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  1. Thx's HYPO, I just hope your feelings aren't hurt when you can't beat my next rom. I have to admit that your cockiness and never say die attitude has breath a little more life into my tecmo time hear lately... thx's 4 that.
  2. HYPO, You just made a typo ( had to say that ). The CPU juice on this rom is going to be cranked up to the point when you snap the ball your going to be sacked. I like your confidence and your never say die attitude but even the best can't always win. Can"t wait to hear from you after this.
  3. I get the feeling you'd make an awful DM. Tupa, Don't really know what the abbreviation ""DM"" stands for so I don't no if I would be awful or not. I don't see what harm in giving congrats to someone for beating a semi challenging rom and letting them know that a new challenge a waits in the near future or giving another repository member props and respect can do. My latest rom 2K10 is far from the most challenging I can make and it seems VanDamon and Anthony are up for the task... I look forward to the challenge of making a rom that drives them nuts to beat.
  4. CONGRATS! I see you and Anthony are real TSB players and will soon post a special challenging rom for you both to try. Buck, is a master at TSB and I give him mad props and respect, some of the best rom to date have come from him.
  5. VanDamon, Good luck to you and Anthony both on beating my rom. If you want more of a start to finish challenge download my viewtopic.php?f=34&t=10579 TSB-2K7-SUPJ-pb v2.6.zip a lot of TBS players complained about the level of difficulty of this rom. I think you would like it, as I can tell your a man of challenge. If you do like the rom, I'll make you an updated copy with the same juice and the same defensive reaction pass and run hacks.
  6. Actually, I didn't win any playoff games. Since I went 16-0 in the regular season, I got a first round bye. I got knocked out by the Vikes in the Divisional (2nd) Round of the playoffs. I didn't think I was going to have any problems with the Vikings in the playoffs since I had already demolished them twice during the regular season, but boy was I wrong (Also, I think Adrian Petersen was out with an injury for one of the regular season games though). I just started a new season and beat the Packers 21-14 in Week 1, then pasted the Steelers 28-3. Haven't had much time to play though since I've been busy. Getting ready for Mayweather vs. Marquez on Saturday night ... should be a good fight. VanDamon, Mayweather vs. Marquez was a one sided fight, thought Marquez would have done better but showed a lot of heart. Let me know if you can win the superbowl on my rom.
  7. Mr.West, I've been waiting on an update about your current 2K10 season. I was just wondering if you made past week 8-9 with out a lose yet VanDamon posted that he went an amazing 16-0 (Truly Impressive ) and even one a playoff game before he got sent packing, cause it's one and done, in the playoffs. So if you get a chance give me a shout out or PM, to let me know what you think about the juice levels. If you have a similar season and it ends in the 2nd round of a playoff game then i need to rework the juice. If you win the superbowl..... I have a special TSB rom that i'll PM you and i just added "buck's new plays" to it as well.... love his playbooks edits. Anyway, can't wait to her from you.
  8. Cutler had a bad game that happens to all QB's from time to time, he'll be fine. In his own words, it's just the first game of the season and it's still a lot of football to be played. The bears still had a chance to win at the end but the green bay packers are an explosive team and with 4 turnovers by the bears it's hard to over come. I just can't figure out how you let greg Jennings the packers best receiver loose for a long game winning TD.
  9. Thx's VanDamon, I'm currently working on an updated version of the rom. More accurate rosters, better sim stats, more balanced juice. I'm very impressed you went 16-0 that in it's self is an achievement, good luck on your second go around at winning TSB crown.
  10. Thx's for the updated rom MrNFL, ca't wait to give it a try.
  11. LOL! If he's starts out 10-0 then I might start talking to myself.
  12. Sounds like your 4-0 at this point. Keep me posted on every game, especially weeks 7-16. Lets hope your 6-0 by week 7 and even maybe 7-0 depending on your bye week by week 8, cause weeks 8-17 a fumble or int might be deciding the game for you.... and trust me, you'll see int start to become more frequent if your not careful in the passing game and as for fumbles they just happen, really not in your control like Ints are in the passing game.
  13. Got alot of complaints last year that the rom was to hard.... Cpu running the ball back 1 to 2 times on kickoff, every time the cpu got a int or fumble recovery they scored. Thats why I decided to do the juice in this manner. This is my first attempt in doing the juice this way ""very interested"" in how Mr.west fairs in a full season, if he can win the superbowl, than I'll PM him a rom with new custom hacks... one that really would test his TSB soul. Thats if he can beat this rom first.
  14. keep going, each week gets a little harder. Keep me posted "" especially "" after week 8
  15. Mr. West, The custom juice setting don't kick in until week 2 of a season game, If your playing a preseason game than that should be a easy win as you posted. After week 2 of a season game, every week gets a little harder from that point on... by week 8 you'll be hoping that i put an easy week later on in the schedule. Tell you what, try playing an entire season and post your record and season stats or pm them to me. If you win the ""Super Bowl"" I'll PM you a very special TSB rom.
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