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  1. cxrom, This is really cool. A couple questions: 1) Do the numbers we enter in for FG%, FT% and 3FG% affect the player's accuracy from 2, the line and 3pts? Or do they not matter at all? 2) How do we improve players' defense outside of steals and blocks? 3) What effect does "Stamina" have? 4) Can we influence passing or ball-handling skills at all? Thanks!
  2. Hey all, I've updated cxrom's 2007 1.0.5 rom to have the most up-to-date rosters possible. Ratings are on the conservative side, and you're welcome to tweak them as you like. I figure people would rather have things too "vanilla" than too wacky. I've kept DB HP down for the most part save for guys like Polamalu, Winfield and Woodson. PC and REC are more under control than they are in the original rom. DLs are a little stronger than the original. For teams with QB controversies, the starter is the guy currently seen as the favorite (Sanchez, Quinn, Culpepper, Hill), and just a little better than his backup. Races and numbers should be largely accurate. Depth charts are from sports.yahoo.com plus research on things like Denver's 3-4 conversion. Have fun! TSB 2009.zip
  3. First of all, is this with the original rom or the 1990 one? Washington above Chicago? What's wrong with the Bears' D? How are the Fins doing so well on Defense? How is Dallas hanging in there? Sounds like a very surprising season all around.
  4. Bears C Olin Kreutz is white. You have three DEs on the Bears' D and only one DT (Harris). Is this what you want? Although to be fair the spot opposite Harris has been a revolving door- wasn't Darwin Walker the other starter? Danieal Manning and Adam Archuleta have been filp-flopped; Manning playes FS and Archuleta plays SS. It's Ryan Grant RB #25 of the Packers, not "Brian." Excellent work!
  5. It's classic old-time Tecmo Bowl, but with the rosters of the 2008 playoff teams! Everyone uses the singleback formation, since LA's pro-set is crippled. No one uses the stupid end-arounds. I made a couple other changes to the playbooks to balance things out. I've attached a file with QB, RB, WR, TE, KR, K, and P ratings so that you don't have to comb the rom or use the Tecmo Bowl Manager to find the ratings. The player ratings are derived from analysis (http://www.footballoutsiders.com, si.com, espn.com) as well as popular perception (nfl.com/probowl) and my totally subjective opinions. Thanks to: http://www.geocities.com/cpa68/ratings.html http://www.emuware.com/tbm/index.php http://www.tecmobowl.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=8535 I welcome any feedback you may have. NFL07-08Playoffs_TecmoBowl.zip
  6. The Big Ten (OSU, Michigan, Illinois, MSU, Wisconsin), the Big 12 (Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas), and the SEC (Florida, Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia, LSU) are all updated to their 2007 rosters. I'm not sure I have Texas' defensive roster correct, and I may have flip-flopped right and left DTs and DEs on other teams. None of the helmet logos have been changed (thus Missouri has Nebraska's helmet, Kansas has Texas A&M's, Tennessee has Auburn's, MSU has PSU's and Illinois has ND's). Feedback on ratings would be greatly appreciated. I reserved 63 MS for McFadden and 56 MS for the other Doak Walker semifinalists. tecmo ncaa 07 bcs b10-b12-sec.zip
  7. the 100 in 10.02?! But "game speed" (real life and Tecmo) is different. I'm not sure how to treat really fast guys like Hester and Cribbs in the pros. In any case, I've been putting off the SEC because I'm not sure whether to include Auburn or Arkansas. Florida, LSU, and Georgia are all obviously in, as is Tennessee on account of rankings. Auburn is ranked higher than Arkansas, but I imagine most people would rather play with the ridiculous Arkansas backfield than an anonymous Auburn team.
  8. This rom is great- I can see the hard work that went into making it- even faces got attention payed to them. Attached is the old rom with some roster updates to most of the Big 10 (Ohio State, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois (which replaces Notre Dame)) and to some of the SEC (Florida, Georgia, LSU). I don't know how to change the helmets, so Illinois still gets ND's helment, since it took ND's spot. Names, races and jersey numbers should all be accurate. I tried to get faces sort of right for everyone but the O-Line. Since I'm an Illinois fan, I haven't seen much SEC football so I'm not up to date on who the latest defensive stars there are. Well, besides Dorsey. Ratings are guided by awards and stats (especially overall defense for defensive players and sacks taken and team rushing YPC for O-line) and my guesswork. I tried to keep QB MS down (the legitimate running threats Tim Tebow and Juice Williams have 31) and CB HP under control so that WRs can actually sustain their blocks. Backup Tailbacks have MS less than or equal to the starting Tailback's MS, similarly most backup WRs have MS less than or equal to the slowest starter's MS. Backup WRs have REC ratings of no less than 38. Ball Control is bumped way up like the original, but I don't know where to get fumble data so everyone gets good BC. The only weird stuff happening with rosters is that Garrett Graham of Wisconsin, a very undersized TE, is lined up at WR4. Jeff Cumberland of Illinois converted from TE to WR during the season and gets the fourth starting WR spot. If anyone (especially non-Big 10 fans) has suggestions or helpful criticism, I'd welcome that. If you want to update another conference, that's cool too. tecmo ncaa 07 bcs draft.zip
  9. ... with TSB plays: http://www.collegegameballs.com/2007/09 ... -playbook/
  10. Well, going by numbers posted here: http://www.geocities.com/cpa68/players.html (and comments here: http://www.geocities.com/cpa68/all-tecmo.html) which are accurate according to the Tecmo Bowl Manager, it's something like qb Marino rb Jackson wr Rice, Clark McMichael is better than Carter but doesn't play nt the rest of your team is right on.
  11. We still counting coaching staff? Hardy Nickerson is the new Bears LB coach.
  12. wow, impressive stuff! one small issue- the "hut hut hut" sound doesn't sound like "hut hut hut" anymore. but perhaps there's something wrong with my emulation (fceu).
  13. Dent is rated at 17 sacks, and Doleman at 20? Things have changed. Still, nice to see the classic rejuvenated, even in a slightly different form.
  14. http://www.tecmobowl.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=9235 What happens to the game when teams are removed of their crippled plays (or in LA's case, crippled playbook)? When Minnesota and Washington lose their reverses? When LA switches to singleback to give Bo two properly-blocked runs? How would the changed teams stack up against the unchaged teams? How far do they shoot up in the power rankings? Do NYG/CHI/SF have to worry about their status as the elite teams? (And man, does Dallas fall to the bottom or what?) (I guess this is technically about a different game than original Tecmo Bowl, since the changed plays make things very different, but the other teams are unchanged, and this forum's activity level seems kind of low)
  15. Yeah, #86 Mervyn Fernandez now lines up at bottom WR. I gave him "good" WR stats (ie, like Gault, Bouza, and company). I'm aware that Allen could catch, but did he ever line up as a WR, or was he just an RB who was good at catching the football? Because if he was ever a WR, I'd swap him in in a jiffy, but barring a miraculous hacking of the LA run 1 play, we have to stay with the singleback formation, and you can only have one RB in singleback. And I guess I could put in Allen and give LA a half-back dump, but I think I'd prefer 2 Bo runs.
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