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  1. Hey I think I have them somewhere. They don't have the expanded rosters though, that I couldn't get working.
  2. Maybe. Last time I asked for something he was charging for it. Not sure it this would be something he'd charity. I asked @jstout via email, we'll see if he can get me the data and I'll write an editor.
  3. Thanks knobbe. Man, it's been a minute, eh? I retired a bit from hacking but would still love to map this game out. Probably need some help from jstout or someone but I don't want to bother him.
  4. I still plan to try and map this out at some point. Not sure right now on all the data, but we'll see...
  5. I'm still planning on releasing one, if I ever get the hack created that I want to for it
  6. I've been talking to him. He certainly is a cool dude. I backed it immediately.
  7. Yes I spelled it right. If you're into board games like I am and you're on this forum, you might want to check this out! https://bombshell-games.pledgemanager.com/projects/techno-bowl-arcade-football-unplugged-0/participate/?ref=twitter
  8. It most certainly will. I'm composing this from the porcelain throne and its glorious.
  9. If you can resummarize everything, that'd be spiffy...
  10. Honestly, a lot of them. I tried mapping it myself, but I couldn't make sense of some of it. I tried doing compares before and after using the old editors and everything gets messed up after the editor applies them. Also, I think the Sim data gets all messed up and the something like the bottom playlers on the roster get stupid high scores. Honestly, I'd like to start from square one and get the whole thing mapped out and make a nice editor for it...
  11. Agreed, though I tried and couldn't find enough of the locations. I'll write the editor, but I need some help finding the locations for everything.
  12. Well, what do you know? I read before clicking and I saw people were asking for invites...seems as though the channel is open now...my bad...
  13. Can I get an invite? I might have to be doing something like this for RBI Baseball...
  14. Agreed! Logos are really the toughest part. The rest I think I have mapped out.
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