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  1. Fun bit of trivia, I actually during halftime and the third quarter made up a Tecmo version of the Falcon pick six, but ol' Tommy Boy had to go ruin that for me.
  2. Time for the Grand Finale, greatest team of all-time, 75 Steelers or 85 Bears? Tecmo decides!
  3. Sorry I haven't posted here on time, but here are the Divisional Round games
  4. This Sunday's video will go over the final stats for the regular season. As for the upcoming schedule for the playoffs... WILD CARD ROUND Thursday 1/5: #4 1990 Buffalo Bills vs #5 1988 Cincinnati Bengals Friday 1/6: #4 1962 Green Bay Packers vs #5 2013 Seattle Seahawks Saturday 1/7: #3 1998 Denver Broncos vs #6 2004 New England Patriots Sunday 1/8: #3 1991 Washington Redskins vs #6 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That Sunday night will also have a round recap video along with the full games posted. DIVISIONAL ROUND Thursday 1/12: #2 1975 Pittsburgh Steelers vs Bills/Bengals Friday 1/13: #2 1984 San Francisco 49ers vs Packers/Seahawks Saturday 1/14: #1 1972 Miami Dolphins vs Broncos/Patriots Sunday 1/15: #1 1985 Chicago Bears vs Redskins/Buccaneers And again, that Sunday will also feature a round recap. Saturday 1/21: AFC Championship Sunday 1/22: NFC Championship Sunday 1/29: Pro Bowl (as voted on by you, pick from all of the teams in the simulation here: https://goo.gl/forms/2fxmWvkdDByFajJk2 Sunday 2/5: Super Bowl.
  5. Also, if you want to decide who makes it to the Pro Bowl, vote here: https://goo.gl/forms/2fxmWvkdDByFajJk2
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