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  1. 28 team rom right here viewtopic.php?f=22&t=9441
  2. Has anyone reworked Malfreds TSB Tool Helper that rates players based on crazy long formulas? I know alot of people would like to edit the draft logic to the Fantasy Draft Program I wrote, but I'd like to first improve on the ratings system of each of the players, so I know for sure what players are better than others, rank them and make the draft logic understandable and editable for you guys. Thanks.
  3. Great insight. I appreciate you taking the time to understand how it works, and wanting to get it fixed. Let me fix a few fo these problems and see if I can make the draft logic easier to edit for people. Part of the fun of a Fantasy Draft, is that the Computer isn't so predictable, but at the same time not dumb. I like not knowing that if I don't take this Running back, he might or might not be there next round. Overall, the best players at key positions should go first. Again, thanks for caring enough to write a in depth analysis of what works and what doesn't. Brinky
  4. UPDATED ~~ December 15th, 2011 The speed of the reset draft is now 5 seconds, you will like that! If you blank out "User Team 1" box, and hit start draft, it will be an all automatic Computer draft. 16 people can draft manually. Also, importing your own rosters easy, here's more detailed directions using TSB Tool Supreme and Fantasy Draft Program Load Custom 32 team Rom Rosters 1.) Load the ROM you want the rosters from into TSB Tool Supreme. 2.) Hit the Save Data Button - Name the file test.csv 3.) Open the test.csv file with Excel 4.) Copy from the line that starts with YEAR= ____ all the way to the last line displayed. 5.) Paste into the Fantasy Draft Excel sheet named “Tool input rom” overwriting the default rosters. Thanks again to the 164 people who downloaded the previous version!!!! I'm this work is enjoyed by a few people!!! Special thanks to Mark - aka fatcheerleader - who literally cheers me on, to continue to make revisions every year...thanks for the motivation and testing!!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- November 1, 2010 I was the guy who did the 28 team Fantasy Draft Excel Program, and I was recently asked by fatcheerleader to work on a 32 Team one. Here it is! (Default rosters are from fatcheerleader - 10-19-2010) I've added the 4 teams, a new Export CSV button to make dumping the rosters easier to import into TSBToolSupreme (P.S. I plan on revising my 28 team Fantasy Draft program very soon) Anyways, I'm happy to contribute to such a dedicated group, let me know if you have questions/bugs/etc. Note: I just added the SIM DATA updates for teams when you export your rosters to reflect the post fantasy draft ratings of teams. (sorry to first 30 people who downloaded this, the old version won't update the sim ratings of teams) -Brinky274 FANTASY_DRAFT_TSB_32_TEAMS_2011_V3.zip
  5. Yeah, its been a while since I've looked at my code. I intentionally left the vb code accessible because there might be someone who would like to modify/improve what I have. For the most part, all the changes you mention can made on the FANTASY DRAFT worksheet. I'm not sure how familiar you are with VB, I'm certainly no expert, but I suggest you start by tracing the code from the "START" button to try and help explain what the program does, where to change "random" odds, and maybe make a team more likely to draft a position before another. Feel free to ask about where you think you should make changes and I'll be glad to help. Brinky
  6. This program is designed for Excel use only. And you must allow Macros to run.
  7. Holy crap, I just realized that someone actually used the Baseball Stars Editor I created last summer. Sweet, that just makes my day. I spent alot of hours on it, so its nice to know there's someone else out there playing baseball stars!
  8. Here's a Baseball Stars ROM that has the Lovely Ladies turned into dudes - but still have chick names. They bat and pitch as men....but thats as far as that goes. BSTARS LL into Men.zip
  9. Here's the first version of a Baseball Stars 1 and 2 Editors I've been working on. I've always loved Baseball Stars, and the ability to open the game up and make it my own would have been amazing back in 1990. With the current wonders of playing ROMs on a PC and the tools to edit Hex, we can get that ability. This program will allow you to: Edit Default Team Names and Initials Edit Default Batters and Pitchers Edit Teams Uniforms Note: 1. Place BSTARS.NES file at C:\ 2. Ensure you've installed .NET Framework 2.0 http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/deta ... laylang=en 3. Will save changes to c:\bstars-edit.nes Any feedback on problems, errors, etc would be greatly appreciated. With some testing, I'm determined to make this a decent editor. Follow the same procedures to edit Baseball Stars 2. BSTARS1 Release 0.1.zip BSTARS2 Release 0.1 Editor.zip
  10. Added Snake Draft Order Logic, and Full Manual Draft (All 28 Teams) The Full Manual Draft takes a while to even test it out. Let me know if there are any issues.
  11. Those are some great ideas, I'll see what I can come up with.... I like the idea of assigning points to a player - and setting a CAP amount per team. Basically a salary cap, but on skill. That way, if you draft Randall Cunningham, you will have to pay for it later in the draft when you only have the points to get crappy/cheap players. That would be a nice feature to turn on and off whenever drafting. As far as the rating system, I know some people want to see the real players abilities shown, but some get carried away with Player A stats = 50 Player B = 56, when the player condition can just as easily flip these stats around, up and down during games. But I'll work on it. Also, changing to a snake draft order shouldn't be too bad. For now, I've improved the draft strategy quite a bit, and the best players - at important positions will go early. Now that I've got the program running, its kinda fun to see how the draft goes over and over. ***Loaded the latest version of the FANTASY Draft Spreadsheet.
  12. Thanks malferds, I see where it was still drafting OL and Kickers too early. I've fixed it. 1 line in the wrong place can do that.... Fantasy Draft works now! I've posted a version that already has the Original players in it, since that seems to be the most popular. Malferds, before you jump to the conclusion that something sucks, maybe let the creator do a few touch ups before you write something off so fast. I asked for feedback so I can make it better. If you have any ideas of how teams should draft, let me know and I'll try to incorporate them. The bulk of the work is done for the program, adding draft logic is not too bad. Try it now and let me know what you think. Thanks.
  13. I’ve added the ability to do a “Fantasy Draft” of TSB Roms by modifying malferds TSB Tool Helper Spreadsheet.xls. Attached are the Read Me, an Original ROM, and the Fantasy Draft Excel Spreadsheet. *** RELOADED 2-8-11 *** Added ability to sort potential draft choices by ability, rather than OVERALL. Sort by Max Speed, Pass Accuracy, Interceptions, etc. --- Updated a few things, easier roster export, improved draft logic. Any feedback is much appreciated. TSB Fantasy Draft 28 v9.zip
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