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  1. Now releasing on 1 September!!
  2. This hack is very nice! It makes good sense…after a safety in the 4th quarter the CPU can’t onside kick—nice! Now, if we can eliminate the CPU from going for endless 4th down conversions when they are down by a significant amount or when pinned deep in their own red zone then that would be even better!
  3. Yes, of course. I play in max juice from week 1. However, the majority of the time, Mr. CPU does not convert and there’s about 4:00 Tecmo time left on the clock. Like I said, instead of being competitive the CPU just keeps going for it then I stuff em, score, and the cycle repeats for a huge blow out which causes stat bloat. Is there a way to stop them from going for it if they are down by say 10-13 points?
  4. I never understood the CPU going for a 4th and 10 on their own 20 down +13 points…defies logic. After you stop their conversion attempt and score, they repeat until game over and a beat down which never should have happened if sound decisions were made…a 28-14 game suddenly evolves into a 49-14 beat down!
  5. Would it be feasible to disable the CPU’s propensity to select 4th down conversions in the 4th quarter even though they are down big?
  6. Yes. 23 will be ready prior to the regular season. All of our testing and graphics work is complete…just waiting on the actual rosters to shake out then we will upload the ROMs. We will have two versions available with three variations for a total of six ROMs. Gameplay sprites will be of the enhanced variety and a classic sprite plus version. Three variations will be normal juice, normal juice + cpu pass defense hack, and full juice with cpu defense hack. About one month to go…
  7. We released the beta a month back. It’s in the downloads section; however, the beta does not contain the new artwork. The full version will be ready before week 1 in September. Thanks for the compliments—those endzones are hard work!
  8. I just wanted to update everyone regarding the upcoming September release of TSB 2023 for SNES. Ray & I have been continually editing and I wanted to share our progress with a few screenshots. The game looks and plays great thus far and I think we are almost where we need to be in terms of features, new end zone art, and accurate rosters with realistic ratings. In the meantime, you can download our preseason/beta edition in the downloads section.
  9. Thanks for the accolades. That was done with Tile layer Pro…and it was hard…all free hand and I suppose a good eye? That was my first large helmet and it came out great. The SNES helmets have an odd orientation as well. I need to do the Ravens helmet but with the helmet positioned like that will take some serious creativity. The endzone was my first as well and that took up a whole day.
  10. You ain’t kidding!! Editing this beast was incredibly tough for SNES!!
  11. Send the Rom over to me and I will take a look at the graphics for you. I can probably take a look this Sunday or Monday. I can’t tell too much just by looking at the photos as I’m viewing them through my phone. What tool are you using to modify the sprites? Did you save a backup file to a previous version?
  12. No, STUE does not edit sock or shoe color...the shoes & socks are always white with some off-white shadowing. A color change would have to be done through hex. Alternatively, the sprite would have to be split/redrawn and then assigned a color corresponding to helmet color, jersey color, or pants colors. I've done extensive sprite editing on this game...added outlines and different variations including sock colors. I'm uploading a new variation today (enhanced sprites 4th edit as an update to an existing file which I've also included below). This variation will incorporate different sock colors which will correspond to the jersey color. For example, if your team is wearing a blue jersey, then the players will be sporting blue socks. Tecmo Super Bowl I.Enhanced Sprites.4th Edit.Colored Socks.smc
  13. NES distinctly runs a bit faster than SNES. I ran across a thread somewhere on this site which compared game speeds & showcased a hack which sped up the SNES version to parallel big brother’s speed. When I get some spare time, I will conduct a comprehensive search for the thread & hack. Tango for the reply. Happy Holidays!
  14. Essentially, SNES game speed. Disabled vet dude! My reaction time is not what it used to be and I would like to scale back the NES game speed so it runs like the SNES version.
  15. Would it be possible to change the gameplay speed to coincide with the SNES version?
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