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  1. This is the first time since probably the mid 90s where I won’t be pulling for one team or another. It’s kind of a nice feeling to just sit back and enjoy it. Hopefully it’s a good game and doesn’t turn out like that Seattle Denver borefest.
  2. I love that your entire view of the NFL and rooting interest has been dictated by the Patriots success over the past 20 seasons 😄 For what it's worth at this point, I would be 5-3 in playoff pick'ems. Had HOU, SEA, NE, NO. Then KC, SF, GB, BAL. But really, I'm just picking the favorites. Most Pats fans I know are rooting for a TEN vs. SF Super Bowl. Mainly because they don't like KC or Rodgers. Now that SEA is out (didn't want them to win), I'm looking forward to the remaining games. Wouldn't mind seeing Reid finally win one, but would also be cool to see Vrabel do it. Both teams are exciting in different ways. I'd rather not pick since I don't want to be swayed one way or another, but logic tells me KC and SF. GB vs. KC would give us a SB1 rematch.
  3. Lots to say here. First, huge kudos to Vrabel for that masterful coaching performance. The Titans are not an overly talented team and he put together a brilliant plan, both pregame and in-game decisions. Oddly enough, despite what the stats say, I thought this was one of Brady's best games all year. The rest of the team (most of them) just didn't execute. 3 huge drops that would have been first downs. Shaq Mason sprinting down the field to negate a big play. McDaniels awful play calling on that 1st and goal from the 1. Sony Michel being arm tackled at least 4 times. The OL wasn't THAT bad, but not good either. Change those drops and dumb penalties to completions, let Tom throw when it's 1st and goal and it's a different story. Didn't stand much chance on the pick six. The defense played great and I think Chung getting injured early on was a huge factor, but that's football. Gotta grind through it. And it's clear to me that Edelman has been injured for the past few weeks. His game has been off. 2 uncharacteristic drops by him. I knew that if he didn't stay healthy it was good night. All that being said, most Pats fans saw this coming. At this point I'm ready to call it. The dynasty is over. It's been a helluva fun ride. I'll save my emotional Brady-Bill-Kraft-Patriots-GOAT nut-hugging rant for another post...
  4. Well... I don't agree with the entitlement or the "it takes away from other teams that people would prefer" comments because when it comes to competitive sports, who cares what people prefer. But as a Boston sports fan, I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't acknowledge that people get tired of teams who are consistently successful. Sox fans felt that way about the Yankees... Bruins fans felt that way about the Canadiens. The one thing that should be pointed out here is that when the Pats have made the Super Bowl in the Brady/Belichick era, the games have been exciting. All 9 of them, win or lose, were back and forth - and most were 1 scores games that came down to the final drive. 01 - beat the Rams on a last second FG 03 - beat the Panthers on a last second FG 04 - beat the Eagles by 3 07 - lost to the Giants by 3 with under a minute to play 11 - lost to the Giants by 4 - came down to the final drive 14 - beat the Seahawks by 4 on a goalline INT 16 - came back from 25 to beat the Falcons in OT 17 - lost to the Eagles by 8 - came down to the final drive 18 - beat the Rams in a tight defensive battle - some could argue it was a boring game, but was a 1-score game until 1 minute left. Compare that to non-Patriot Super Bowls this decade: 00 - Ravens beat Giants by 27 - snoozefest 02 - Bucs beat Raiders by 27 - boring as shit 05 - Steelers beat Seahawks by 11 in one of the most boring games ever 06 - Colts beat Bears by 12 - OK, I guess 08 - Steelers over Cardinals - this one was exciting 09 - Saints over Colts by 14 - closer than the score indicates, I guess 10 - Packers over Steelers - this was a good game 12 - Ravens over 49ers by 3 - this was good as well 13 - Seahawks over Broncos by 35 - awful! 15 - Broncos over Panthers by 14 - didn't think this game was exciting at all
  5. He absolutely is. I made a comment to friends last season that he was just about done then. I just think that if you divvy up the blame, Brady only takes a small fraction of it in comparison to the rest of the offense. But whatever. The guy has played at a high level about 4 years beyond what I thought he would and has delivered 6 Super Bowls, so at this point, I'm just going to enjoy him regardless if he sucks or not. If he wants to play another 3 seasons then so be it.
  6. Bodom

    NHL 96

    If you’re looking for the original go to vimm.net If you’re looking for an updated roster, maybe the guys over at NHL94.com have one.
  7. It feels different this year. The Pats offense has struggled in almost every game this season. They are bottom 10 in the NFL in yards per drive. Didn't even score an offensive TD against Buffalo. Seems like a continuation from last year's Super Bowl where the offense was awful and the defense stepped up. Brady is showing his age, but I'd only put a little on him. The OL has been terrible, they can't run the ball when they need to, and the WRs, with the exception of Edelman, just seem off. The defense has been fun to watch, though. I'm actually enjoying the swap from O to D. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. They just better hope Edelman stays healthy because if he gets injured it's good night.
  8. This is clearly opinion because the fact that the Patriots beat everyone, not only the teams in their own division, at a dominant rate proves this incorrect. I’m not saying the AFC East hasn’t been weak for the past 15 years. I’m saying it doesn’t matter. Put the Pats in the North South or West and you still have a dynasty. I’m also not trying to be a homer. I’m tougher on the Pats than most haters I know. I’d be kidding myself if I didn’t think the dynasty was in it’s final year(s). But if what you are saying was true, Brady and Co. would get knocked out by non divisional teams in the playoffs more often than not. Or not have a 6-3 Super Bowl record. They beat the rest of the NFL at the same rate that they beat the AFC East - and that’s all the fact you need to disprove your opinion.
  9. Except this has been disproven by facts and actual stats. https://patriotsdynasty.info/blog/2019/01-02/myth-easy-afc-east-definitive-guide
  10. That was a false alarm. Turns out I had just sat on some gum.
  11. Bodom


    Happy Tecmo Ratings Beginning Sequence Day
  12. Bodom


    Hey - did anyone notice what tomorrow is? 6-13-19. The beginning of the TSB ratings sequence. A day hidden in Steve Grogan's ratings. This day will never happen again. Enjoy it.
  13. I agree. His stats and results over his past three seasons as a starter with SF don’t justify his salary expectations (something most people don’t consider when comparing him to other shitty QBs in the league) ? Why pay Kaep $13M a season to go 3-13?
  14. To be clear, the reason the Patriots have dominated the NFL for the past 18 years is not because their division sucks. It is well documented that even as of a couple of years ago, the Patriots have almost an identical winning % vs. non AFC East teams as they do against the AFC East. They have also won the AFC 8 times and won 5 Super Bowls, which has nothing to do with the division they are in. I don't even know how to respond to absurd claims like this anymore. I dropped this mentality many years ago. Breaking news for everyone regarding their opinions on Tom Brady's decline. YOU WERE ALL WRONG! Hell, I was wrong. Tom Brady has defied everyone. Max Kellerman stated he would fall off a cliff in 2016 or early 2017. And this wasn't even a "hot take" as many others predicted this a year or two prior. Shit, I remember people making this claim during the 2014 season. Well, It's 2018 and he is still one of the top QBs in the league. Let's just face facts. Tom Brady has played at a high level longer than anyone expected, with the exception of Tom himself. Sure, people can claim year after year that this will be the year he drops off (and yes, it is bound to happen eventually), but the fact that everyone has already made this claim every year for the past 2-4 years makes everyone already wrong. Hot take: Patrick Mahomes will decline in the next 1-25 years. Now that we can agree on! The Pats D is awful. Imagine if they had a good one?!
  15. Shredder. Off the Off topic... favorite villian... Wile E Coyote.
  16. I’m going to sit this season out. Crazy busy... I’ve had to put the NFL on the back burner. Good luck to all. Go Pats!
  17. The fact that I didn't think of Favre or Vinatieri for #4 further proves that I don't pay enough attention to jersey numbers. Either that or the fact that #4, in my mind, will forever be associated with the legendary Bobby Orr.
  18. Going through this was interesting as it made me realize I don't pay much attention to player numbers. The first player I thought of was 50 - Singletary. He might be the one player I associate most with a number in NFL history. Then I went 1-99 and these are the other players that popped into my head first and within a short time period.
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