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  1. joeygats

    HSTL S48 Draft

    Fastest rb for me
  2. joeygats

    HSTL S48 Draft

    List All Qb2 Pagel Hollister Any 13ms 44PS 38pc
  3. joeygats

    HSTL S48 Draft

    Atl dl
  4. joeygats

    HSTL S48 Draft

    Wade Wilson
  5. joeygats

    HSTL S48 Draft

    Tadaos has a db 1 so Rai db1 for me
  6. joeygats

    HSTL S48 Draft

    Saints lb mills and db massey
  7. joeygats

    HSTL S48 Draft

    Tb rb2 cobb
  8. joeygats

    Tecmo 2K S1 Draft Room

    Pit DL
  9. Wow fastest sign ups ever hmm
  10. 4. Joeygats Yes I can host and stream 3 teams - dal/Ind/car I am willing to give up any team so really it doesn't matter what team I get but they are my 3 in order
  11. Yup I always wondered where it was from lol
  12. so after being online for 10 years i finally was able to see a video of the legend and myth himself monkeybutler.. when bru sent me this i felt like a i was a 10 year on christmas morning again.... this was amazing to see and i wish there was more of him but this is probably the only video evidence you will ever see of monkeybutler.. enjoy!