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  1. I was torn on San Jose. They have a lot of really good players, but had a horrible year. If given the choice between Nashville/SJ, I'd take Nashville. I take back what I said about Toronto the other day. As bad as they are, they are original six, so I can't see leaving them out. It's really a toss up between Columbus/BUF/EDM. Maybe to keep things simple, just keep Columbus out.
  2. Here's a look at last year's standings - the teams grayed out are currently excluded from the ROM. Florida, Carolina and Arizona are fairly bad teams and don't have many exciting players, so keep them out. It would be great to get Columbus in, but I can't see any teams that I would toss out in place. IMO, Dallas and Nashville need to be in (I would also keep Minnesota). Nashville is a great team and Dallas is an exciting team with Seguin & Benn. Jersey should go. They really aren't that good and don't have many stars. Then I would ditch either Buffalo or Edmonton. Tough choice considering they got the #1 & 2 picks this year and will be young exciting teams.
  3. Just making sure you know that you can play this without the controller. You just need to configure the input in Nestopia.
  4. Baron - will you be updating team colors and logos - or is this just a roster edit?
  5. This is awesome. I've never had any desire to play this game, until now. Mirian Hossa = MArian
  6. Just about all of the rosters look great. A few minor suggestions. NYI: I would try to get Ryan Strome in at LW. NYR: RW2 = Kevin Hayes VAN: D.Dedin = D.Sedin WPG: LW2 = M.Perreault For St. Louis, I would do this. C1 - P.Stastny C2 - J.Lehtera LW - A.Steen LW - J.Schwartz RW - V.Tarasenko RW - D.Backes
  7. I noticed a lot of the missing teams were expansion and figured that's what it came down to. I'll just check for the obvious stuff with the F/D.
  8. I was just looking over the rosters and it looks like this ROM will only contain 24 teams. The teams that were left off were Arizona, Carolina, Florida, Columbus, Dallas and Nashville. Just my 2 cents - do with it as you wish. Columbus, Dallas and Nashville were all decent teams last year. I would consider replacing Toronto, Buffalo and New Jersey with those teams. Those were pretty bad (and boring) teams, although Buffalo has Eichel this year. Also went through the goalies and they are pretty accurate. There's a few teams that will have some battles before a clear starter will be named (DET, CGY, STL), but I like what you have. MIN: Debnyk = Dubnyk EDM: Schrivens = Scrivens OTTOWA = OTTAWA Will check forwards/defense later on.
  9. 12 team league. You're getting me confused with Tony Romo, who plays with himself. True. And that was a bad trade. But I still won without him. F the Caps.
  10. Nice. When are you planning on completing this? I may need a few days (or week). Also, I'm not familiar with the game at all. What are the ranges for each attribute? Is it realistic to give a player a 1 Speed?
  11. 2014-15 FANTASY HOCKEY CHAMPION HERE If there's an NHL project, I am always willing to help... although I have never played Pro Sports Hockey. I actually did an Ice Hockey hack last year to replace the Olympic teams with the Original Six. Unfortunately never finished some of the graphics so I never posted it anywhere. Anyways, crazy at work right now, but will write more later on.
  12. Not sure which I enjoy more, playing this ROM or browsing through the team playbooks and preview magazine. Amazing work, again, this year. Thanks!
  13. There's no way I'd waste hours of my life playing video poker.
  14. If you can do it, you're a better man than I.
  15. Can't stop.... too addicting. But seriously, I've figured out the secret to this challenge (it only took about 50 tries) Takes some creative playbooks, that's all I will say. Below is my best score.
  16. Here's my no lurching, no changing COMs playbook win. Tied 14-14 in the 3rd. First and goal from the 1 and I could not get in. But got the safety on the next play. ... and two in a row. OK, really done this time.
  17. Shit, seriously? Now I have to try and beat it again without changing their playbook or lurching.
  18. Alright, finally. I had to change my playbook. More importantly, I had to change their playbook so I knew what play was coming. Put in Harbaugh over Grogan (although Harbaugh is a piece of shit, too). Took three games after doing this. Game 1: Took a 21-7 lead into half then Harbaugh threw the game away in the 2nd. Game 2: Played the defense of my life, but they found some creative ways to score, as always (Punt return, fumble return, their own fumble return, INT return). Game 3: Almost everything went my way. Done.
  19. You will get a lot of different views on this topic. In my opinion - for offensive players, especially RBs, Rushing Power (aka. RP... i.e. Acceleration) is severely misused. Reducing RP to the 31-56 range will give you greater flexibility with Rushing Speed and Max Speed. In the case of Leveon Bell, using your example above, I would go high RS, high RP, average MS, high HP. So that he is effective, but doesn't have that breakaway speed. Just my 2 cents. If you like to stick to the original ratings and keep 69 RP, then disregard.
  20. 4 seconds left and Bo Jackson breaks a 90-yard TD run. On a PICKED PLAY. Are you f'n kidding me?
  21. That's a tough one. Last night I took a 21-10 lead into the 4th and lost 31-28. My current record stands at 0 - 20 - 5 - 1. That is, Wins - Close losses - Embarassing losses - Ties. Tonight, I'm changing both teams playbooks and lurching. F this.
  22. I believe Psycho's 42-14. You would need a bit of luck, but it can be done. Someone claiming they won 56-0 is horse shit! LOL. I'm all for Tecmo accomplishments, so there's no saltiness in that statement. It's just common sense. Even if you change both team's playbooks, lurch, etc... no way. I can give you 100 reasons why claiming a shutout is absurd. I would love to be proven wrong though if someone can provide a video to show that they are actually playing the computer and didn't hack any attributes. ps. I still have yet to win and it's driving me nuts!
  23. Took me about 12 tries... but I finally got a TIE! On two consecutive drives in OT, caught the ball around the 25 yard line and fumbled. Another night well spent.
  24. Holy shit this is tough!. Honestly, I think I would have to see video of someone winning this to believe it. 1st attempt was somewhat close. 2nd attempt I won't bother sharing the box score. 3rd attempt - even when you out-gain them, they still find a way to crush you. Grogan underthrowing wide open receivers for INT, fumbles, etc... 4th attempt I was actually tied 14-14 with the ball in the 4th until Grogan happened. I'll have to try again using a different playbook. If that doesn't work, I'll resort to lurching.
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