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  1. Best season I ever had passing was with Marino. 107 TDs, 0 INTs. 5511 Yards. 84% comp. Avg 20.7 and Rate of 238.4 I only had one more season in my life without a pick. That was QB Browns with 75 TDs and 0 INTS.
  2. Here is my start.... 1984: QB1: Dan Marino QB2: Dan Fouts (Montana to be saved for 1989 Season year) For choosing WRs, maybe choose highest REC, Highest YDS and Highest TDs, unless a double from another year. WR1: Mark Clayton (record breaking 18TDs) WR2: Art Monk (106 rec 1272 yds) WR3: Roy Green (1555 rec yds 12 tds WR4: John Stallworth (80 catches 1395 yards) RB1: Eric Dickerson (2259 All purpose yards) RB2: Marcus Allen (18 Total TDs) (Walter Payton goes in next year) RB3: James Wilder (1544 YDS rushing also 85 receptions!!!!) RB4: John Riggins (1239 Yds 14 TDs good HP)
  3. Not a bad idea, except, there would be for instance 5 Joe Montana's in the same league with like 10 Jerry Rice's. If there was a way to cut down on duplicates maybe. It would be fun putting together a roster for each year wtihout using any duplicates.
  4. Got to week 4 with the eagles. They kicked off to me, I kept the ball away from them for the whole 1st and 2nd quarters. Then after the half, I kicked to them, they ran it to like the 30 yard like and eventually scored. See attached Nestopia Movie. Anything after week 4 is very tough. 1991 Eagles ShutOut Season Wk4.nsv
  5. I'm going to try using the Eagles. Running around in the pocket with QB Eagles is a great way to eat up some clock and keep the ball away from the other team.
  6. Great question. I have reached week 4 multiple times. I don't think I have made it past week 5. I guess if that was really your goal was a shut out instead of scoring points, I would imagine, you could go into week 5-8 possibly by using ball/clock control. But after the juice kicks in, too many crazy things happen (i.e. they punt and you receive and then you fumble and their super human dude runs the ball back and no body can catch him)
  7. You could probably take everyone on the Dolphins down a notch the way that they have been playing. I thought they were rated pretty fair, but man they look bad. We'll have to see what kind of fire and passion Dan Campell the new Interim HC can instill in his players.
  8. yeah, it was on a QB run, he got off butchered a couple Defensive tackles for a long run.....i was waiting for the injury cut scene and instead, he rambled for like 35 yards. it's all good. i really like the rom. you have done a great job. very polished. I think your offensive playbook is about the most updated from the 1990s run and shoot to todays modern offsense.
  9. first of all, you have done an amazing job. very well done. i love the new plays and formation. i just grabbed the dolphins and ran with the stock playbook and it plays very well. my only beef is the moving blocking/grapple. i'm not sure what algorithm you are using, but SUH, got pushed back by just about anyone including RGIII. I have seen RGIII on ocassion push back on topple over people,, which should never happen. also, after the first week of football in the books, the leading passer was johhnny manziel who was 8 of 8 for 5 TD. that's just crazy talk right there.
  10. Never seen the double jump after a tipped pass. At least that I can recall. Also never seen the hands and the ball go over them.
  11. Never seen this one before or at least that I can recall. Playing on the original cart on original NES in a season with Tampa. Testacleverede deep to carrier..... Carrier jumps for the JJ, defender jumps.... Ball gets tipped....(I'm thinking play over) then it cuts to the double jump cut scene... It shows the hands in the air and the ball flying over the hands..... Then both players land and it was just an incomplete. I don't recall ever seeing that sequence before. What about you?
  12. http://toucharcade.com/2015/04/21/homebrew-indie-games-is-a-secret-emulator-on-the-app-store-but-its-useless-if-youre-on-ios-8-3/ We had an emulator that used to work, however with the latest updates, you can't install it anymore. A new emulator snuck in and works on the iPhone. Homebrew! It looks like a game playing device at first glance. It plays homebrew NES games that come with it. Download a program called iExpore and you can download your roms into the emulator/player and walla!!! TSB on the iPhone. Takes a little getting used to, using a flat screen as a d-pad can be quite challenging. After a few games you'll be putting up 72-0 games soon enough. I think it works really well. Also saves states. From what I can tell, two button presses at the same time doesn't work. So, games where you need to press a and b at the same time for a function like jump will not work. Watch the video here: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-Rq533WXxs
  13. I would change the Cardinals team and keep Warner on the Rams where he belongs.
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