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  1. Yes, you can do that. You can start by "clicking and draging" using a tile layer like 'Tile Layer Pro" to get the right helmets/logos etc... from one ROM to the other, but then you will have problems with the colors because you have to program via hex which color pallette you want to use with which tiles (the tiles will be all screwed up too if the hex locations for the helmets aren't the same between the two ROMs). But then you can just use a Hex Editor and cut and paste the tiles' locations from the ROM you are copying from to the new one. You will then also have to edit (copy and paste via hex) the color pallettes to make sure that everything lines up. Though I don't explain that specifically in the any of the Editing Docs within the SuperPack most of the information that is necessary to do that is in there. What I ususally do is just try to use a ROM that has the major features that I want and then edit from there. But when it comes to the mini-helmets I have mainly had to just edit from scratch because of the new ROMs that have been created and how they changed all the hex locations, etc... It can be a bit complex and time consuming, but now I should be able to use this last year's NCAA ROM to edit on here after. This last one took a little while longer for me because it was the first time I had done it with the 32-Team ROM instead of the 28 team ROM. There are some software programs I would like to see created and/or added to ones that already exist to make some of this stuff a little easier, but my not being extremely educated in the computer software biz and not really knowing the guys who created the particular programs I would like to have them edit (FCEU and the Tile Layers) doesn't really help me to get those kind of things done. Hope that helps you out.
  2. Are you using TSBTool Supreme?? That should allow you to edit the rosters, player data, etc... What exactly are you trying to edit?
  3. Part 1 of the 4 parts SuperPack TSB NCAA Ultimate Editing SuperPack1- Graphics Editing.rar
  4. Alright, so I have decided to release an "NCAA Ultimate Editing SuperPack" to help all of those people attempting to edit TSB, especially the 32-Team Version, and in particular those wanting to make an NCAA version. Most of the things in this pack are all of the editors, roms, and editing documents that are needed to do so. Most of these things were created by others and downloaded off of this site, however I have made quite a few changes to some of the editing documents to help make editing easier, as well as making the updates necessary to edit the newer 32-team Roms, especially the ones with the "Options" menus on them. I have also added an NCAA Logo Rom, which is a TSB Rom that is intended to only be used with Tile Layer Pro or another graphic editor program, so as to have all the different NCAA team helmets and logos in one location for easy editing and swapping. I have also created a Rom using the TSB General Manager so that you can have the Rosters for all NCAA teams that you want to be used (transfer rosters from the 28-team on TSB Gen. Manager to 32-team Rom via TSB Tool). All of the teams and rosters on this Rom are still incomplete, but a great start. Various recent NCAA Roms that I have created are also included to use as examples and as a base to edit on. I have included my 28-team NCAA 2007 rom, especially if you would like to use any of the playbook edits from that Rom. My documents and Roms are most definitely not completed and many things still need to be added and updated, so anyone who has the information to do so feel free to make those changes and repost (Especially how to edit the rosters of the NFC West teams on the 32-team ROM with 'All Options", TSB Tool doesn't work for that one). Thanks to all of the people who have created all of the things that I have included in this document. I hope this helps make editing TSB to NCAA significantly easier for people. Here are some suggestions that I have for current editors that would really greatly help in the process of editing TSB: - Update TSB General Manager to handle the 32-Team that has the Options menu with all 6 Changeable settings - Update Graphic/Tile Editors such as Tile Layer Pro so that every tile box has a listed, decimal based location for easier graphic finding and recall OR update FCEUX to have a graphics editor either similar to Nesticle or one similar to Tile Layer Pro that has On-Screen tile locations so that graphics can be found easier and thus changed easier. TSB NCAA Ultimate Editing Super Pack4- Emulator and Hacks.rar TSB NCAA Ultimate Editing SuperPack3- TSB Gen Manager and NCAA Rosters.rar TSB NCAA Ultimate Editing SuperPack2- Helmet Editing Docs, Playbook, Roster, Roms, etc.rar
  5. Here is my latest Rom Update for 2009! There might be a few problems with it, such as the schedule and team colors not being the same on the divisonal winners screens and the team names, and the like because the editors weren't really working too well for those things on the 32-team Rom. This ROM is a juiced one and I believe it has the KR and PR hacks. I would like to add one with more options, i.e.- able to turn juice mode on and off, but the editors just aren't as compatible and make editing all 32 teams rosters difficult and I am not quite familiar enough to edit all of those via hex yet. I was already having issues with the editors for team colors and the like for this particular ROM. Anyhow, if you can fix some of the various issues feel free and then repost it. This ROM also has the uniform hack on it where the jersey and pants are the same color. So let me know what you think. You also might need to edit the jersey selection for when the teams play each other, I left it as is. I will probably edit that when I am editing the playbooks and the like. I will repost with updates later, but just thought I would get this out there. If you don't like the players ratings, change them with TSB Tool Supreme. If you don't like the teams I have on there edit them yourself! I have some logos and the like of other teams on this rom that would make it easy to change some of the teams. I also have a 28 team edit where I have all the new rosters for more than 32 teams using the TSB General Manger (they really need to update this thing to handle the 32-team Rom, that would be really nice). I also have a rom that I use only for saving the various graphic edits such as the mini-helmet logos, large helmet logos, and some of the logos and stuff that are used for the opening screens. I am attempting to get all the logos for at least the top 50 NCAA teams year in and year out on that Rom for easy editing. This makes editing the graphics a ton easier. I will try to post updates as soon as I finish. Anybody who edits some of the various issues I have, such as the schedule or the team color stuff, feel free to repost it. I hope you enjoy the ROM! NCAA 2009 - Alt. Uniforms.zip
  6. I have a basic understandin of pointers, but how exactly do I locate where they are at in the ROM. So I am mainly looking for the NFC West teams, so I am back tracking from x3e147. So in TSB for the NES the number you typically subtract to find the pointer is either 6010 or 8010. So I take 3e147 and then what do what exactly to find where the pointer is??
  7. Does anyone have any kind of tutorial for how to hex edit the teams rosters (including the Pro Bowlers) not using TSB Tool or any of the managers?? I understand some of the basics, using the text search on FCEU, but once you locate them how do you change them exactly? How do you separate the names (allowing you to change their length, and then make sure that they are in the right positions, etc... Is there pointers?? If so where are they located?? Where are they located for the NFC West teams for the new 32 team Rom?? Oh, and if anyone knows, where is the hex location for the Large helmet underlays in the 32-team Rom for the NFC West?? I am sick of having the Rams swirl thing under my teams logo.
  8. Somebody else might have said this earlier in this post, but wouldn't the best way to fix this be done via a tile editor where you manually change which colors are where on the scenes. Of course the hard part is locating the bastards that make up the graphics of those scenes on the tile editors. That is why I think the tile editors need to have number locations (like the hex editors do) so that once we find parts of things we can right down where. A graphics editor similar to the one on nesticle would really help in this manner too.
  9. A few editions to some of the current editors would be nice. For example, FCEUX is a great emulator and hex/ppu editor, but if we could somehow add a graphics/tile editor, much like the one on nesticle with perhaps some of the same set-up as tile layer pro, to it that would be really nice. Another thing that needs to happen is that the tiles in the graphics/tile editors need to be labeled via numbers/banks, etc... If this was the case finding and identifying where particular graphics are and being able to direct people to them would be so much easier. Having something that would then display these numbers on the screens themselves, or something kinda like the PPU Tables in FCEUX would be a really cool addition too. This kind of thing would make editing any and all graphics, including the helmets, easier and quicker for everyone. Updating TSB Tool Supreme so it can handle the newer 32-team versions of TSB that have more code (all the options in the "Options" table) and possibly having somekind of software program that connects roster and/or depth chart data from websites such as NFL.com or Rivals.com (NCAA) so that rosters can be very easily copied and pasted into TSB Tool for extremely quick changes to rosters would really speed up the editing process and creation of new ROMS. Updating and getting the bugs out of the Playbook Maker would be nice too, but obviously playbook editing is very complex. I have done quite a bit of it myself and the only things I would really like would be a way to direct the RB's and QB's to run ina particular way when receiving direct snaps via the shotgun. Right now they will only go the way that they do on the few fun plays that TSB has for them. Setting up any running plays out of shotgun (especially for the computer) is rather difficult with the limited options on where they run. If anyone could speed up the shotgun snap (it takes way too long to get to the QB), and if we could set-up hand-offs out of the shotgun (where the QB doesn't have to move back to the undercenter position before doing the handoff and where you can actually see the ball on the shotgun snap). An option play would be sweet, but that might be asking for a bit too much (speed option as a pass play with a running back as a pass receiver might be possible, but still tough to have as a good, smooth running play). More IPS patches made that have some of the really cool hacks that people would like to possibly implement. These need to include some of the graphic hacks (kind of like the uniform hacks ips patch).
  10. Team names can't be changed using TSB Tool Supreme. So I am curious as to where the hex locations that define when a "Team's Name" starts and stops (both the City names and the mascot names)? Obviously this is known and has been applied to all of the managers, but I can't seem to find it on this forum anywhere (and I have looked and looked and used the searches). I was also wondering if it is any different for the 32-Team Rom then it was for the 28-Team Rom. Lastly, I am still looking for the hex locations for the 4 NFC West teams large helmet underlays (40 = double striped helmet, 41= single striped helmet, 42=Bengals, 43=Rams). I got all of the other teams in check, they were in the normal hex location but can't find these 4 teams.
  11. Thanks. But I also need the Helmet lays for the NFC West teams (all others are found at x23e59-23e74, but not those 4 teams).
  12. I have been looking all over the board and haven't been able to find this. I was wondering where are the Large Helmet logo pointers located for Houston, Jacksonville, Tennesee, and Carolina in the new 32-team Rom. I can change the colors and everything else, just don't know the location of the pointers to direct me to the right spots (i.e.- Buffalo- x1008C C0A6). Any help, jstout maybe??
  13. Ok, I have done everything on here and now it seems that my helmet graphic locations on the preseason/team control screen has gone rather crazy (they are all over the screen in the wrong spots). I can fix this using the PPU Memory, but where do I place this in the Rom file so I can save it (I don't know those locations)?? Is there anyway to figure out where something from the PPU Memory is at in the Rom file?? I also can't find the color location for Denver in the Preseason/Team Control screen (I think it might have something to do with the graphics being in appropriately layed). I found all the color locations for all teams on the team data screen rather easy. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys.
  14. Thanks. I had actually just found the threads talking about it just a few minutes ago! This is a little more concise though. Thanks a bunch.
  15. Working on a new 32-Team version for this coming season but having some issues with the color palettes on the 32-team Rom. They are different than for the 28 team Roms.
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