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  1. Didn't Kamp just win the last CFT at Stu's place after going 1-5?
  2. I don't remember being involved in this debate. I will be playing under protest
  3. Can my rival be a 12 pack of High Life? Pretty sure I lost that battle at Kamp's place last month
  4. Upset city! My Bengals upset DT's Seahawks and then Kamp's Cowboys for the win! Highlight in the championship game was me thinking I was down 14-13 instead of up 14-13 and trying to kick a field goal with 10 seconds left. Was blocked, but my kicker Ric Flair picked it up and the game ended. I give my MVP to Henry Ellard, who JJ'd his way into my heart and into everyone else's nightmares.
  5. You may have to check with Mad Manyo, but I believe the price is a keg of Spotted Cow, a football helmet filled with cottage cheese, and nude photos of Bea Arthur
  6. Dude, you can't even figure out when Labor Day is
  7. That's right. I'm coming for YOU @noonan!
  8. Kamp can have the Cowboys. My top three choices are the Bengals, Bears, and Falcons.
  9. If we're using this spreadsheet from Bruddog, what is typical salary cap for each team? 100 mil?
  10. The Gift of Tecmo......................drink it in, man!
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