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  1. joeygats

    Thunderdome XI: Sign Up Thread (DEADLINE 2/6)

    Woo Discord Handle: joeygats Can you host?: yup Your time zone: central Best time for you to play: any
  2. congrats once again to reg, i knew he was gonna win cause hes is simply the best player imo also congrats to everyone else who made incredible runs including the shield who eliminated me from the main bracket by playing incredible tecmo and calling a out of the box matchup that paid off my only regret is being to confident and not paying attention to my roster better cause kenny jackson and keith jackson make difference ugh
  3. joeygats

    HSTL S49 Draft

    ne de mcswain and pals
  4. joeygats

    HSTL S49 Draft

    Cin bu
  5. joeygats

    HSTL S49 Draft

    Cle qb2 te te
  6. joeygats

    HSTL S49 Draft

    Wr Irvin
  7. joeygats

    HSTL S49 Draft

    I'll take qb toliver
  8. joeygats

    HSTL S49 Draft

    Jacob green glascow wyman
  9. joeygats

    HSTL S49 Draft

    Wr Ingram
  10. joeygats

    HSTL S49 Draft

    Gault for turbo
  11. joeygats

    HSTL S49 Draft

    Reasons Dorsey collins
  12. joeygats

    HSTL S49 Draft

    Stinson chi ol lb Hampton
  13. joeygats

    Tecmo 2K S2 Draft Thread

    Ten dl
  14. joeygats

    Tecmo 2K S2 Draft Thread

    Den rb Andy jonavich
  15. joeygats

    Tecmo 2K S2 Draft Thread

    Atl Neal and Beasley