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  1. Clearly, the CPU understands what it needs to do when down by 3 points inside their own 50 in the 4th. Using this scenario, the CPU chose to punt! So why can’t they do the same thing when down by two scores? Down by +14 on their own 5 with a 4th & 10, CPU chooses to go for it. This never happens in reality! If it does, then the whole coaching staff is deep-sixed—pronto! How can this be modified so a good game does not turn into a suicidal charge into the jaws of inevitability which results in a bunch of skewed stats for us statistically inclined Tecmo players? If you know the answer and have the ability to modify the logic, the please help—the community who plays man vs com would greatly appreciate the assist. Thanks in advance
  2. All teams will be available & spread across 2 ROMs for the upcoming 2023-2024 NFL season.
  3. Posting again to see if any of the hacking gurus have any insight into modifying the CPU’s propensity to continuously go for fourth downs when down by 10+ in the 4th quarter. A lot of the community primarily plays the CPU and this would be a huge step in the right direction in terms of simulation. For instance, I’ve never witnessed, seen, or heard of a team ever going for a 4th down in the 4th quarter in their own zone down by more than two scores. If so, it’s an anomaly and not the norm. The appropriate decision would be a punt. Instead a competitive game gives way to a very terrible decision by the CPU which causes extreme stat inflation. Additionally, I’ve applied a laundry list of hacks to improve the gameplay etc., however, the CPU still exhibits the same all or nothing approach in the 4th…if you are backed up, in your own zone, and trailing by +10 you will most likely punt unless you are in a tournament or goofing around with friends. On the other side of the coin, MANY players in the community track their stats, play only man/CPU games, and do not have the luxury of playing man v man games. Again, if anyone one out there can help out, the community would greatly appreciate the help.
  4. No, I'm not new to this site & no, my name isn't War6. That moniker belongs to the sixth and last Military Working Dog I had the very distinct pleasure to share a special bond with during my USAF career...War was a one of a kind sable shepherd & Narcotics Detector Dog stationed at RAF Mildenhall, UK. He was an outstanding Airman, exceptional canine, and most importantly my four-legged brother--we didn't speak the same dialect; however, we spoke the same language. War passed away on active duty at the tail end of 2008....I think about him every single day without fail. When I retired from active duty in September of 2017, his spirit retired with me. So, my name is Matt: husband, father of 4 children & owner (although he would say that he has us right where he wants us) of one very, very well-loved Chocolate Lab. I joined the USAF in 1992 and retired after 25 years in security/law enforcement as a canine handler/trainer/kennel master, police shift sergeant, first sergeant, and police superintendent. I served alongside some great people (some who are no longer with us) across a very long list of assignments and another 8 operational deployments in a very turbulent period in our nation's history--I'm very lucky to be upright and breathing today; yet, I wouldn't change a thing! During that span of time I always doubled-backed to Tecmo as a stress reliever when/if life events permitted. I still remember playing Tecmo on my Gameboy Micro in our tent in Afghanistan on some evenings with my troops looking over my shoulder shaking their heads...very fond memories indeed. Furthermore, Tecmo kept me gaming and I still enjoy both NES/SNES versions today! My buddy Richard Young & I are trying to improve the SNES version side of the house so the game can enjoy some extended life moving forward into the future. Our collaboration came about as a chance encounter and now we share more than just an interest in a video game but a kinship. Therefore, I will say teamwork is important! I don't think any successful or semi-successful person would say otherwise & I firmly believe none of us would be here today without the genuine help or guidance of someone else. "A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle" - James Keller. As such, be patient with people who do not have your knowledge level and guide them along the correct path...that single candle you are holding can only illuminate so much...use your flame to light another. You will find that the room is much brighter with additional people to the left and right of you. Ultimately, I would not be here today if it wasn't for Airman First Class NS--appropriate guidance/mentorship saved my life & proves that selfishness in life predicates stagnation along with defeat. Be good & do positive things... War6/Matt
  5. Check your email--I sent a copy over to you along with something much better.
  6. How do you edit the logic so the cpu doesn’t continuously go for 4th down conversions when down by 10+ in the 4th quarter? This would prevent bloated scores and inflated stats.
  7. I tested this hack out and the cpu still attempts 4th down conversions in the 4Qtr, down by multiple TDs, in their own half of the field…have I missed something? Hack was applied to 0x18808, 0xF035 as indicated with no change in logic.
  8. Now releasing on 1 September!!
  9. This hack is very nice! It makes good sense…after a safety in the 4th quarter the CPU can’t onside kick—nice! Now, if we can eliminate the CPU from going for endless 4th down conversions when they are down by a significant amount or when pinned deep in their own red zone then that would be even better!
  10. Yes, of course. I play in max juice from week 1. However, the majority of the time, Mr. CPU does not convert and there’s about 4:00 Tecmo time left on the clock. Like I said, instead of being competitive the CPU just keeps going for it then I stuff em, score, and the cycle repeats for a huge blow out which causes stat bloat. Is there a way to stop them from going for it if they are down by say 10-13 points?
  11. I never understood the CPU going for a 4th and 10 on their own 20 down +13 points…defies logic. After you stop their conversion attempt and score, they repeat until game over and a beat down which never should have happened if sound decisions were made…a 28-14 game suddenly evolves into a 49-14 beat down!
  12. Would it be feasible to disable the CPU’s propensity to select 4th down conversions in the 4th quarter even though they are down big?
  13. Yes. 23 will be ready prior to the regular season. All of our testing and graphics work is complete…just waiting on the actual rosters to shake out then we will upload the ROMs. We will have two versions available with three variations for a total of six ROMs. Gameplay sprites will be of the enhanced variety and a classic sprite plus version. Three variations will be normal juice, normal juice + cpu pass defense hack, and full juice with cpu defense hack. About one month to go…
  14. We released the beta a month back. It’s in the downloads section; however, the beta does not contain the new artwork. The full version will be ready before week 1 in September. Thanks for the compliments—those endzones are hard work!
  15. I just wanted to update everyone regarding the upcoming September release of TSB 2023 for SNES. Ray & I have been continually editing and I wanted to share our progress with a few screenshots. The game looks and plays great thus far and I think we are almost where we need to be in terms of features, new end zone art, and accurate rosters with realistic ratings. In the meantime, you can download our preseason/beta edition in the downloads section.
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