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  1. Can one of yuo guys point me in the direction of the best NES game for coaching only? Thanks.
  2. No, I wouldn't be able to do that.
  3. I use the coach mode. I'm pretty certain it's the patch. That arrow moves so darn fast that the PC controlled kickers [that's how the coach mode works] can't keep up with it.
  4. Are you guys planning a 40 version for this year?
  5. This ROM is very sweet. Is there any way to remove a patch once it's added? I coach and the kickers a terrible, I thought I read that you added a FG patch to make it harder to kick them. Well, when coaching they routinely miss chipshots and sometimes PAT tries. So, if that can be removed let me know and I'll do it. Awesome job.
  6. Bases Loaded roms never work with nesticle for some odd reason.
  7. I can't run this one either. I have thousands of roms but my emulator won't recognize this one for some reason. As I said before, remove all punctuation.
  8. Remove all the spaces and punctuation from the folder name and file name. Did you pimp up NJ too much? I understand they won but they shouldn't be TSB supermen because of it!!
  9. If you feel the need to ever get weird with someone... I'll throw my name out there. Alllllllrighty then.
  10. Yea, I have seen this. Try resetting all the data when viewing the team data. if it still fails rename the file when you apply to ROM.
  11. Polly-O is the official string cheese of the amigos. In any event, what do you mean by unlimited stats? Tracking over the years or just more seasonal stats?
  12. I thought the newest version fixed this. Do yuo have 081?
  13. What is the point behind an off switch for fumbles? I don't think he would implement a 2pt conversion if the CPU didn't react correctly. then again, nobody else but me plays the CPU daily!!
  14. I'm not so sure I'd like that, I'm still a fan of the old school game.
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