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  1. I also have a seperate file with the Genesis stats, as there are a number of players with different stats.
  2. No. You press B to throw it. Before you throw you can press A or X to cycle to the target you want. After pressing B, its all up to the stats if the player makes the catch.
  3. This is all pretty on point. The rosters were set post 94 and pre 95 after the rookie draft but before the pre season had started and FA had finished. So there are a bunch of roster inconsistencies with both 94 and 95, especially regarding rookies.
  4. Are you still playing alpha? Hows the back?
  5. Stream kicks off Fri Sept 6th at 10am EST 60 hours of TSB3 www.twitch.tv/nftgl
  6. Streaming equipment is all packed up. NFTGL studios is ready for Jersey Cup.
  7. Thanks _Deberg. I mainly use the TSB3 group on facebook these days, but I try to check in here often.
  8. Fumbles are not handled by the AI properly. If the ball is fumbled, and picked up before the game properly announces the fumble, possession of the ball will remain with the offense even if the defense gains possession. This will result in a safety if the ball is moved into the end zone in this time. There are many various potential glitches that occur (some pretty awful) due to fumbles. As shadowhooch said, the only way to prevent forced trades to your team is to man control each team. If a team is on COM or SKP, it still gets trade attempts. They just aren't shown to you until after they are processed, and just as you can request a trade with a COM team and the com determines if it goes through, they can request trades with you and the com determines if they go through.
  9. We kick off our 21st season on Friday Feb 22nd at 10am. Follow us on Facebook, Twitch and YouTube for up to the minute updates and our live stream. 60 consecutive hours of non-stop TSB3 streaming.
  10. Since the players are created, the only easy way to move them to another team is through free agency. You would have to cut them from San Francisco, and then sign them to the team you want them on. Generally this is relatively easy because created players have relatively low FA values compared to regular players. Especially at higher skill levels.
  11. As a staunch supporter of TSB3, I also have a reputation for being easy.
  12. I don't know of any roms with the greats unlocked by default. Also, one big snag people often miss with setting up is going into your firewall and allowing access to the programs you are using.
  13. There is a file titled the "Book of Armaments" listed in here. It is an excel spreadsheet that lists all players (excluding the greats) and ranks them by team and position.
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