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  1. This is for reals. I have a game with Joeygats in about 30mins which will be my final game online. I put a lot of thought into it today and really my negative feelings towards tecmo isn't making it fun anymore... To everyone I gave shit to on and off. I really really really was just having fun with you guys and trying to let my frustrations out on you. Really I don't hate anyone.. I wish all you guys all good. Each and everyone of you. It has been awesome since 2007, but 2014 it has ended... To everyone I get a long with thanks for even paying attention even if you didn't care. You're the guys that made it the most fun... Knobbe thanks man and really no damn hard feelings at all. I was all wrong way I handle things. 100% wrong way I handle it. You did what you had to do to keep board together. Good job and keep the dream alive.... TDO same goes to you brother... You did what you had to and it was the right thing in the end. You stuck to your guns always and did whatever it took to keep things going... Timbone... Haha take care dude.... Going take a page out of Bits playbook to close out my career. It's been a nice run everyone. Tecmo still rules, but MRTECMOSUPERBOWL rules no more... Seriously a tear saying goodbye... Long live tecmo......
  2. Every so often you make your appearance and you know what? I smile...
  3. I'm the creep? I was getting numerous text,email and offline aim messages of you asking if I wanted to drink a beer with you... I think that may be more in the range of being a creep. Yeah good luck...
  4. Obviously you care enough. That explains you posting moron.
  5. Whoa I thought Ryan was going for WTF title. That team is juiced.... GL dude...
  6. Sure it sucks I'll admit. I'm not a victim at all for the record. I was just stating a fact. I know why it happened, but I was wondering from all commishes from Tecmobowl.org and Tecmoworld.us which leagues have blacked balled me? If these league commishes can reply that would be great... For the record a couple leagues I wouldn't join is WTF,NTF & USFL. If I could have done it over I would have stayed in Retro and left WTF, but at the time the pace of Retro was killing me.
  7. Sorry.. Meaning check his players for correct team ID. I think both numbers have to be the same for the team ID's.
  8. Was this done in Phile when change was done? Also check in database that roster is connected to correct ID number.
  9. Hit me up for some SNES Tecmo... I found a couple cool roms I'd like to try out for TPC.
  10. I had a league TBL that ran for 8 seasons. I shut it down when it was doing well because we were catching up to current time frame I think it was 2008 or 2009 and Retro was in Season 1. I decided to take over Retro which was taken out of dumps because I really felt it was a better league starting at 1970 and the group of owners was insanely awesome.
  11. For the record I am happy. If I do create another WTF it will be private and have nothing to do with Tecmoworld or Tecmobowl.org, but the chances of another WTF league coming from me is 0%. I really do not know what will happen with the WTF leagues. I really don't mind either. I did once, but not anymore. In all honesty any idea coming from me would be College related. I just do not see any point in having 5 of the same league anymore, but I have no right to say they should trash them, but I agree with everyone who has said trash them all and start with 1 new fresh one with new caps,PG's etc etc etc.... If they do decide to start fresh I'd like to be part of that league for the record... In closing don't worry I'm NEVER starting another WTF... Those days are long gone...
  12. When Retro began we had about half new guys and half from WTF actually. Edrex,soby,vogtcd,grip,sconnie.. Id have to go through phile for the rest. Like I said it was a demand from guys who were not in a WTF league who wanted to try it... a lot of the vets from hstl... bottom line we had like 60-70 active players back then. Now we only have what feels like 30 and what 15 leagues? To much Imo.. I kinda feel what regulator may make sense to. what happens when we have 1 wtf? I think guys will want more.. the process will start all over again...
  13. I know that Lords, Brooks and I'm pretty sure even Knobbe didn't want me to start Classic because of the whole idea of watering down. This was back when I was Admin of Puretecmo. At the time when WTF was on top I def didn't believe I was watering it down and neither did 27 other owners.
  14. That's the thing we had to supply since there was demand. The demand is no longer there so don't expect any more WTF leagues from me. Swamp you nailed it brother..
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