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  1. Amazing game 7. made up for the other bad 6 games lol. What a performance from lebron..had a triple double at end of 3...amazing..now has as many titles as bird..what a comeback..down 3-1 and they did it. Props to king james..shoulda never doubted you..that's why you're the king. One day pelicans..one day Hope all is well fellas!
  2. Those asian girls are HOT..anyway...Rock you like a hurricane comes to mind lol
  3. Wonder if Jakeem Grant has any chance in NFL..that boy can F L Y. S P E E D
  4. Trindon Holliday smaller by 2 inches..20 or so more pounds but still would get ROCKED lol..incredible this little guy..pure awesomeness! Good find man
  5. Title game incredible..glad Rollie the coach who won it with V in '85 was there to see it. He still coaches! 'Nova def has 2 of the coolest title wins ever
  6. At first I was like WTF, but then I saw the statement in bold LOL!
  7. Walter Payton, Leonard Fournette my favs..Bo Jackson incredible too..the speed he had to neutralize the angles safeties and db's had on him..incredible..my personal fav run of his even if it is not a raiders run. Love the Marcus Allen love on here too..fuzzy on the score but Marcus Allen won a state title his senior year I believe. They won something like 35-10 or 45-10..something along the lines of a big blowout..Marcus scored all the TD's in the game. Returns, Rushing, Passing, etcetera. This is according to a friend's dad who grew up in San Diego and who's dad taught at the same high school Marcus went to. A year or so ago he met Marcus at an autograph show..pulled out a picture of Marcus from that game from the sideline view on a run. Marcus was stunned he had it.."Where did you get this?" He explained how he attended that game as a kid, his dad being a teacher there, etc. Marcus said, "Yeah, my granpa passed away the day before. I dedicated that game to him" Just shows you what a good man Marcus Allen is and how mentally tough he was..even at a young age. One of the biggest mistakes Al Davis ever did..pissing him off, benching him, and having him go to the chiefs..ugh. Marcus..a raider ALWAYS! Remember too, this is out of a SUPER TIGHT formaton...no spread 3 or 4 wr read option here..incredible
  8. Yeah buck..I have read a few articles that said the semi finals games had super low ratings...drastic dropoffs..smh
  9. It is so crazy to see how ridiculous some of these posts are after bowl season, etc. LOL Dalvin cook..to think people said he was better than Fournette.LOL This bowl season truly sucked in almost every way..only goo games were UH FSU, Title game off the top of my head..boring boring boring..need to cut down the number of bowl games..ridiculous that 5-7 teams made it in
  10. lol they lost 3 of em..dont know if they lost to OSU..fatman was right!
  11. lol weird and creepy but cool..NES been is over 20 years old and people still makin new things for it..crazy
  12. SEC Is king of last decade..just stop other conferences..just stop..stop it! Loved LSU's bowl game..Leonard is the real deal..kid has NFL speed..it is so much different watching him in person. Can not wait for next year..gonna put the smack down on bish ass florida gaytors, Moo state, and end the streak v Buma. Title game was a great game..OJ Howard..wow #He7sman #SavageSzn #GeauxTigers
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