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  1. Is there a way to increase how fast players rise similar to the NES players rise quickly hack?
  2. That’s good stuff! We found where the weather table is stored (it’s in my guide & I can’t remember off the top of my head); however, in the playoffs the weather effects are backwards. In other words, if you are the home team then you will get the visiting team’s weather. Any ideas how to correct that? We looked, yet couldn’t find where that is stored.
  3. Yes, an end of season update will be released around the same time as the conference championships.
  4. Yes. The info is contained in my SNES editing guide under uniform matchups. Download the most recent version. For me, if the uniforms don’t clash then I normally maintain a color on color matchup.
  5. You need to create a ROMs folder (name it My Games) on the root of your SD card then drag the ROMs into the folder.
  6. Where would the location be for the dark skin color for cut-scenes?
  7. Buy an Everdrive Flash Cart (N8PRO)! You can drag every single NES game & ROM on this site onto the SD card and still have enough room for the next 5000 years of TSB releases. Plus, you won’t have to ever buy (or extorted) bootleg carts again.
  8. No worries. I also noticed that you have the Colts sim data offense set to zero & KC's sim is set at 0 for OFF/1 for DEF is that accurate?
  9. Bills & Cardinals only have 15 games scheduled for the season.
  10. Lots of work—but we’ll worth it. I’m sure every Tecmo enthusiast will find something that appeals to them.
  11. Another gem from Xplosv: This sets SKP mode to average (Players can still get injured unlike the NES) = SET(0x25ea7,0xeaeaea) This sets 1st qtr to 2nd qtr = SET(0x24187,0xeaeaea) This sets 2nd qtr to 3rd qtr = SET(0x241b5,0xeaeaea) This sets 3rd qtr to 4th qtr = SET(0x241d4,0xeaeaea) This sets the stats between qtrs hack to average = SET(0x27095,0xeaeaea)
  12. Xplosv corrected the coding--use the below hex strings: #SNES TSB I CPU Find Open Receiver (no header) SET(0x191c7,0xe2202060d0c035d005a9034ce8914ce491eaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaea) SET(0x1d060,0xe230a000984868a8c4919005f003a08060c8b70329f04a8592d0034c38d1b70329f04a4a4a) SET(0x1d085,0x4a85930a0a1865938593b703290f0aaa9848a008b163300dbd00f38506bd01f385074cb4d0) SET(0x1d0aa,0xbd16f38506bd17f38507a214a008b163300dbd16f38509bd17f3850a4cd3d0bd00f38509bd) SET(0x1d0cf,0x01f3850aa015b106d109901cd00788b106d1099013a014b10638f109850cc8b106f109850d) SET(0x1d0f4,0x4c07d1a014b10938f106850cc8b109f106850da50dd021a50cc592b01ba017b106d109900a) SET(0x1d119,0xb10638f109c5934c2ad1b10938f106c5939007caca30064cb6d04c66d068a860) #set targets for passing plays SET(0x162d9f,0x9384) SET(0x1631f3,0x9451) SET(0x162cb7,0x935422) SET(0x163570,0x635421) SET(0x16388b,0x935442) SET(0x163bf9,0x945342) SET(0x163c38,0x935422) SET(0x163d0e,0x945332) SET(0x163fc6,0x945331) SET(0x162e56,0x93945531) SET(0x162fd5,0x94634531) SET(0x16333e,0x93744522) SET(0x1637a7,0x93515442) SET(0x163a8e,0x94734221) SET(0x163ab2,0x93544521) SET(0x163b26,0x94925355) SET(0x163b84,0x94634132) SET(0x163bb8,0x93924431) SET(0x163cb8,0x93947255) SET(0x163d4c,0x93756442) SET(0x163ea2,0x94725321) SET(0x163a4a,0x9483755221) SET(0x163aef,0x6364454221) SET(0x163b5f,0x9473452221) SET(0x163c7b,0x9395546122) SET(0x163d7d,0x9374524531) SET(0x163daf,0x9394817562) SET(0x163dec,0x9395844221) SET(0x163e29,0x9483553231) SET(0x163e6d,0x8371544522) SET(0x163ee1,0x9573624421) SET(0x163f03,0x9495524331)
  13. The hack does work at times; however, there are several instances (more often than not) in a vast majority of games where the QB will not throw to an open receiver or check it down. I’m not entirely sure if this is functioning correctly.
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