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  1. dajabec

    Favorite Pass #2 Play

    this r&s pass might be the second best play here to the pro-t flare, but is is the best r&s pass imo, and since i like the r&s runs, it fits better in my playbook. there are other good pro-t pass plays
  2. dajabec

    Highest Score with out NTD or DL Dive

    Here's my 3rd attempt. 130+ is very possible
  3. dajabec

    Stillballin7287 is a quitter

    he quit twice against me once he fell way behind, started cussing me out saying he got booted. once maybe but twice in a row right when the game gets hopeless? i don't think so fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.... i blocked him
  4. dajabec

    Recent Years Tecmo(NES) hack

    the '02 Bears? YES! i can't wait to play as the team from that 4-12 season!
  5. Ok, i don't know what roms are already out there, but has anyone done a rom with the best players from each team throughout its Tecmo history? We did this on the Playstation version once and did a season. Like Ronnie Lott on the same team with Bo Jackson..
  6. dajabec


    The defensive player you control is faster on the PSX version, thing is you can't make a sharp cut or you lose all your speed. You have to do a circle with the guy to keep from losing your momentum. Once they lose it, sometimes they never get it back the rest of the play
  7. dajabec

    Bavaro Curl

    Did anyone ever find a way to intercept the Bavaro curl pass? We had every pass pattern figured out except that one. Even when called you could always get 4 yards so we had to put limitations on it. The Tim Brown crossing route was the second hardest, but it could be intercepted if in exactly the right place
  8. dajabec

    Grogan's Panhandle Tecmo League

    Hey all. Was just thinking about Tecmo with the Bears and Colts in the SB and all. Grogan was one of the guys we talked with back then in our early chat room days. I played in console leagues from the original Tecmo Bowl all the way to the Playstation version. I was in the Indiana Tecmo League where we had stats and summaries of every game of the seasons we played. talked with Grogan and Doug of the Cincinnatti league, and Cochese Blue from up in Seattle I believe. We had the Unofficial Tecmo Super Bowl Homepage which was pretty extensive with history of the games, heroes and villans of Tecmo, Tecmo Gods, etc. We even held a tournament in Bloomington one year (97 or 98). I think Doug from Cincy and 3 other guys from who knows where showed up and we played Playstation and SNES versions. My league was with Lee and Ken if anyone remembers 10 years ago Anyways it's great to see Tecmo is alive and well, updated seasons, editing players and stats, internet play (which if I'm not mistaken me and Grogan or someone may have been one of the first to attempt it). As a working family man with 3 kids maybe you could beat me now, but back then I was pretty good. Madden still sucks compared to Tecmo, keep up the good work. Oh, and the Japanese programmers name was Junichi Sakuraba. The Tecmo USA guys name was Brian, still have the snail mail from him. I found Sakuraba's address searching all the search engines for Tecmo and finding a Japanese page that had an email link. Lost all this info, but they emailed me wondering what the names of the expansion Panthers and Jaguars were going to be, that was pretty funny.