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  1. Love COA mode! Its the only way I’ve played for probably the past 5-10 years. I set rules though. No changing playbooks and no subs unless injuries occur. Fun trying to win the SB with various teams.
  2. Bodom

    NHL 96

    If you’re looking for the original go to vimm.net If you’re looking for an updated roster, maybe the guys over at NHL94.com have one.
  3. I'm not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for, but it might point you in the right direction. Complete listing of hacks can be found here:
  4. Mostly onside kicks, but I changed it up depending upon opponent and game situation. I was also trying to win every game, so if the game was close in the 2nd half, I'd kick full bar and play D. I know this hindered the ultimate goal, but I couldn't help it. Also, if my D was juiced, I'd try to kick it deep and go for the safety to get the ball back quicker. But I'd say 80% onside kicks. Same strategy here, although I never lurched. I've always hated the NT dive play... so cheap... so I've never been able to bring myself to do it, even on challenges. I would mostly blitz or try to stop the run with a LB. I think there were 1 or 2 rare cases where, again, I was tied late and was trying to win the game, so I'd play honest D (which probably hurt the challenge goal).
  5. EDIT: I just re-read your original post and realized that you were trying to get 10 guys over 1,000, not 7. I think I read 7 in another post and assumed that was the target. So I guess I didn't not complete the challenge as stated below. I think if I really tried, I could get to 8, tops. Had fun trying, though... OK - not sure which ROM you are using, but I used the official TB.org ROM (5 min Qtrs) and did this fairly easily with Brady and the Pats. I was able to get 7 guys over 1,000 receiving yards (Gillislee, White, Hogan, Gronk, Amendola, Mitchell, Cooks) - and had I paid attention, I may have gotten 8. Had the challenge completed by the final game so I started on Lewis and got 1/2 way there. Burkhead also stole a few receptions. I lost one game to Miami because (1) Brady was injured (2) I was playing half-assed defense toward the end. A few things that helped: - Brady, of course. I haven't looked at all the QB ratings, but not sure I could have done it without a Brady or Rodgers caliber QB. - Get to know 1-2 pass plays really well. WR progression, check down options on picked plays, etc. - Try to get the less talented players out of the way first and save the better players for later in the season when you must start forcing throws and need some CCs/avoid INTs. - Don't advance punt or kickoff returns. Run back if you can and try to start drives inside your own 10. (*I didn't run backwards with RBs to maximize receiving yards, only did this on special teams... actually, I didn't pick Runs at all). - Get out of bounds to prevent fumbles and loss of stats. This happened to me a couple of times on long receptions.
  6. Which ROM? I'll give it a try with the Pats.
  7. Correct. And if you call him Chris one more time we better take a station break.
  8. OK - which TSB team "has a potent offense that can score from anywhere on the football field and speedy receivers that have to be double covered"?
  9. It can't be Fairchild... because he doesn't block at all
  10. Grogan! Not sure if this is the player you were referencing, but the only reason I know this is because I was just on his wikipedia page the other day.
  11. * Tried on my phone as well... changed from blue to red.
  12. There might be a slight bug with avatars. I tried to update mine and now it's just a B with a pink background. Every time I try to upload a new image the background toggles between pink and purple...
  13. I'm not sure about defense, but TE Ron Hall has hidden stats. Testaverde to Hall is the 2nd best QB/WR combo in the game behind Montana and Rice. *(I'm pretty sure I remember someone posting this, and being serious about it, back in the 2008/2009 time frame ... and it's extremely sad that I remember that sort of thing). Peebles!
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