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  1. War6

    TSB Buffed Players

    Hi All - Not sure if any of you out there would like some slightly buffed up TSB players reminiscent of the original TB; however, I've attached a custom 28 team ROM. The ROM has unique hacks such as franchise QB mode and a slew of other minor game play improvements to include "buffed-up" player sprites. If you want to port them over to your ROM just use Tile Layer Pro to manually drag and drop as my ROM is quite different from what you guys might be accustomed to! Enjoy =D TSB.28Tm.BUFFED.nes
  2. Just checking in to see if xplosv could bolster the SNES franchise qb hack so the qb would be able to move after passing like he found for the NES version. Currently, the hack freezes the qb after passing and is quite detrimental to any type of defense after tossing a pick or receiver fumble. If anyone else could assist, I would greatly appreciate their insight. Thanks
  3. xplozv - On the franchise qb hack, how do I maintain control of the qb after throwing a pass? You provided the correct string for the NES version; however, where is the location for the SNES version?
  4. Franchise QB Hack This hack comes by way of jstout's magic. On pass plays, you control the QB. When a player catches the ball, the COM takes over and runs for you. NES TSB = x29139 -- a9 43 85 eb a9 b8 85 ec SNES TSB I = x19c41 -- a9 f1 bf Jstout found this for the NES version already (See * below) and the hack works great; however, does anyone know how to maintain control of the QB after he throws the ball for the SNES version of TSB I? The QB remains motionless and it would be great to be able to chase after a defender when a pick is thrown. *via jstout: Put this in place of the original hack at x29139 = A9 43 85 EB A9 B8 85 EC 20 F1 97 A9 00 85 DC 4C D6 90. Now you have control of the QB after you throw the pass. Note that you will not have an icon over your head. " Thanks all.
  5. War6

    NES Classic hacked to add ROMs..

    Added TSB an a few other ROMs last night and it worked perfectly! This is beyond belief!
  6. War6


  7. War6

    Turn off Season Injuries

    Actually, I used 60 & EA.
  8. War6

    Turn off Season Injuries

    As far as I can remember; however, I think I might have utilized C9 & 00 originally...let me pop into my ROM and check it out.
  9. War6

    Turn off Season Injuries

    Hello - I used the following for the 28 Team original ROM which I cut from the ROM hacking area 4 years ago/should still work: INJURIES: x25EBB, xC5 x45 to xC9 x00 Try using $60 $EA instead, but his method seemed to work for me.
  10. War6

    First NES game you ever owned

    Pro Wrestling...still have the manual and box to go with it...played that game for years until Tecmo Bowl came out...and a winner is you!!
  11. Hello - If anyone can help eliminate the penalty cut scenes from NES Wayne Gretzky Hockey, I will send you an unopened NES TSB cartridge. Seriously--NO BS! Thanks in advance. GH.nes
  12. Just tried this out and it worked like a charm--thanks for the help!
  13. Roger that...looked at those previously; however, figured out they were incorrect as they coincided with SNES TSB ROM...any help would be awesome!
  14. Has anyone found out how to control a single defender in the 28 team NES version? I'm looking to lock in a defender in the SS position. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hey folks - A while back I downloaded a franchise qb mode NES 28 Team ROM--the concept is cool from my perspective; however, can anyone solve a slight issue? When the qb throws the ball, he is motionless unless he is contacted/knocked over. Is there a way to exclusively control the qb after he throws the ball? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also is there a way to exclusively control defensive players without switching before the ball is snapped, specifically the SS position...I've looked around here and all I found were SNES data points. Thanks,