belt) division. Square off with other avid Tecmoers, minus the sharks, in the Average Joe's (Brown Belt) division. Cash, prizes, and raffle items will be ample and up for grabs for all competitors! Enjoy a discount if you submit your registration fee by 2/29. Send registration fee via PayPal to: [email protected] Join us at Bookies on March 7th for The Kumite!   Globo Gym (Black Belt) Division Registered Players 1. Matt O. (Toolie) - Grand Blanc, MI 2. Levi L. (Nelson79) - Seymour, WI 3. Ed P. (Fast Ed) - Novi, MI 4. Joe Pasta (Shark) - Chesterfield, MI 5. Kevin M. (kmolnar) - Outta Town 6. Rico R. (ryan33fulcher) - Franklin, WI 7. Basilios B. (Alpha Tap Dog) - Flint, MI (*** 2019 Brown Belt Champ ***) 8. Eric O. (Bob Sacamano) - Waterford, MI 9. Tom S. (RetroSportsGamer) - Chicago, IL 10. Louis B. (Red98sethuthut) - Buffalo, NY 11. Francis B. (Mort) - Riverside, IL 12. Hank D. (hankthetank) - Green Bay, WI 13. Tim U. (the shield) - Menasha, WI 14. Dan S. (DPS) - Chicago, IL   Average Joe's (Brown Belt) Division Registered Players 1. Jordan T. (TeacherResellerGuy) - Rochester Hills, MI 2. Randall C. (Deezy83) - Chesterfield, MI 3. Nick G. (NickG80) - Highland, MI 4. Mark N. (LurchKing) - University Heights, OH 5. Robert W. (KornKid) - Mount Morris, MI 6. Max B. (MaddMax16) - Dexter, MI 7. John R. (Razor9) - New Boston, MI (*** 2019 White Belt Champ ***) 8. Jay M. (Hitman) - Peck, MI 9. Mark B. (Bucky) - Brooklyn, OH 10. Trevor B. (Bucky 2.0) - Brooklyn, OH 11. Bryan A. (Tugboat) - Cleveland, OH 12. Jeremy B. - Berkley, MI 13. Kevin P. (PaskdaYooper) - Escanaba, MI  
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    allamerican1569 reacted to kamphuna8 in Sammamish WA, 11/9/2019, CFT TSD 1 - Silence of the Rams   
    Super (obviously) important oversharing of my thought processes for the name of this shindig. I perused the top movies of 1991 and used them in this stream of consciousness. 
    My Own Private Bo... Or Joe...
    Backdraft Draftback
    Beauty and the East
    What about Bob Nelson?
    Point Broke
    Boyz All in Good
    JFK - Jerry, Fulcher and Krieg
    Robbin Good (Players) : Price of Thieves
    My Girl - (byline of Silence of the Rams) #Chrissy
    Fried Green Marinos
    Slacker (The Draft)
    The Last Cowboy Scout
    The Add Man's Family
    Don't Tell TBK The Cardinals are Dead
    CCing with the Enemy
    Bills and Jets Bogus Journey
    New Bo Jackson City
    An American Tail: Thurmal Goes West
    LA Story
    Dead Again
    The Prince of Sides (Swappin)
    and finally
    Necessary Roughness
    Oh yeah, we're doing a Tecmo thing this weekend on Saturday at the Eagle's Nest in Sammamish (we gonna change that moniker to the Hawk's Nest?)
    Here are the particulars:

    CONCEPT: 7 players will be participating in a one-day tecmo tournament in a format never before seen. There will be two rounds of drafting, a TEAM draft and PLAYER STEALING draft. 
    1. TEAM DRAFT: 
    Each of the 7 players will choose 4 teams each from the original TSB, totalling 28 teams. This will be a SNAKE draft (person picking last in round 1 picks first in round 2, etc). There’s not much for rules here, pick a team that hasn't been taken yet, and make it snappy.
    Once the teams are chosen, there will be a 2 round NON-SNAKE draft, beginning with the last team selected and ending with the first team selected. This draft has lots of rules, so read a few times to make sure you got it.
    RULE 1: You cannot steal from one of your own teams.
    Example: You drafted the teams SF, SD, NO, IND. Any time you’re up to steal a player, you CANNOT steal players from those teams.
    RULE 2: A team can only be stolen from a maximum of 3 times.
    Once this limit is hit, the team is immune from being stolen for the rest of the draft.
    Example: The Oilers lose Warren Moon, Drew Hill, and Richard Johnson. They are now immune from being stolen from again, so if you want Lorenzo White, get him EARLY. 
    RULE 3: Once a team loses a player, the position of that player is immune from future steals
    Example: If Joe Montana is stolen, Steve Young is safe. If Bo Jackson is stolen, Marcus Allen is safe. If Derrick Thomas is stolen, Percy Snow is safe. Etc for all positions
    RULE 4: The player you steal must be the same position and alignment as the player you’re giving. 
    Example: Jerry Rice is WR2. If you want to steal him, you gotta trade your WR2.
    Example: Gil Byrd is DB2. If you want him, you gotta trade your DB2
    RULE 5: There will be NO RE-ALIGNMENTS
    Example: If you steal Gil Byrd, get ready to play DB2
    RULE 6: Once a player is stolen, they cannot be RE-STOLEN again.
    Example: IND takes QB Eagles. QB Eagles is the IND QB for the rest of the draft.
    RULE 7: A given player can be stolen by another team, but a given player may NOT be given away again in another trade.
    This is the most complex rule, so a couple examples will help explain the logic.
    Example A: Indianapolis, with the first pick, steals QB Eagles (and in exchange, give the Eagles their original QB1, Jeff George). 
    Now that IND has QB Eagles and PHI has Jeff George...
    QB Eagles is immune from being stolen from the Colts (per Rule 6), 
    Jim McMahon is immune from being stolen from the Eagles (per Rule 3), 
    The owner of PHI may NOT trade away Jeff George for another QB1, but some other team COULD steal Jeff George (per Rule 7)
    Example B: Cleveland, knowing someone will eventually steal QB Browns, preemptively solves their QB problem by stealing Warren Moon from HOU (and in exchange, gives      QB Browns to HOU)
    Now that CLE has Warren Moon and HOU has QB Browns…
    Warren Moon is immune from being stolen from the Browns (per Rule 6)
    Cody Carlson is immune from being stolen from the Oilers (per Rule 3)
    The owner of HOU may not trade away QB Browns for another QB1, but some other team COULD steal QB Browns (per Rule 7)
    So Far we are done through Round 4. I'll post the results below but will keep the End Results on this top post of this thread. 
    Round Zero: Picking draft slot
    Joey B - 1.
    Shamanyo - 2
    Boogie with Stu - 3
    Tick - 4
    Gripsmoke - 5
    DT - 7
    Kamp - left with 6
    Teams selected. 
    Joey B:         
    STU Boogie:        
    Player Draft:
    1.1 Browns snatch QB Eagles, giving up QB Browns to Philly  
    1.2 Bucs snatch Jerry Rice, giving up Bruce Hill to the 49ers. 
    1.3 Eagles snatch Bo Jackson, giving up Keith Byars 
    1.4 Falcons snatch Joe Montana, giving Chris Miller
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    allamerican1569 reacted to TimPapi in Green Bay, WI : Full Nelson II Hardcore 10-19-2019 Noon   
    Great Tournament by Troy, I had a great run and more importantly, had fun with a lot of good dudes. BEAST matchups with legendary Tecmo ballers all day long like TundraYeti, Nelson79, DPS, Tom, GreenMajik and JoeyGats. I like the format of picking teams in tiers. My take on the hardcore format is that it just rules some of the playbook out, or you have to be smart picking your formations. 
    I can't say enough about Trojan getting his WORK in setting up, officiating, administrating and streaming...TROJAN IS A GRINDER. Trojan even steps to the mic and kills the national anthem to get it started. It gives Jim Cornelison a run for his money. 
    Other highlights include: LOW ENTRY FEE, free pizza, Tom's commentary, pass 3, awesome bartenders, hardly any downtime, and good brews, people and Tecmo.
    I really still can't believe I won. As a wiser fella than myself once told me, sometimes you eat the bar, and well, sometimes the bar, it eats you. 
    With all of my lovesauce,
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    allamerican1569 got a reaction from Tecmo-Mad-Brad in Green Bay, WI : Full Nelson II Hardcore 10-19-2019 Noon   
    Great tournament run by Troy.  The value was unbelievable really.  For $20 - $30 entry you got entered into a free raffle with some great prizes (I won the signed Andre Reed jersey and $35 gift certificate to the bar), got a free drink, and there was free pizza coming out for hours during the tournament.  Top 2 players took home some good cash prizes as well.  The guys that came were all laid back and fun to hang out with.  Troy set up and tore down the whole tournament himself, set up the stream, and sat out playing to commentate all day and enter all the scores on challonge.   We were done with the whole tournament in less than 7 hours and everyone got at least 7 games in.  Truly an impressive effort.  Also, the bartenders and patrons of the bar were extremely friendly which made for an excellent time in-between games.   If you haven't been to a GBLAN Tournament yet, then I don't know what you are waiting for.  Troy's a one man show.  Oh yeah he sang the national anthem too.
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    allamerican1569 reacted to trojan1979 in Green Bay, WI : Full Nelson II Hardcore 10-19-2019 Noon   
    Thanks to all who participated this weekend in Full Nelson 2, and the Tecmo Bowl tournament the night before.  Our venue change back to Boehmer's worked very well.  We ate copious amounts of sponsored pizza, and consumed other nutrients in the form of drink, all while playing games we all love.
    To kick off things Friday, Brad Bell took home the Tecmo Bowl championship.    You can watch the entire stream here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05De6ceDXec
    We presented @Nelson79 with his custom trophy dubbed "Lord Nelson's Cup" for his victory from Full Nelson in 2018 in the opening ceremonies.  We snapped a pick with him after. the tournament with it.

    Ultimately, he was unable to defend his title, and we crowned a new Full Nelson Champion : Timpapi, who defeated Gats in a Bills Giants revenge game.  Congrats @TimPapi!
    The entire stream can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbfFQx_mcwg  We did have a few audio glitches, but all in all the stream went smoothly.  FYI Tom and company do get a bit mouthy later in the tournament as the nutrient filled liquids took over their bodies, but mostly Tom's though.

    In an unplanned 3rd place game, @Green Majik defeats the #1 seedDPS in a 3rd place game.  DPS is now back to back the #1 seed and a 4th place finisher for Full Nelson.  He was also 4th place in the Tecmo Bowl tournament!

    A big thanks to the guys from Omaha for hanging out all weekend.  They aren't bad at TSB, but were amazing at Tecmo Bowl.  It's absolutely insane to see how good they are at that game.  Ben and Nate took 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

    We had a lot to give away at this tournament.  In addition to cash prizes, and free pizza, we gave away over $100 in bar tabs to those that stayed till the end, and all of the prizes you see here :

    Nick Schanz made out like a bandit getting both the signed Larry McCarren print and a 16bit SNES HD console from Gamerztek!

    @allamerican1569 won the signed Reed jersey, and immediately put it on.  Sorry this picture doesn't do it justice.  He was tough to lock down doing Tom things.

    Brad Bell wins the Arod figure!

    Other prize winners included Baconfan, Tim M, and Phil E.  Tom, Phil, and DKS also were random winners of bar tabs at the end for sticking it out to the finals.  DKS was still playing darts when I left the bar for the 2nd time bringing gear home.
    All in all, we had a great time.  We got most of the competitors in a group photo, a few having to leave before we got to this point.  My apologies for the darkness on these, the bar and my flash weren't cooperating.

    I'm pleased with how everything was ran from the venue, and for all the support from Dallaire and Titletown Financial.  We lost a couple competitors due to a "Stage 4 clinger" situation, which thinned the herd a bit for everyone.  Apparently Tecmo players draw in the ladies, and they can't keep their hands off of us.  No means no.
    Thanks for everyone who attended, and we can't wait for next year when we do it all over again!
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    allamerican1569 reacted to Nameless Loser in New York, NY - 10/19/19 - The New York Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament 2019   
    Once again, another great tournament in NYC. The games went really quickly throughout the day and even up until the late playoffs when we started stalling/streaming. It definitely helps those of us driving from distance.
    Congratulations to @tadaoson his dominant championship game performance and his tough semi-final victory. Also congratulations to @arncoemon his third place finish. I only managed to watch his elite eight game but I saw some good techniques in that matchup.
    Also I should give a shout-out to @Martin black who helped me train. Technically my weaknesses in this tournament were ones that can be worked off in solo training, but I would also point out that I now am running an 0-4 record vs. him. He was grateful for the experience and the chats you had with him. Many of you fought hard against him, thank you - no gimmies!!!
    Stream links (not sure what order they are in):
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    allamerican1569 reacted to trojan1979 in Green Bay, WI : Full Nelson II Hardcore 10-19-2019 Noon   
    Brad Bell is tossing another $100 on top of the 60% for first place on Friday.
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    allamerican1569 reacted to Bad Moon Rison in New York, NY - 10/19/19 - The New York Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament 2019   
    Free t-shirt for NY Tecmo 2019 to all who register by October 8th!

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    allamerican1569 reacted to trojan1979 in Green Bay, WI : Full Nelson II Hardcore 10-19-2019 Noon   
    Our awesome host "Boehmer" has just informed me that all competing will get a free drink ticket.
    We'll also have some gift certs for the bar available to be won by anyone in attendance.
    First drink is on them boys, enjoy it!
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    allamerican1569 reacted to hankthetank in retrosportsgamer.net - Tecmo Tournament Stat Tracking   
    It looks like Joseph Moore might take my most L's tittle away from me this year
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    allamerican1569 got a reaction from DPS in Chicago, IL - 9/14/19 - Tecmo Super Bowl Hardcore Championship   
    Records for the tournament are up.  Thanks to @hankthetank for making sure we recorded the playoff scores.  
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    allamerican1569 got a reaction from DPS in Chicago, IL - 9/14/19 - Tecmo Super Bowl Hardcore Championship   
    #1 Faction in Tecmo.  Home of the best in the world.

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    allamerican1569 reacted to Nameless Loser in Lurching tutorial with Gats & Nameless Loser   
    Other mort videos on the subject of lurching:
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    allamerican1569 reacted to trojan1979 in Green Bay, WI : Full Nelson II Hardcore 10-19-2019 Noon   
    Here's our promo video on Facebook!  We appreciate any help sharing and spreading the word!
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    allamerican1569 reacted to hankthetank in Chicago, IL - 9/14/19 - Tecmo Super Bowl Hardcore Championship   
    Breakout Performer- Green Majik able to best Mort to make his way to the finals
    Sir Drinksalot- ??? Maybe someone earned this later after I left
    Sir Not Appearing in this tournament- Regulator WTF happened?
    Most Entertaining- Flo
    Longest Journey- Levi this journey included returning to work at 4 AM before he was able to make it home
    Doctor- Kevin Cabarello
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    allamerican1569 reacted to Nameless Loser in Chicago, IL - 9/14/19 - Tecmo Super Bowl Hardcore Championship   
    Again I wanted to thank the whole crew, Phil, Tom, Mort, and others were all moving kit around while the rest of us were playing. trojan1979 and others for the stream setup, looking through it real quick things turned out well on both.
    Of course we should credit the experienced players for also keeping it moving. Had a lot of Tecmo and other pickup games on the side which was great for all the players. We were recruiting new players all through out the day.
    For those of you who have not been to this venue, it is not large but it is well equipped and obviously the league they run there has things decently well set up, not any space issues with the attendance. Temps were pretty good despite the number of people. I did not get a chance to currywurst due to the amount of gaming!
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    allamerican1569 reacted to trojan1979 in Chicago, IL - 9/14/19 - Tecmo Super Bowl Hardcore Championship   
    I had a tremendous time all weekend.  After visiting Galloping Ghost Arcade for the first time, I rocked it out with Kevin Cab, Mort, and Tom S for some pick up games of Tecmo, NHL94, and Street Fighter 2.
    Saturday was very well run, enough systems for everyone there, and the folks working at DMEN were fast and friendly as per usual.
    I got plenty of pick up games of other titles after getting eliminated, and spent some time on the mic.  On that note, the Mortal Kombat 2 streak on Genesis is over.  Finally someone walked in the door and beat me, although it took about 25 matches before it happened.  I was pleased to have found a new MK sparring buddy.

    My only  constructive criticism is only the duration of the tournament drags on(nearly 11 hours), mainly from the best 2/3 series.  The event was about 10-11 hours long, which poses some problems for those that try to make single day trips and want to drive back safely.  Believe me when I say this was an amazing time.  There are lots of ways to trim this down, and you have all year to figure out how that will work moving forward.
    On the day I had group play victories against Mort, Todd Daniels(Pig), and Green Majik, and dropped group play games to Nelson79 and Fast Ed.
    I lost 2/3 to Shallahbey, who snuck out a last moment score on 4th down in game one to take it.  I responded in game two, then dropped a tough tough game 3.  GG to him.
    In what will forever be known as the weirdest interview I've ever conducted, in what looks like a wedding ceremony between myself and @joeygats, the championship ring is put on his finger, and it gets stuck.  He did get it off his finger off camera, and we continued on.  A big congrats to the GOAT, who has since learned from his past hardcore woes, and adapted his game to get the championship this time around.

    Thanks to Tom for letting Carter and I crash at your pad.   Carter(he's 11, doesn't play Tecmo) played and even won a game against @NMUFred, so that was neat.  Afterward he and I spent some time on the mic as we were both out of the tournament.

    Can't wait to see most of you in Green Bay October 19th!  Great job guys!
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    allamerican1569 got a reaction from ImFlo in Chicago, IL - 9/14/19 - Tecmo Super Bowl Hardcore Championship   
    #1 Faction in Tecmo.  Home of the best in the world.

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    allamerican1569 got a reaction from red98sethuthut in Chicago, IL - 9/14/19 - Tecmo Super Bowl Hardcore Championship   
    #1 Faction in Tecmo.  Home of the best in the world.

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    allamerican1569 reacted to DPS in Chicago, IL - 9/14/19 - Tecmo Super Bowl Hardcore Championship   
    Yes! I either want Tecmo Baseball since I haven't played that since I was in 3rd grade (and I loved it then). Or I want Tecmo NBA Basketball because that's the next big tournament scene!
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    allamerican1569 reacted to red98sethuthut in Chicago, IL - 9/14/19 - Tecmo Super Bowl Hardcore Championship   
    You never know who will just show up.

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    allamerican1569 got a reaction from DPS in Chicago, IL - 9/14/19 - Tecmo Super Bowl Hardcore Championship   
    If you want the included T-Shirt included in the entry fee then register by Sept. 3rd. There is still some room for you. You can register here: https://www.retrosportsgamer.net/tecmo-super-bowl-hardcore-2
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    allamerican1569 got a reaction from DPS in Chicago, IL - 9/14/19 - Tecmo Super Bowl Hardcore Championship   
    Here are the NES sports games up for grabs for the top 20 players after group play:

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