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  1. Nice man u better have alot of matches in hand then especially if we get 16 lol
  2. mort are certain matches still banned?
  3. When I was a kid around 4 before I really knew about sports or home team pride I just liked the uniform navy blue silver with stars ... And Im a loyal person so by time I learned about them other things I stuck with dal but Philly is my second favorite team
  4. joeygats

    Cleveland, OH - 08/04/18 - Tecmo (Jam) Cleveland 2018

    whats the payouts for the tecmo tourney? @TecmoCleveland
  5. Hey @SammieSmith33 how many places get paid out and how much is the payouts
  6. thats alot of lettuce
  7. joeygats

    HSTL S46 Draft

    Pagel qb2
  8. joeygats

    HSTL S46 Draft

    Det wr1
  9. joeygats

    HSTL S46 Draft

    Det dl
  10. joeygats

    HSTL S46 Draft

    Wes hopkins
  11. joeygats

    HSTL S46 Draft

    ill take cin lb francis
  12. joeygats

    HSTL S46 Draft

    den wr2 jackson