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  1. Never liked him. Seemed to screw up most in big moments. Although, I probably compared him too much to the guy who preceded him, which was unfair. Maybe.
  2. I hate typing stuff like this because I love Belichick. I really do. But there has always been the debate on who is more responsible for the Pats success, Brady or Belichick. And I have always strongly felt that it's been Brady. People always point to the 11-5 Cassel year, but the fact is they went 16-0 the year before and were loaded with an easy schedule. They went 1-4 against playoff teams that season - and they missed the playoffs. Bill went 5-11 in his first season as Pats coach and was off to another miserable start when Bledsoe went down. The rest is history. With Brady, Belichick made the playoffs 17 of 18 seasons, only missing in Brady's 2nd year going 9-7. As head coach without Brady he made the playoffs once in 7 seasons. 1 for 5 with CLE and 0 for 2 with NE. Which brings me to my point. Brady is finally gone and Belichick now has the chance to prove that he can do it without Tom. And now they are losing all these key players, which kind of seems like a built in excuse if they don't succeed. If the Pats go 10+ wins and make the playoffs, the response will be "wow, look what Bill did with nothing". If the Pats go below .500 it's "the Pats lost too many players". The response will never be "Belichick can't succeed without Brady". I would have LOVED to see the Pats with pretty much the same team, minus Tom, to see what happens.
  3. ...and Pats! It will be interesting rooting for 2 teams this season. But like I said above, it would have been more interesting 5-10 seasons ago. I think Tom would have won Lombardis with other teams. Given that Tom is 42 and the Pats are losing quite a few players, I don't expect much from either team this year.
  4. Ehhh. Don’t forget the season before they went 16-0. That’s -5 wins. It was also a weak schedule and they missed the playoffs.
  5. I’m nervous tbh. I’m also a loyalist. I’ll take an 0-16 Pats Brady over a Tom in a different uniform. 5-10 years ago I would have had a slight interest to see him prove the “system” haters wrong, but the guy is 42.
  6. Season 5. Lost the first game then rattled off 15 in a row to finish 15-1. Destroyed everyone in the playoffs ultimately beating the Saints 28-10 in the Super Bowl. Saints fans are all currently complaining about all the non calls. (I joke...)
  7. Season 4 went 15-1. lost in the Super Bowl to Seattle 35-28. good job, defense.
  8. Wow - thanks for this. I came across this post yesterday when I was laid up with a stomach virus. Ended up getting through 2 seasons. I was signed by the Miami Dolphins. Season 1 started me on the last game of the season, which I won. Team ended up 3-13. Season 2 went 11-5, then 1 and done in the playoffs. I actually played a solid game, but my defense let up 31 pts. Season 3 went 13-3, then once again, 1 and done. Beat by the damn Patriots 😆. I could only muster 6 points. Season 4 I'm off to a 2-0 start. So all together I am 27-10. QB is 485-705 (69%) nice.... with 79 TD and 36 INT I can't help but feel this game has ties to Tecmo Bowl. The RB I drafted in season 2.... J. Stout.
  9. Love COA mode! Its the only way I’ve played for probably the past 5-10 years. I set rules though. No changing playbooks and no subs unless injuries occur. Fun trying to win the SB with various teams.
  10. This is the first time since probably the mid 90s where I won’t be pulling for one team or another. It’s kind of a nice feeling to just sit back and enjoy it. Hopefully it’s a good game and doesn’t turn out like that Seattle Denver borefest.
  11. I love that your entire view of the NFL and rooting interest has been dictated by the Patriots success over the past 20 seasons 😄 For what it's worth at this point, I would be 5-3 in playoff pick'ems. Had HOU, SEA, NE, NO. Then KC, SF, GB, BAL. But really, I'm just picking the favorites. Most Pats fans I know are rooting for a TEN vs. SF Super Bowl. Mainly because they don't like KC or Rodgers. Now that SEA is out (didn't want them to win), I'm looking forward to the remaining games. Wouldn't mind seeing Reid finally win one, but would also be cool to see Vrabel do it. Both teams are exciting in different ways. I'd rather not pick since I don't want to be swayed one way or another, but logic tells me KC and SF. GB vs. KC would give us a SB1 rematch.
  12. Lots to say here. First, huge kudos to Vrabel for that masterful coaching performance. The Titans are not an overly talented team and he put together a brilliant plan, both pregame and in-game decisions. Oddly enough, despite what the stats say, I thought this was one of Brady's best games all year. The rest of the team (most of them) just didn't execute. 3 huge drops that would have been first downs. Shaq Mason sprinting down the field to negate a big play. McDaniels awful play calling on that 1st and goal from the 1. Sony Michel being arm tackled at least 4 times. The OL wasn't THAT bad, but not good either. Change those drops and dumb penalties to completions, let Tom throw when it's 1st and goal and it's a different story. Didn't stand much chance on the pick six. The defense played great and I think Chung getting injured early on was a huge factor, but that's football. Gotta grind through it. And it's clear to me that Edelman has been injured for the past few weeks. His game has been off. 2 uncharacteristic drops by him. I knew that if he didn't stay healthy it was good night. All that being said, most Pats fans saw this coming. At this point I'm ready to call it. The dynasty is over. It's been a helluva fun ride. I'll save my emotional Brady-Bill-Kraft-Patriots-GOAT nut-hugging rant for another post...
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