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  1. Didn't Kamp just win the last CFT at Stu's place after going 1-5?
  2. I don't remember being involved in this debate. I will be playing under protest
  3. Can my rival be a 12 pack of High Life? Pretty sure I lost that battle at Kamp's place last month
  4. What a weekend! Started on Friday night in the NHL and NBA Jam tourneys. Made the final 8 in NHL before losing to Tim aka The Shield. Me and @DT.made it to the final four in Jam until losing to the eventual champs by an approximate score of 117-3. Thanks to @segathonsovfor running both tourneys, looked like everyone had a great time. As luck would have it, The Shield ended up being in my group for Tecmo as the #2 seed. Excellent player for someone who only started playing Tecmo about a year ago. Our first game, he called Packers-Browns, I took the Packers. Down by 3 late, had two chances for a JJ to Sharpe. First play I waited too long, went out the back of the end zone. Last play, timed it perfectly, but Sharpe didn't jump. Lost 17-14. Made way through the loser's bracket to face The Shield again, but would have to beat him twice. This time he called Giants-Bills, I took the Giants. I managed to fumble the opening kickoff and my first play from scrimmage, but both went out of bounds. After scoring on my first drive, The Shield started at his own ten. I ended up calling his first two plays and getting a safety. Got ball back and a deep JJ to Mark Ingram to go up 16-0. From there, it was a free for all as neither one of us could stop each other. Ended up being 30-28 and I scored a late TD with about 30 seconds left to win 37-28. Our 3rd game was an absolute battle. The Shield called MIN-DET, I took DET as I had some success running the ball against him with the Giants. Threw INTs on my first two possessions (one due to overtap, other due to being dumb), but managed to hold him scoreless until the end of the first half. Shield was going in for the score when he overtapped as well and William White got me a diving INT. 0-0 at half. At this point we had a pretty sizable crowd behind us so the pressure was on. Shield got the ball first and was stuck with a 4th and 3 from his own 30 and he decided to go for it. I rushed the QB and Wade Wilson thankfully threw the ball out of bounds. He held me to a FG though. Next possession, Shield hits an 80 yard JJ to Anthony Carter to go up 7-3. From there I had one of the greatest drives of my life. Mostly used runs by Barry and Peete to methodically work my way down the field and didn't fall into my usual tendency of hoping for a JJ. Finally scored a TD on 3rd and 1 with a Peete sneak. Then survived two JJ attempts to Carter to win and advance 10-7. With my loss though, I was put into the play-in bracket against @VikingMoe. Matchup was Chargers-Broncos, I took Broncos as Butts always seems to screw me over. Was up 10-3 at half, then it all went to sh**. @VikingMoetied it up on his first drive of the 2nd half. I then fumbled the kickoff and he took it back to go up 17-10. Memory is fuzzy from there, but I think I threw an INT on my next drive. Held him to a FG attempt which I blocked, but he picked it up, out-tapped me, and ran it in to go up 24-10. Final of 31-10. Almost prefer to lose this way though as there wasn't much I could do about it. Overall, was a great experience and thanks to everyone who helped out in any way. See you guys next year!
  5. Upset city! My Bengals upset DT's Seahawks and then Kamp's Cowboys for the win! Highlight in the championship game was me thinking I was down 14-13 instead of up 14-13 and trying to kick a field goal with 10 seconds left. Was blocked, but my kicker Ric Flair picked it up and the game ended. I give my MVP to Henry Ellard, who JJ'd his way into my heart and into everyone else's nightmares.
  6. You may have to check with Mad Manyo, but I believe the price is a keg of Spotted Cow, a football helmet filled with cottage cheese, and nude photos of Bea Arthur
  7. Dude, you can't even figure out when Labor Day is
  8. Don't know if I can drink motor oil, so maybe you can MEET ME HALFWAY..............ACROSS THE SKY!!!! MAKE THIS A NEW BEGINNING OF ANOTHER LIFE!!!!!
  9. That's right. I'm coming for YOU @noonan!
  10. Kamp can have the Cowboys. My top three choices are the Bengals, Bears, and Falcons.
  11. If we're using this spreadsheet from Bruddog, what is typical salary cap for each team? 100 mil?
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