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  1. Can't believe it has been four years. Today's Pats-Saints game was a lot less dramatic, but I still love the outcome.
  2. Tom Brady

    Tecmo Super Bowl 1

    Sad that he gave up. Hasn't signed on in over a year.
  3. I think we have another play worth Tecmo-izing. I'm not sure exactly how hard these are to make but please make a video of Malcolm Butler's game saving interception.
  4. Thompkins may have gone to the dark side (not his fault as he was released) but may this play live forever. It was worth the negative points given to my reputation as a result of this thread.
  5. Tom Brady

    Super Bowl 48 According to Tecmo

    Wow, that is awesome. I love to see tecmobowl.org getting the love from the TV media.
  6. Tom Brady

    Tecmo Super Bowl 1

    If you get a working 32 team rom for SNES TSB1, you will be my new official hero. I have trouble enjoying the NES version due to the suckitude of graphics. The SNES version was the first and only version I've played.
  7. Your video has really made the social media rounds including a link on boston.com
  8. Tom Brady

    Player Condition Question...

    Does this same formula work for the SNES version?
  9. So many whiners among Saints fans. I've actually lost respect for them following the game. Do you mean to tell me somebody held like they do on about 95% of plays? This thread is not about you.
  10. Team rosters are supposed to be accurate as of August 16, 1993. Drew Bledsoe was the number 1 draft pick earlier that year. Why isn't Drew Bledsoe listed as the starting QB instead of Zolak? In fact, even Secules is listed as the backup and Bledsoe isn't in the game. I can't quite remember that far back, but I'm sure Drew was the starting QB from the moment he was drafted.
  11. I just want to say that it was a team effort. We never gave up and it paid off in the end.
  12. Tom Brady

    2005 season TSB I players left in the NFL

    Why do we (and NFL players) have to get old?
  13. Tom Brady

    TSB1 SNES ROM Resource Thread

    Grew up playing SNES TSB1. Have long hoped for a 32 team version even before the NES version came out. May you succeed in your endeavors, dogtag.
  14. Tom Brady

    TSB1 SNES ROM Resource Thread

    Any updates?
  15. Tom Brady

    TSB1 SNES ROM Resource Thread

    Glad to see we may have a SNES ROM this year.