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  1. if someone wants to side bet against me let me know i got $20 on jp
  2. will be live at 8:00 pm central on Saturday @ https://www.twitch.tv/callmefairf rules - Madison rules - Winner of first coin toss calls matchup and is p1 and any game following only the winner of the previous game calls the matchup and is p1 (winners privilege) - cant call a matchup more then once Good Luck
  3. announcement the online player of year will now get half off for the 2021 tecmo players championship which is a normal $100 entrty fee, which means you only pay $50 hopefully more news to come
  4. TAD (tecmo after dark) new league ran by dt consisting of mainly pncw guys and a few straddlers will be worth 5 points to the winner and 2 points for runner up. its slow pace, low juiced rom, owners skill levels and amount of owners were all heavily factored in
  5. group k joeygats won toss matchup chi vs phi i was chi won 17-14 GG
  6. group k the mack won toss matchup gb vs cle i took cle won 24-14 GG
  7. it pains me to officially announce my retirement from online tecmo once all my current leagues and other commitments (thunderdome 2020, gblan 2020) are completed reason i decided to retire cause not be able to tap has finally caught up on me mentality is one factor another factor is i just dont have that competitive spark i need to compete anymore especially vs nos prime wags pt etc nor do i have confidence in myself as well ill still be on discord and probably play a game here and there honestly im thinking of retiring from tecmo altogether live and online but ill make a decision on that later on during my retirement maybe ill find that hunger again down the line cause tecmo is very hard to walk away from forever but as of now im pretty sure i wont be back anytime soon , unless by a miracle i learn how to slide tap (doubtful) guys that cant tap and still have that confidence and the fire burning deserve all the praise in the world.. nos your the GOAT ... well since im not really going anywhere and ill be on discord still after i wrap up all my current seasons and etc theres no need for a goodbye its still hello lol
  8. in yes availability weekends or super late nights or super early am
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