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  1. wi77iam

    TSB 42

    i just wanted to say, great job! Now if only we can prevent Vince Young from throwing so many yards, hes' putting in some stats. He's a good QB, but not a great passer, yet. William
  2. wi77iam

    Updated Tecmo Super Bowl 3!

    thanks! I wonder if this is going to work on my PSP, currently playing all TSBs this way. I will try it and will post the results. Also, sorry for bringing this up again, im hoping there will a TSBTool for TSB3, is this even possible for this game and is anyone out there working on creating this? Thanks a million!
  3. wi77iam

    Updated Tecmo Super Bowl 3!

    how were you able to make the game faster? The game looks great, but like yourself, i wanted the game a little faster. By the way, is there a tool, similar to tsbtool for TSB3?
  4. wi77iam


    thank you for all your hard work!
  5. wi77iam

    TSB SNES 2006-07

    It worked, thank you both, you guys are awesome! thank you thank you thank you!
  6. wi77iam

    TSB SNES 2006-07

    yup, i tried it using my home computer and got the same issues, i used my work computer, ahem during my lunch break, same thing. i downloaded a fresh copy just to be sure it wasn't my rom, thanks! would you like me to upload my patched rom? thanks again! By the way, I used Lunar IPS, thank you one more time.
  7. wi77iam

    TSB SNES 2006-07

    Help, i applied the IPS patch for the SNES TSB1, during startup, i get a message "Tecmo Super bowl" [bad checksum], then it goes to the tecmo sign with the rabbit, Team NFL logo comes up, i press a button to get to the game and Payton Manning's picture comes up but his picture is all messed up, i hit the start button and thats where it stop loading, all i get is just flickering, any ideas, i suspect the ips patch didn't apply properly? when i load the original game it works? any idea where i can get the actual rom file with the applied patch, thanks?
  8. wi77iam

    adjust tecmo super bowl game clock

    guys i found it! my very first tsb hack! cool! i set the time to 8mins. i know its not a big deal, but to me its a start!
  9. wi77iam

    adjust tecmo super bowl game clock

    gee thanks a lot, it makes total sense now! i guess i should've asked how to, let me do some other research and see if i can do this on my own, if not, you'll hear from me again, thanks for you replies!
  10. wi77iam

    Malfs 06-07 rom nearing completion

    is this offer still on the table? i would love to test out your rom, thanks.
  11. is it possible to extend the game's clock from 5 minutes per quarter to 7 minutes or longer?
  12. me too, "not authorize" ... blah blah ...
  13. wi77iam

    TSB3 2006-2007 Roster update?

    sure, i'm pretty new a this, i may need your guidance, i understand how the whole tsb3manager works (im assuming this is the tool being used), so let know whatever i can do to help!
  14. Anybody here working on an updated 2006-07 roster? Alos, is there a guide being used out there for players' abilities(ratings) in case one decides to crete a new roster? Just wondering, i found this site that is used for the Madden games, don't know if this is the best guide to use? the site is http://sports.ign.com/madden07/49ers.html, to check another team, just change the team's name at the end, for example, http://sports.ign.com/madden07/raiders.html Thanks!
  15. wi77iam

    Tecmo Super Bowl III - for Pocket PC

    Bad_Al, yup, it was a corrupt ROM, i downloaded a new rom and now its working, i have no problem using TSB3 manager and i'm able to play it using my pda. too bad, i can't use what's in the "Upload" site already, somehow it freeze up with my pocketpc. i guess i have to do my own roster update, thanks for all your help!