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  1. right i put him at 56 and he changes it back to 50
  2. yeah all the teams with full rosters are rated higher it will work ps=palmer2chad4six has no idea how to work the ratios he keeps change number all willy nilly the qb ratings i did might not be perfect and are probly far from but all the ratios are correct and it pisses me off when he changes vince young ms to 50 when there was no qbs with 50ms in the original.
  3. shempske

    game in twice!!!

    go to mytpc and delete one tell joey to do the same
  4. elway has a high ps and he sucks but i think we need to get on data entry and worry about ratings later the percentage of players with 81,75,..... is alright now so change you have to change in pairs
  5. worked on qbs so the percentages are right so if you want to change a rating from 63 to 50 you need to find the guy to change with
  6. i think we need to work on the data entry(players) not so much the ratings yet then we can rate them better
  7. dude he threw 19 picks last year he has avg/ps at best which is 44 but he has a laser for a arm which would be at least 63ps by the way if there is 64 qbs in this version but the original only had 56qbs so the numbers won't match
  8. did my best w/the browns gave anderson 75 ps guys may disagree (but he has a great arm) if you disagree go ahead and change the attibutes
  9. Baseball Stars>RBI,i love ice hockey,what about baseball simulator 1.000
  10. shempske


    i had some cold beer the other night it was great.
  11. shempske

    Stopping r and s sweep right

    the best way to stop is against tpc rules be DE3 destroy the tackle and go down the line two yard gain at best
  12. shempske

    Another Joeygats Poll

    cause your router sucks and you should fix it
  13. shempske

    Another Joeygats Poll

    with him winning big today in the 4th,his router timeout and he upload the win i don't care, but i figured i'd let you guys know this.
  14. sorry can't make it got tribe v. yanks tickets that day