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  1. FLIPPER... I mean Tim steal my top spot brown
  2. RB/ OL ATL / GIA Thanks speed!!
  3. Get over here TROY and DEN steller WR's
  4. 1. 14 game vs 16 game schedule 16. 2. Pace (too fast, too slow, just right) great pacing IMO given the majority of people have multiple leagues to deal with. 3. Tiered Divisions? you like, dont like It's OK. 4. Ratings... Season 1 was fast, and 2-3 are closer to OG. You like the season 1 feel or prefer S2/S3? I'm cool with whatever 5. Playoffs- call outs or prefer standard seeding? call outs are a unique feature I can appreciate 6. More playoff teams? 8 out of 20... Add one more spot? yes more teams in playoffs bring more chances for tecmo to shake shit up 7. Extended break... like the idea or prefer keep it going? The NFL has a break... why not have one here (other leagues don't take breaks) 8. Expansion. have 10 on wait list.... Would like to try for full 32? yep 32 would be great, spread the talent around 9. Hacks- 2point, XP distance opinions/improvements or any other hack ideas no fumble hack? J/k keep up the good work
  5. Ziur vs Mack JJ's vs an actual offense. Advantage no one. He JJ's I answer. I hold him to a FG and I convert a 4th down play to score after. A JJ stop in the ez keeps the score 10-14, until the 2nd half when I score then he JJ's again. 17-21. I convert a 2nd down called run near the ez to run it. Sam Dumbasshole decides to throw oob and throw away the game. I rub it in 17-36.
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