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  1. Don't know what caused this but my game froze in the middle of the 4th quarter - I was playing as the Pats vs the Bills.
  2. I, for one, am against making too many changes to the original ROM other than the number of teams. We don't need to start changing scenes, etc. And if anybody should be getting love in the ROM, it should be this year's clear MVP, Tom Brady but I may be biased on that.
  3. We've waited years for this to become reality. I can wait a few more weeks.
  4. As long as it's ready by Christmas when I visit the relatives (one of whom is my mortal Tecmo Bowl enemy), I'm good.
  5. The SNES is the better version in my opinion too. If only we could make it a 32 team league like our resident genius has done with the NES version.
  6. The standings do not show the proper divisional alignment.
  7. Coming along very nicely. Can't wait for the first release candidate. Btw, I only have one kid at the moment. Just give me and Gisele time.
  8. No updates on the progress for a week? I update this page more frequently than the news site I frequent. I hope no news is good news.
  9. Can we expect an update for this season? I don't get releasing a rom right after a season instead of directly before.
  10. Time to replace Michael Sadist Vick with Joey Harrington anyway.
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