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  1. Week 6 - Perfect Strangers Match-up Choices: TB - WAS, SD - RAM, ATL - DAL, CLE - NO, MIA - CHI, SF - NYG
  2. Week 5 - JJ's CC's and TD's, Oh My! Match-up Choices: HOU vs BUF, MIA vs KC, SEA vs CLE, MIN vs RAM, PHI vs NYG
  3. Midwest Gaming Classic TSB: https://www.retrosportsgamer.net/midwest-gaming-classic Overall Standings 2019: https://www.retrosportsgamer.net/tecmo-stats-2019
  4. Tecmo Players Championship 2: https://www.retrosportsgamer.net/tecmo-players-championship-2 Overall Standings 2019: https://www.retrosportsgamer.net/tecmo-stats-2019
  5. Week - 4 Louis Lipps sinks Ships Match-up choices: PIT - TB, PIT - DAL, PIT - NO, PIT - GB, PIT - PHX, PIT - NYJ, PIT - ATL, PIT - RAM
  6. Week 3 - Ground and Pound Match-up choices: RAI v GIA, DET v SD, PHX v DAL, CHI v KC, WAS v DEN
  7. Week 2 - Scrambling Match-up choices: GB/CLE , PHI/CIN, DET/TB, PHI/HOU, S.F./HOU, GB/PHX , TB/DEN
  8. Week 1 - Get your Cold Cuts! Match-up Choices: CIN vs MIA - CIN vs RAM - CIN vs KC - CIN vs CHI - CIN vs DET
  9. Hi everyone, I'm going to post the weekly videos of the tournament here. Each week features commentary by members of the community and a match-up theme.
  10. Detroit Kumite 7: https://www.retrosportsgamer.net/tecmo-detroit-kumite-7 Overall Standings 2019: https://www.retrosportsgamer.net/tecmo-stats-2019
  11. @kmolnar3298 I found it! The Black Belt Division will be added. There are plans to add Tundra Bowl to this as well. I'm just waiting on group play data from @RetroNathan @Beef Juice and @Knobbe do you want your tournament results added to this? If so, I believe I need some group play data from each tournament. Please let me know.
  12. I decided to stop recording Points For and Points Against to make this a more manageable project. Since Challonge is almost universally used for this data, it cuts the time by more than half when just recording the point differential. I think point diff is the most important number anyways. Also, for tournaments that record ties, it will be displayed with an asterisk next to the loss number in the loss column.
  13. Tecmo Barry Melrose Place: https://www.retrosportsgamer.net/tecmo-barry-melrose-place Overall Standings 2019: https://www.retrosportsgamer.net/tecmo-stats-2019
  14. Blono Tecmo 16: https://www.retrosportsgamer.net/blono-tecmo-16 Overall Standings 2019: https://www.retrosportsgamer.net/tecmo-stats-2019
  15. Tecmo Texas: https://www.retrosportsgamer.net/tecmo-texas Overall Standings 2019: https://www.retrosportsgamer.net/tecmo-stats-2019
  16. Tecmo Honbasho I: https://www.retrosportsgamer.net/tecmo-hanbasho-1 Overall Standings 2019: https://www.retrosportsgamer.net/tecmo-stats-2019
  17. Bronx Bowl: https://www.retrosportsgamer.net/bronx-bowl Overall Standings 2019: https://www.retrosportsgamer.net/tecmo-stats-2019
  18. Stats for this tournament are up! If you want your Tecmo nickname up there, just let me know. Bronx Bowl: https://www.retrosportsgamer.net/bronx-bowl Overall Standings 2019: https://www.retrosportsgamer.net/tecmo-stats-2019
  19. Standings and stats from the first tournament in 2019 are up. https://www.retrosportsgamer.net/tecmo-la
  20. Troy, it was a whole round of play-in games, so like at least 10 - 12 games. It's really not a big deal to get it on there at this point. The goal is to track 2019.
  21. Thanks @Beef Juice! Didn't know some of these were still out there as I couldn't find them navigating through the Tecmo Madison home page. I won't be looking to back date anything from 2018 or earlier at this point, but I'm definitely interested in the results from 3/2/19. I did talk to Kevin about the last Tupa Bowl, but there was data missing from a play-in round that occurred between round robin and bracket play, so it didn't get added.
  22. I'm starting fresh with this in 2019. I don't know where to locate those results. If they exist somewhere please post a link.
  23. The tournaments included are on the site if you hover over the tecmo stats section on the navigation bar. But here they are anyways: -Tecmo Players Championship -Tecmo Super Bowl Hardcore Championship -The Equalizer -The Equalizer 2 -CFT -CFT 2 -Jersey Cup Tecmo -Full Nelson Hardcore Tecmo -Some self reported stats from Blono Tecmo XV
  24. I plan to put live tournament data for all Tecmo Super Bowl Tournaments with 50 or under players (8 minimum) on the retrosportsgamer.net website in 2019. This is so we can better track live tournament performance across the country. Only requirement is you need a completed challonge bracket with the scores of each game. I will take the data from there. Once a tournament occurs and if the organizer has a complete challonge, I will simply ask them if they want their tournament data on the site. It's definitely optional, but I would like to get as many tournaments as possible on there this year. So tournament organizers please complete the challonge data if you are interested! The completed challonge links for the tournaments can be posted here. Challonge Website: https://challonge.com/ Take a look at some of the Tecmo Tournament Data that has been entered from 2017 and 2018: https://www.retrosportsgamer.net/stats These Overall Standings will reset for 2019. So it will be a clean slate starting this year. For any tournament over 50 players if the tournament organizer wants to fill out a Google Sheet complete with the tournament data, then I will gladly put it up there as well.
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