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    NHL 96

    If you’re looking for the original go to vimm.net If you’re looking for an updated roster, maybe the guys over at NHL94.com have one.
  2. I'm not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for, but it might point you in the right direction. Complete listing of hacks can be found here:
  3. Hog? Looks more like a GOAT drenched in gatorade...
  4. Try changing the value at 2a544 Try some values around 3D, 40, etc. to see what feels right. I also had this in my notes - not sure if it will apply or not. Move KR back to avoid ball bouncing... change 8101 from 48 to 88
  5. Alright, then it's settled. The final division will be Kansas, Syracuse, BC and UMass.
  6. If anyone is making one, I'd be willing to offer assistance where I can. Here's a first pass at which teams should be included. I don't have much rooting interest with college football, so this is open to debate. Suppose we could ditch the Misc or Ind division for a second Big Ten. Another idea that has been used in the past is to make Army/Navy the pro bowl teams. * What are the chances Tecmo ever expands to 8 divisions with 5 teams each (40 total) for NCAA purposes? Most likely just a pipe dream. I have zero idea what it would take to accomplish that or what challenges this would present. Or even if only 4 of the divisions had 5 teams, etc. Just throwing around ideas.
  7. The OBJ cover is pretty sweet. I originally had that one in my Top 4, but my hatred of the Giants got the better of me. Replace Beckham with Edelman and it's the best one.
  8. Awesome work! My favorites (based purely on images) are probably AJ, Luck and Fitz.
  9. The game restricts goalies from moving outside of the crease. This is probably a good thing. When you don't have the puck, you control all your players at the same time (i.e. when you push up, all 4 of your skaters and your goalie move up). If you are chasing the puck left or right and your goalie had no restrictions, he could end up at center ice or behind the net. Love this game, btw.
  10. This may save you some time. Once you enter all the players, ratings, etc - just paste into TSBTool Supreme. Instead of going one by one... TSBTool Import Spreadsheet.xlsx
  11. I also found this... http://graphicnerdity.com/post/124334362248/the-definitive-ranking-of-every-team-in-blades Was more of a "NES Ice Hockey" guy, but fully support everything hockey!
  12. I would definitely play a ROM with international teams. I think the closest thing we have on the site is buck's Semi-Pro ROM from a few years ago. There are a lot of different cities represented and if I remember correct, at least 1/2 of them were international. I specifically remember playing as the Palermo Dons. That ROM is awesome, by the way, so I'd recommend trying it out. I did something like this a few years ago, not to this extent, but I created two teams... Italy and Ireland. I'm 100% Italian and my wife is 100% Irish. The Italians had blue uniforms with tanned skin. The Irish had green uniforms with pale skin. I gave the Italians all 75 ratings and the Irish 25 (just so it wasn't too lopsided). Then I tried to have my wife watch a COM vs. COM game, but she had no interest. LOL. As far as player names go, you could always take a look at past and present World Cup rosters to get some ideas.
  13. So like on the list I posted 3 weeks ago? Know what... let's get BC on this game! Bears D - with the worst offense possible and a playbook filled with reverses and flea flickers.
  14. So mostly what I said 3 weeks ago with a few minor changes.
  15. Doesn't look like you can edit the ROM http://tecmobowl.org/topic/66329-nes-tecmobowlorg-presents-tecmo-super-bowl-2016/?p=456675
  16. Alright, midway point. Here's a suggestion from an casual, unbiased NCAA follower. I also need to point out that I'm kicking fatcheerleader's ass in our weekly NCAA pick'em. 64 to 59. And I missed a week of 16 games. 64-38 (vs. the spread). Not too shabby.
  17. A negative rep for busting fatcheerleader's balls ball. Well that's a first.
  18. Stop being a baby and just make the f*cking ROM! People want this... it's in high demand. People want to play ROMs NOW, during the season. Go Gators.
  19. Ha! OK, my ratings are complete. File is attached. Let me know if you notice any glaring errors. I finished up the last 20% quickly during my lunch break. I used a formula to calculate an overall rating, which gave me the "top" players. Top Forwards (in no particular order). Top Defensemen Top Goalies Pro Sports Hockey_Player Ratings_Bodom.xlsx
  20. I should have known. If it's that much work then I agree it's not really worth it. Ah well... it was worth a mention....
  21. Been thinking about this for a while - and surprised this hasn't been mentioned yet (or maybe it has). One of the most important stats is missing from the box score. Touchdowns. I'm sure most people would like to see this stat at the end of a game. I'm clueless as to how accomplish this, but would assume it's not too difficult an edit. Below is a quick and dirty mock up. Current box score on the left, proposed new box score on the right. I sort of jammed the TDs in where they made sense, but could position them elsewhere if needed. RB/WR first names would be shortened to first initial. Just throwing around the idea....
  22. IMO, Henrik is the best goalie in the league. So I'm stuck at work late tonight. The joys of working in finance at quarter end! 1. I have the Skater ratings about 1/2 way complete and should be able to finish sometime tomorrow evening. 2. When doing the ratings I was still a bit in the dark as to what attributes to weigh more than others and what ranges to use (for example, Power.... Goalies I used 85-95 and Skaters I used 85-99). So if they seem off, just let me know.
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