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  1. File Name: Tecmo College Champions Edition File Submitter: NaciremaDream File Submitted: 22 Jul 2015 File Category: Misc ROMs Feel free to use the rosters for your own project as I have built this upon the great works of others. I put alot of work into the rosters and ratings but I can't say they are 100% perfect (Though I tried). I tried hard to give players their uniques abilities but of course this is limited. We are currently working on trying to get the helmets fixed and possibly adding two more teams ('61 Minnesota, and '84 BYU). P.S. Once we get the other helmets done I will work on adding multiple roster versions for teams which have multiple championships .. Miami's teams, FSU's, Ohio State, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Penn St,. Oklahoma and so forth. Click here to download this file
  2. Hello, I have re-uploaded the ROM in the 'downloads' section under 'misc' ... I have placed the link to the new page below. Thanks http://tecmobowl.org/files/file/408-tecmo-college-champions-edition/
  3. Version .75


    This is the rom from the forum. Feel free to use for your own project as I have built this upon the great works of others and offer it up to everyone. I put alot of work into the rosters and ratings but I can't say they are 100% perfect (Though I tried hard). Also tried to give players their unique abilities. Maybe minor skin color errors , and / or jersey number errors but should be very minimal. In 4-3 defense I made the OLB the DE and placed the better of the two on the top for FG block ..It is possible we may get the helmets fixed and possibly adding two more teams in the future. ('61 Minnesota, and '84 BYU). Thanks again, P.S. Later I will work on adding multiple roster versions for teams which have multiple championships .. Miami's teams, FSU's, Ohio State, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Penn St,. Oklahoma etc
  4. Lol, yeah i'm a newb, forgot to hit attach ... ROTF . Take Care all. CollegeChampsPlayoffEdition.nes
  5. I stopped editing this mod in 2010 due to time and life responsibilities and unfortunatly I never got around to finishing it. I finally took time the past week to make them all championship teams like I originally intended and also tried to clean up what I could. I personally worked the schedule so the conference teams all play each other. Even if they are not all in the same division. If you pick an SEC team you will play all the SEC teams (6games, plus 3 non conf). Same with ACC, BIG 12, Big 10, and old big East. I also merged the big east / acc schedule for regional matchups etc. Colorado and Nebraska, though in different divisons and conferences in this game will also play Oklahoma, Texas Texas Tech, and OSU, West Virginia. All the rest of the teams have 10 games. FSU and Florida play in the last week as well as Alabama Auburn. Bug, Notes, Updates - - I have personally done the playbooks but there may be one or two teams that I missed. - I tried extremely hard to make each team play like the true team did. - I have run 100's of simulations and tried to work out the stats. There are still some usual errors that I can't explain. - This is a Beta rom and I can not guarantee it will ever be 'complete'. - There will be a few skin colors that may be wrong, some jersey numbers, but these will most likely be lineman or low tier linebackers. All the rosters are complete.. any player i'm missing is probably due to injury that season (or I was just aloof) cause I literally sat and watched alot of the real games again ... (yeah , i'm that guy) - I used the actual games on YouTube, college reference, and my own knowledge and history to fill it in. - There are no hacks that I am aware of on this rom. I would absolutly love for it to have all the updates the newer NFL Tecmo roms are getting. (Moving lineman, 2pt conversion etc) but as I mentioned before this is beyond my expertise and I am at the mercy of any programmers who would want to help. (that would be awesome) - I couldn't import playbooks because it changed the colors of the helmets? So I worked with what I had. - I have worked very hard to keep the immersion even if I have missed a couple helmet graphics, colors and such. I am just not that good at hexidecimal programming and don't have the time to learn it or become proficient at it. - Pittsburgh Helmet, Virgina helmet, Washington Helmet, Arizona St's helmet etc need work. Pittsburgh, colorado, asu, army mini helmet colors need work. Alabama mini helmet needs someone to fix in the 'see team' screen, team select it looks good. Some other minor graphical errors exists but they are minimal in comparison to the whole. Coulda easily be cleaned up by someone who knows what they are doing (yeah .. thats not me) - I am putting this up as is because I do not know if i'll ever get back to it and I personally would not be editing anything if It wasn't for this web forum. So i'll put it up as is for posterity. I hope you enjoy it and it can add something to your gaming! Teams Included: 1981 Georgia, 1996 Florida, 2010 Auburn, 1990 Georgia Tech, 1992 Alabama, 1998 Tennessee, 2003 LSU, 1964 Arkansas, 1988 Notre Dame, 1999 Virginia Tech, 1980 Clemson, 1987 Miami 1987 West Virginia, 1990 COlorado, 1994 Nebraska, 1977 Pittsburgh 2002 Ohio St., 1994 Penn St., 1997 Michigan, 1945 Army, 2005 Texas, 1985 Oklahoma, 1987 Oklahoma St., 2008 Texas Tech, 2004 USC, 1991 California, 2014 Oregon, 1996 Arizona St., 1995 Virginia, 1993 FSU, 1991 Washington, 2009 Boise St. Once again, Thank you for the tools and inspiration to do this. I even made a lil video with some music I made that I'll put on youtube for some fun. I'm glad there are many of us who love this game still. I appreciate the hard work everyone has done as you've kept it alive for me andalot of other people. Tecmo Nerds Assemble! Original Credit to CGDI's Rose Bowl Rom and Reuben for putting his college editing tools up as this could not be possible without them. Feel free to edit, hack , butcher this rom as you please. I basiically put it together for everyone so to everyone it goes. YouTube Vid >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cC8VROwsmTU&feature=youtu.be Much Love everyone 1 , God Bless
  6. WinRar should be able to unRar it. I uploaded it to .zip for ya though. I'm going to fix some of the player mistakes eventually, like USC having both Palmer and Leinhart. Prolly even put Cinncinati , TCU, and Boise back in. Just been very busy myself and didn't realize I had left them in there drom the older roms.. etc. Hope you enjoy, take care. P.S. eventually would like to add different years of some teams (83 Neb, 87 Mia, 09 Ala, 96 Fla, 99 FSU etc.) for some of the die-hard fans. Hopefully soon, take care. RoseBowl32 - TeamChampionsEdition.zip
  7. Hi. I saw Rubens work on the 32-Team college rom and all the tools which were avaliable and did my best to change 3 or 4 teams, and then add in my old champ rosters to his engine. I also changed alot of the in game text on the menus to give it a more NCAA feel. I got this idea from his "Ath Director" text for the Team control menu which I thought that was a neat touch. I completed the rosters and created more rosters for the extra new teams and changed a couple .. just took a bit of research .... 44-45 Army , 90 Ga Tech, 1964 Arkansas, 1987-88 Oklahoma State, 1991 California, 2001 Oregon, 1991 Washington, 2006 Boise State, 1980 Clemson. I also Completed rosters for the 1976 Pittsburgh, 1980 Georgia, 81 Clemson which had big holes in them ... some teams will still have a great player in a wr4, or rb 4 spot or QB2 ... or some may have a player from another champ or good team (01 Oregon, A.Rashad) (87,91 WV QB Studstill) (86,94 Penst. RB Dozier) (06,08 Fla QB Leak) I just couldn't find all of the backups ... I also personally changed all the playbooks and sim stats to suit the team style and switched some slots ... some teams are still in a 3wr,4wr formation, if this affects simulation stats, Ill change them all to 2wr, 2rb ... but i'm not sure, maybe someone can let me know. Also all the uniform colors should be accurate but I didn't fully address all the jersey numbers as thats alot of work.. and there maybe a few 2nd , 3rd stringers with the wrong skin color. all credit goes to Ruben, there would be no way I coulda done it without the rom he provided. credit also to CxRom and the makers of the old Rose Bowl game engine (all the versions) , which is the original inspiration for this. Thanks again for creating these roms and consider this rom a small thank you for you hard work. Hope you enjoy. PS ..here are the helmets that need work: Washington 91 LHelmet, Ga. Tech Mini-LHelmet (switched spots w NotreDame), Tennessee LHelmet, Virginia (its still Cincinnati, but correct color), and Arizona State (still OSU Beavers but correct color) ..... also the Oregon mini helmet changed colors somewhere during my adventures in editing ... now its just green in some spots.. Much Love RoseBowl32-TeamChampionsEdition.rar
  8. Sorry, I've lost all my tools and such. I will look into it, I actually have to re-download my own... These are now the only copies available..
  9. EA Sports - Triple Play, or Triple Play Gold for SEGA Genesis ... I have two versions but I can not find any versions which will let me trade any players or create any players. I believe I have bad copies of it Was pondering a baseball championship rom... but the whole 'battery pack failure' issue seems to be a big roadblock as I can't think of any other games worth doing the rosters for .... I was wondering if anyone had a extra copy or backup which worked where you can trade players and create them which is a normal game feature. I am using GENS, but I do not think thats the issue. Take Care ~Nacirema
  10. (Continued from last page) MUST READ FOR ROSTERS TO WORK EFFECTIVELY For the Draft BUGS & FIXES ------------------------------------------- One prob is you must draft the expansion team at the start. I'll place the two expansion teams and their rosters, and what team those players can be found on. Sometimes its best to draft the correct players and just draft 'scrubs' for the reamaining players. Or, you can let the computer draft and trade all the players to their correct teams. Note:I'm not sure what triggers the 'draft' . Perhaps it is a newly created file which triggers it, so perhaps you may or may not need to do one. You can goto 'Re-Order Rosters' and select the 'Draft' feature to reset the rosters. It will reset them to the base College History Rosters to which these notes apply. 79 Indiana St: F Bob Heaton - Houston, UConn F Leroy Staley - Denver, Memphis G Steve Nicks - New York, Florida C Alex Gilbert - Orlando, Kentucky F Brad Miley - Milwaukee, Houstons G Steve Reed - Utah, Utag G / F Larry Bird - Indiana, Michigan 86 Louisville: C / PF Pervis Ellison - Sacramento, UMass G D. Griffifth - Minnesota, Seton Hall G H Crook - New Jersey, Villanova F B.Thompson - LA Lakers, LSU F J.Hall - Portland, Cinncinnati G M.Wagner - Dallas, Memphis F D.Smith - Detroit, Kansas F W.Brown - Boston - Michigan St. F R.McCray - Seattle, San Fran G J.Eaves - Phoenix, Syracuse You will need to draft one extra common player for Indiana St., than you can 'forfeit' the rest of the draft and all teams will be ready ----------------------- Enjoy, TheNaciremaDream
  11. Remove all the spaces and punctuation from the folder name and file name. Did you pimp up NJ too much? I understand they won but they shouldn't be TSB supermen because of it!! Thanks for helping the genltmen about the file-name. I didn't realize I put that extra (.) in the name, so, just rename it in order to open it. Thanks again bro!
  12. Hi, thanks for the reply.... Yes, Osi and Strahan, and the two LB's i made fast .... Could be too much as I didn't get to play this one as much and test it. Tried to reflect Osi and Strahan and the quickness of the ends... , also the two LB's quickness .. Perhaps i'll do one last adjustment on all the teams to make all ratings more compatible with the others. My idea of editing the Giants / Patriots team was reflective of the Super Bowl only. Wes Welker and Brady were the only one adjusted for the pats I believe due to Welker's great game, and Brady's lowering of the Avoid Pass Block For instance, if I made the rosters for the whole year... i'd prolly lower Strahan ratings, and Toomer, S.Smith and Tyree receptions would be lower no doubt also, K.Boss too. So, this is just reflective of that one game. Tyree's 50 REC is only due to that unbelievable catch. Steve Smith also just started making receptions in the NFC Champ and Super Bowl game. I also didn't raise Eli Manning Completion% Rating since he still only threw for around 55% or 56% . Thanks for for those whom took the time to check it out, and props to all the creators and authors of previous roms and editors. Without, I wouldn't be able to play with Walter Payton on Tecmo Super Bowl, let alone enjoy a 32-Team rom..!! Take Care all, ~Nacirema
  13. BUMP - Just added the Super Bowl roster Update, but didn't want to create a new thread, so I'll just keep em in here. take Care all.
  14. Of course, i'm guilty of predicting some too... I inserted the 07 Patriots on my Championship rosters... it's safe to say now, I made a mistake and might have had wishful thinking myself (or I was too lazy to put in the '04 Team, whichever.. hehe) so now I gotta go put in the 04 Pats team and find a way to get that 07 Giants in there somehow without taking out the 86,90 Giants teams. Thanks alot Eli , you and your ice cold veins.. !! "Gosh!" ~ said like Napolean Dynamite
  15. So, I guess I'll be re-doing the Patriots team in the Championship Edition as they are not Champions. The 2004 Team will prolly be chosen now. I'll debate how I will insert the Giants team, I might do a mix of all three of their teams, maybe do two starting offenses.... or maybe just do the 07 Team.. or make two version with two different Giants teams.. Gotta find a way to represent Super Bowl 42 victors, hopefully have it up within a week.
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