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  1. Thanks guys I appreciate it looks like things are a little easier than they used to be. Any of you guys know if there are openings in any of the big time leagues??
  2. I'm coming back from a 2 year layoff from Tecmo and was wondering what emulator everyone used these days for NES.
  3. Yea, this could be fun. Even though I might be the worst player in it, I would like to play for the '07 team. This is JT btw.
  4. BigJeezy23


    I was wondering if I could get on the waitlist for this league? This looks like one of the best ones I've seen if not the best. TPC/AIM- JT234523 Email- [email protected] Thanks
  5. JT234523 Also, anybody thats lookin for a game just IM me at the same name as above. I've never played on-line but I'm lookin to get some games under my belt to see what kind of competition there is.
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