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  1. Autopick for 8-bit: LB2/LB3 Gibson / Spielman
  2. Autopick for Hugh: RB1 Lorenzo White
  3. Iggles List since I'm leaving work and will be driving for the next hour: RB Herschel Walker RB Keith Woodside
  4. Autopick for 8-bit: WR1 Mark Clayton
  5. LB 1/4 Tim Harris & buddy
  6. Iggles will take the HOGS WAS OL/DL/K/P
  7. Iggles take Lonnie Young and buddy
  8. Iggles take QB Steve DeBerg
  9. Iggles will take HOU backups
  10. Update to this thread none of these servers work anymore. current list of servers that still work although some of them are shitty ping: kaillera-us.emuparadise.org:27888 - USA server 30 ping on east coast - moscow server 135 ping on east coast - phantasia server in France 100 ping on east coast - EFFECTO server in Spain also 100 ping on east coast if I find any other working ones especially in the US i'll update this again but it seems a lot of the other games have migrated to discord and are using the p2p now
  11. Sure let's stay on this ride one more time
  12. Here ya go @Jpthebowler HSTL_51_week_5.nes
  13. GG bud GL in the offseason!
  14. @Kovalkin 1995_week_1.nes
  15. Lock this fucker we are done!
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