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  1. Bodom

    NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    The Bucs should surprise everyone this season and run that play with JPP.
  2. Bodom

    NFL 2018-2019 Season Discussion

    Nice job, Titans! I have a feeling both will perform very well with TEN as they did in NE. Solid pick-ups. Really hate to see them go, but this will keep my “around the league” interest up. Plus it worked out pretty well for the last team who signed two former Pats, RB/DEF (Philly - Blount/Long). Also Danny ‘Best Hands All Time’ Amendola going to MIA Guy turned into a juiced Jerry Rice every playoffs. Hate to see him go as well, but I know he’ll crush it in that Miami sun (On and Off the field)
  3. Bodom

    NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    I suppose this is partially true to an extent. I don't remember many great plays from players on losing teams in non-Patriots Super Bowls. But in Patriots Super Bowls I do. I'll never forget Julio's catch on the sideline, or the circus catch by Kearse. Or Terrell Owens beasting out during the first Eagles/Pats Super Bowl (the one where the good guys won). Think he had a broken leg, too. Or Jake Delhomme tossing bombs when the Pats beat the Panthers... I could go on. I don't think I'll ever forget those plays. But come to think of it, I still remember quite a few great plays made by players on losing teams. Larry Fitzgerald's 2 TDs to put AZ on top of PIT late in SB XLIII. Devin Hester's KO return to open the SB against the Colts. Don Beebe's hustle play denying Leon Lett of a TD.
  4. Bodom

    NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    I will say though that no one celebrates a Super Bowl win quite like Philly fans. http://www.12up.com/posts/5972374-female-eagles-fans-get-nsfw-tattoos-on-lips-to-honor-nick-foles http://abc7chicago.com/sports/eagles-fan-appears-to-eat-horse-poop-amid-super-bowl-celebration/3042971/ WTF are they putting in those cheesesteaks?
  5. Bodom

    NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Not arguing many of your points, but I don't agree here. Sure most Pats fans and media are giving Belichick sh*t for the defensive inefficiency and not playing Butler (and rightfully so), but for what it's worth, I have not listened to or read a single interview or article that has done so without also giving Philly their credit. I mean, I'll say it again, Pederson and Foles were brilliant. My view on that is already documented in this thread. And there's a huge difference between what happened to Atlanta and Seattle and what happened to New England. Atlanta's and Seattle's mistakes can be viewed as temporary lapses in judgement - or even fluke plays. In both cases, the coaches made decisions to pass the ball late in the game with arguably two of the top 5 QBs in the league. Both teams had recently moved the chains by passing it - Wilson to whoever the hell made that crazy catch down the sideline - and Ryan to Julio and Sanu. ATL/SEA were having success with those types of plays. The chances of making an error in those situations (throwing a pick at the goal line or taking a sack/penalty) were slim. Both teams had their BEST players out there and were playing to WIN the game. What Belichick did was bench arguably one of the best Patriots defenders, who played just under 98% of the regular season snaps and replaced him with a combination of one below average (Rowe) and two other players no one has ever heard of (Bademosi, Richards)... and to this point there has been ZERO explanation for doing so. Not only did Belichick do it because "he's in charge and he'll make a statement whenever he feels like it" (at least that's what we have to assume)... he stuck with it when it clearly wasn't working... didn't change anything. That is not putting your team in a situation to win. Also, the NE vs. ATL/SEA games were back and forth where sometimes the offense made a play and sometimes the defense made a play. The NE/PHI game was offense, offense, offense and more offense. The adjustment NEEDED to be made on the defensive side of the ball. I dunno... I just don't think there's much comparison at all between those games. Last point... at least most Pats fans are willing to admit that Philly outplayed them and executed on a perfect gameplan. Because they did. And that's a hell of a lot more than people say about the Patriots when they win. 2001 - refs/tuck rule/taped Rams walkthrough... 2003 - cheated... 2004 - spygate... 2014 - deflategate... 2016 - cheated/refs. I think if Pats fans are bitching about Belichick (and we have every right to) it's still better than what every other fan base has done when the Pats win.
  6. Bodom

    NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Agree with 99.9% of this. I still blame Belichick. 1) Doug Pederson kicked Belichick's ass and coached circles around him 2) Belichick's ego prevented the Pats from being the best version of themselves when it mattered most. Again, not saying the Pats 100% would have won if Butler played... but the defense was ineffective - especially Rowe, Bademosi and Richards - who were playing the Butler role. Butler should have been on the field. I question not starting him in the first place, but not playing him in the 2nd half after the defense was shredded up and down the field on every single possession is inexcusable. I keep torturing myself and reading things like this, which further proves the "put Butler in the game" point: https://nesn.com/2018/02/super-bowl-lii-film-review-where-patriots-missed-malcolm-butler/ What Belichick did is equivalent to a successful boxer who fights southpaw and makes it to a title bout... then in that title bout he changes from southpaw to orthodox stance... and gets his brains beat in for the first half of the fight... then keeps fighting orthodox instead of switching back to southpaw. Why do you make the change in the first place... and why don't you adjust when you realize it's not working? Makes zero sense to me. Injuries are what they are. Sucked not having Julian, Hightower & Cooks, sure. But every team has to deal with injuries at some point. The sad truth is that Brady played an all time great game. 505 passing yards is the most in a Super Bowl Playoff game all time. He was at his all time best... and the defense choked. Brady is GOAT. Belichick can eat sh*t. Patricia can take a hike, too.
  7. Bodom

    NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Well, the Pats may have lost the Super Bowl, but Kraft just officially won #deflategate
  8. Bodom

    NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Yeah, I'm probably jumping the gun and making conclusions without hearing all the facts. There was a hint of humor to my post, but reading it over I can tell it didn't come across that way. Maybe there was a justified reason for benching him. But I feel that the fans are owed an explanation - especially when the loss can be pinned 100% on the defense. Right now all we know is that, per Belichick, "he did what was best for the team and it worked best with their gameplan", which is complete bullsh*t. Nobody is buying that. It's simply not true. Would the Pats have won if Butler played? That's a woulda, coulda, shoulda argument and I hate those, but I have a feeling they would have been a bit better off.
  9. Bodom

    NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    A few final Patriots thoughts as my brain has now had time to process the game. 1) Congrats again to the Eagles. They came in with a solid game plan and executed to near perfection. Doug Pederson deserves a ton of credit for turning that team around and playing to win. Happy might be an overstatement, but I'm "happy" for a few players including Chris Long, Blount, Foles and a few others. It will be interesting to see where they go from here with Wentz/Foles. 2) "No shame for the Pats OFFENSE in losing that game". That's for certain. Sure they left some plays out there, but the offense did more than enough to win that game. I mean, Brady throws for 505 and they never punted. How do you lose? The defense was horrendous! Their D has typically heavily relied on other teams making a mistake - and aside from a fluke INT in the first half, the Eagles made ZERO mistakes. 3) Graham totally schooled Shaq Mason on that play which resulted in a strip sack. As @PockyCandy mentioned, no way is that Brady's fault. It was a great play. Also hate calling out Mason because aside from that one play (that one huge, important play), the O-Line was amazing against that Philly DL. 4) He is... and I am going to cry like a b*tch when he retires. ..... 5) What in the absolute f*ck was Cooks doing on that play? He was running around like an overly excited puppy and got walloped. Solid, clean hit. Not to mention the play where he tried to hurdle the defender, but just ended up tea-bagging him and falling short of the 1st down. Great player, but I think the moment seemed a bit too big for him. 6) What is the exact opposite of clutch? Because that's what Gostkowski is. 7) See ya, Patricia. Have fun in Detroit and good luck to the Lions. Stafford better be able to put up 35+ a game. 8.) Screw Belichick. Yeah, I said it. I want a detailed explanation as to why Malcolm Butler did not play last night. It better have been something inexcusable like physical assaulting someone - and if so, I will eat my words. But if it's something petty and Bill's ego potentially cost the Pats a Super Bowl, F him. Interesting that Brandon Browner tweeted about it and it was liked by Donta Hightower and a few other Patriots. Give me a Brady led team over a Belichick coached team any day of the year. I've said this for years with 90% certainty... now it's a lock. 9) I can't help but feel that even in defeat, Brady added to his legacy. Sure he dropped a pass, who cares. 505 yards, 3 TDs, 0 INTs. But I also can't help but wonder if they ended up tying it and winning in OT, what 650 yards, 5 TDs would have felt like. I think my head would have exploded. 10) Sadly I think this is spot on and it has me super depressed.
  10. Bodom

    NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Well... my feeling after week 1 that continued throughout the entire year came back to be the ultimate reason they didn't get #6. Another great Super Bowl. But man, what a pathetic performance by the Pats D. I don't mind saying it. Brady throws for over 500 yards, 3 TDs... and loses. Just crazy. Oh well. The team exceeded my expectations this year after losing both Edelman and Hightower and will be back next year. Congrats to Philly... they came to play. What gutsy calls from Pederson... converting on two 4th downs. He's got balls of steel! That play call at the end of the first half... wow. Eagles came in with a great offensive game plan and they executed. Until next season...